Viktoriia Fefelova

Chief People Management Officer

Viktoriia Fefelova


“Being a chief people management officer, it’s my duty to maintain employee motivation, their overall well-being, and a healthy office atmosphere. A positive employee environment always bears fruit for the company’s growth and development. That’s why we keep it at a high standard.”

Ms. Fefelova has been Chief People Management Officer since 2021. Her direct responsibilities revolve around areas of activity that may directly or indirectly improve employee performance and growth within the company.


Ms. Fefelova holds a degree in international economics. Through humanities-based education and in-house training, she’s obtained excellent interpersonal and management skills, allowing her to maintain high employee engagement.


Ms. Fefelova’s well-rounded competence enables Computools to successfully grow internally and externally. Through best HR practices, she manages processes of employee lifecycle and benefits. She takes external initiatives to maintain Computools’s values and goals by managing fair operating practices, environmental impacts, and social responsibility in the value chain.


Therefore, Ms. Fefelova is an integral part of Computools’s team that genuinely contributes to its growth. Her work helps attract and retain talents, as well as realize strategic goals on a global scale.