Object Detection Accelerator



Reduce your software development costs by up to 40%! Our object detection accelerator uses advanced artificial neural network and computer vision algorithms to detect objects in video/photo. Detect and identify physical or image-based objects in real time using your device’s camera. Detected objects will automatically be categorized.

Object detection is a generic term used to define and identify an object and all its boundaries. It’s used in many areas of computer vision, including image search and video surveillance. The process includes recognition (categorizing the physical or image-based object).

Object localization is a generic term used to define the process of locating/determining the main (or most visible) object in an image.

The Accelerator Is Easily Adapted and Customized to the Needs of the Following Business Niches:

Public Safety

Major Benefits

Benefits for Marketing/ Retail/ Ecommerce

  • Increase marketing conversions with custom content and offers.
  • Increase customer loyalty with unique ads.
  • Increase sales by 20% with automated inventory audits.
  • Reduce customer acquisition cost (CAC) with real-time data.

Benefits for Public Safety

  • Save costs with 24/7 monitoring.
  • Detect crime before it happens.
  • Decrease terrorist attacks.
  • Identify more public offenders.

Benefits for Drones

  • Reduce crashes and damage with advanced object detection.
  • Graph landscapes to detect more objects.
  • Expand flight range with geospatial technology.

Benefits for Manufacture

  • Reduce the number of low-quality products created and sent out.
  • Improve inventory management with real-time object detection.
  • Save costs on human labor with automated technology for sorting and storing products.
  • Improve assembly line efficiency with automation.

Benefits for Healthcare

  • Save time by conducting initial examinations with machine learning techniques.
  • Minimize the impact of the human factor with automated object visualization and identification.


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