How Java Can Support Your Business?

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When we think of Amazon, LinkedIn, and Twitter, one common thing among them is their use of Java for their backend infrastructure. Java application development is witnessing significant growth because of its flexibility and power, enabling developers to build secure and feature-rich mobile products.

Java has been in the market for over 27 years and has gained the trust of developers and users during that time. According to mobile app development statistics, by 2025, 45% of experts are expected to choose this technology for their projects.

What is Java and Why Java?

Java was introduced in 1995 by Sun Microsystems as a simple and safe programming language. At the time, object-oriented programming (OOP) was one of the hot buzzwords in IT. Java is an open-source, object-based programming language, similar to C++, originally designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. As per Developer Economics, more than 12M IT engineers worldwide are currently working with this stack.

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The Power of Platform Independence: Why Java Rocks

As per Forbes, one of the main reasons Java is so popular is that it is a platform-independent language. Given Java’s runtime environment is installed on the device, a Java program can function on it, even if it was originally created for a completely different system. For instance, you can run a desktop program developed with Java on a phone or tablet, and vice versa, without rebuilding the application.

With frequent new version releases and a vast library of shared resources from developers worldwide, Java remains ahead of its competitors in supporting emerging technologies and trends. This is evident in IoT devices, where Java is often the preferred programming language. In addition, Java-powered IoT devices are highly efficient in exchanging and inserting data, making it an ideal choice.

Mobile Apps and Beyond: How Java Can Help?

What truly makes Java stand out is its versatility, as it can be used successfully in almost any type of project. The range of project types where Java can be applied is endless, making it a highly adaptable programming language.

Mobile App: For a long time, Java was the only official programming language supported by Android, and most Android applications were developed using it. Besides, companies that use Java to develop fast-performing applications that offer ultimate graphics since it doesn’t consume the phone’s processing power.

Cloud App: Cloud-based applications are common nowadays. Similar to Java, you can develop highly secure all-go programs, making it well-suited for decentralized cloud applications. Whether it’s a file-sharing service like Google Drive or an enterprise system like Salesforce, Java leads the game.

Web Applications: Java remains the primary language for various types of web apps. With various tools and libraries available to developers, Java is perfect for developing complex web applications. Additionally, Java is commonly employed for server-side programming.

Big Data: Java is often a great choice when working with big data. It provides speed, precision, and reliability, making it perfect for processing massive data sets. For example, Apache Hadoop, a platform created for processing large data sets, is built using Java.

Games: Java remains the top-used programming language for most of the games available on the Google Play Store. In addition, Java performs well from 2D to 3D games, even on mobile devices with limited processing power. The popular augmented reality game, Pokémon Go, was also partly built with Java. 

Artificial Intelligence: Java provides many open-source machine learning libraries, covering Deep Learning for Java (DL4J) and Apache Spark’s Mlib. Thus, it is great for building AI-powered devices such as IoT and chatbots. The possibilities of using AI with Java are endless.

For example, AI-powered chatbots can be created with Java to enable businesses to automate customer service or support. This can help reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, Java can be used to create predictive models that help businesses make better decisions.

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Java for Business: Why Companies Trust

Java controls many things in the application world, including ATMs, medical devices, and industrial robots, and it brings value to businesses. Java’s bytecode can be used as reusable, easily portable components to any operating system. Users can easily use these pre-made components without any compatibility issues by writing the code once and then using the JVM to convert it to machine code.

Eventually, Java is well-suited for complex business logic implementations, portfolio management, and investment management due to its computing capabilities. It enables customer-centric apps to store and analyze data quickly, allowing for better management of customer interactions, stock market trends, and investment analysis. Java is the perfect choice for designing complex analytical systems without compromising product quality. However, this technical work takes place only in the backend.

Looking to develop robust and scalable applications? Try Java!

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Why Hire a Java Development Company and How to Choose

A recent study by Slashdata shows that about 500,000 new developers join the community annually. Below are five compelling reasons to consider hiring a custom Java application development company.

Expertise in building scalable and robust software solutions comes first when it comes to the benefits of hiring Java developers. When deciding to source Java software development services, you should first understand your requirements and consider hiring a consultant to help. If you have already outlined your objectives, you can create a list of potential companies to research.

Use resources like Clutch, Glassdoor, and GoodFirms to find ratings and evaluations of these companies. Checking client references, testimonials, and awards can also provide you with valuable information. Look for these features on the company’s website and use them to narrow down your list further.

Select a development strategy that considers all future project elements. There are various development models, and you should choose the one that suits your needs. You can conduct personal interactions with the companies still on the list to determine their capacity to deliver the project.

After that, you should determine the budget with the Java development company. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is essential to protect your app’s idea from leaking into the public. Before choosing a service provider, always match your needs and desired outcomes with other aspects of the process to ensure effectiveness.

• To ensure successful project execution with Java for business, it’s essential to understand the approach of the service provider to change requests and collaboration with your current team. If you have multiple teams, integrate communication tools to keep everyone on the same page. A backup plan is also crucial in case a team member becomes unavailable. Also, it’s important to clarify how the handover process will work in an emergency.

Quality assurance should be an integral part of the development process. Choose a development company that has a strong QA process in place to ensure that the final product meets your requirements and is free of defects.


Java is a well-established programming language that offers numerous advantages, making it suitable for solving complex problems. Choosing Java for application development provides high efficiency due to its object-oriented principles and reduced costs due to its open-source nature, compatibility, and independence.

Developers prefer Java because of its advanced testing features, scalability, cross-platform development, and the ability to create high-level apps while meeting the rising security requirements and keeping up with the latest trends.

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