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As a Chief Executive Officer, you want to implement a robust and effective validation strategy that will allow you to quickly and thoroughly assess the safety and efficacy of a new medical device. You want a strategy that will reduce the time it takes to get approvals and get your device to market. You want to find trusted partners with experience in medical device development and approval to help you overcome regulatory hurdles.
As a Chief Delivery Officer, you are focused on timely and quality medical device delivery to customers. You are looking for a reliable manufacturing partner who meets deadlines and quality requirements.
As a Chief Technology Officer, you want to turn ideas into reality and get all the services you need from development to launch. You want to update your existing products or develop new devices using cutting-edge technology and expertise.
As a Chief Operations Officer, you want to find a partner that can take over the mass production of medical devices, freeing you from having to invest in the independent purchase of expensive equipment and personnel. You want to scale your medical device production quickly and efficiently to meet growing demand.
As a Chief Marketing Officer, you work on your company’s competitive advantage and want unique product features to stand out in the market. You’re also looking for people willing to test a new device to maximise your understanding of its effects and communicate its value effectively to your target audience through advertising and social media. You want to work with DM providers to spread the word about your device to many potential users.
As a Compliance Officer, you have set your sights on obtaining the necessary FDA approvals to sell your medical devices in the US. You need to meet the ever-changing FDA requirements and to do so, you are looking for partners who have the expertise. You need to comply with the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System and Current Procedural Terminology to properly code your device use and increase your chances of being reimbursed by insurance companies.


We can provide the necessary systematic security approach, including technological and organisational measures. As healthcare hardware solutions, we offer:


Stimulating Research and Innovation

We can advance your medical research and training, allowing doctors and scientists to study diseases in greater depth and develop new methods of diagnosis and treatment using the latest equipment in healthcare.

Reducing Patient Loss Costs

We can create unique devices for you that can significantly reduce your patient loss costs. Our company develops exclusive equipment, such as linear accelerators for cancer treatment, that no one else makes. With our advanced technology, you can improve the quality of medical services and increase the efficiency of your facility.

Increased Efficiency

We can create equipment for you, that can automate many routine tasks, freeing up healthcare professionals' time for more complex tasks and patient interactions. You'll be able to collect and store patient data electronically, making it easier to access and analyse information.

Increased Competitiveness

We can provide you with state-of-the-art technology, and your healthcare facility can offer a wider range of services, attracting more patients and increasing your competitiveness. Investing in technology enhances your image and attracts more patients. In the long run, using modern equipment can lead to lower costs by increasing efficiency, reducing errors and improving patient outcomes.


A healthcare hardware development for smart opioid control intake device

Our client, a healthcare company, worked with our team to build an opioid monitoring device based on their prototype. The company needed a functional system for patients, and our team helped solve the problem. We leveraged technology to provide scalability, rapid development, data integrity, and seamless integration with external systems. Our team's solution delivered significant benefits to the client by providing a reliable and efficient opioid monitoring device.


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