Computools’ Team Unlocks Tech Opportunities With Collision

Computools joins the can't-miss Collision event to learn about the latest industry trends and explore the endless possibilities of technological innovation.

June 26, 2023
Canada, Toronto

At recently concluded Collision 2023, Computools made its mark alongside more than 36,000 attendees, underscoring the event’s pivotal role in driving the tech industry forward. Held in Toronto from 26 to 29 June, Collision 2023 featured 20+ across nine stages, delving into diverse topics ranging from the future of transportation to the evolution of finance.

The event brought together industry leaders and creatives, initiating complex conversations and making impactful decisions, thus pushing the boundaries of tech-influenced domains.

Oleksandr Azmanov, Digital Transformation Specialist at Computools, attended lectures dissecting the latest technological advancements and their implications on business innovation. The event allowed Computools to exchange knowledge, expand its professional network and explore potential partnerships, strengthening its influence in the tech community.

Collision 2023 affirmed Computools’ persistence in promoting digital transformation and its instrumental role in shaping the discourse around it. Encouraged by the success and impact of Collision 2023, Computools anticipates participating in future industry events, reinforcing its mission to contribute to the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

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