Computools is Going to Open Source in Finance Forum

Computools is set to attend the Open Source in Finance Forum in New York on 1 November 2023, bringing its expertise in digital transformation to the forefront of discussions on open source in the financial industry.

November 1, 2023
USA. New York

Computools announces its participation in the Open Source in Finance Forum in New York on 1 November 2023. Representing Computools at this event is Julie Vlasova, Customer Relationship Director at Computools New York: Digital Transformation & Product Development.

The Open Source in Finance Forum is a unique conference that fosters collaboration and innovation in the financial services sector through open-source software and standards. It brings together industry experts in financial services, technology and open source to stimulate discussions on harnessing open-source solutions to address industry challenges safely and effectively.

This event features keynotes, breakout sessions, a sponsor showcase, community awards and an on-site reception. It provides a platform for collaboration and driving innovation across the industry to deliver high quality.

Computools, a leader in digital transformation solutions, is excited to share its expertise and insights with the community at the Open Source in Finance Forum, highlighting the company’s commitment to innovation and industry excellence.

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