The Most Apparent Reasons Apps Fail and How to Avoid Them

Discover the main reasons why mobile apps fail and effective ways to avoid them.

Today, over 4 million apps are available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Quite easy to get lost in such abundance. At least many companies whose applications are not popular with users think so. However, a wide variety and high competition are far from the only reasons why the application fail.

The Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail

One of the main goals of application development is the popularity among users. To achieve the desired objective, companies apply new strategies and methods. However, several mistakes can lead to the rapid collapse of any idea, even the most innovative one. Let’s explore the reasons for an application fail.

Poorly Researched Market & Audience

The main rule for developing mobile applications is to start with market research and study the target audience. Even the most interesting idea of ​​a mobile apps company may not find a response from users and this will be the beginning of the end. Before proceeding with the implementation of the plan, it is necessary to carefully study the intended market. The needs, interests and preferences of the consumer should be on the basis. Only in this case, the application will be successful.

Moreover, such a study will tell in what way and through which channels in the future it is best to popularize the application.

Lack of Originality

There’s plenty of fish in the sea. The markets are filled with similar applications offering the same entertainment or services. A truly original app is worth its weight in gold. If you plan to occupy a certain niche where you have no competitors, you are pretty free in your actions.
However, if you plan to release an application in the popular category, mobile apps development should take into account the experience of competitors. Examine their strengths and weaknesses to avoid mistakes and achieve success faster.

Nevertheless, there are more effective ways: to create a unique vision statement and perform preliminary prototyping. It is already known that only user-centered applications are in demand and popular. Your concept should take into account the problems of the target audience and offer an original solution. During the prototyping process, you will be able to introduce new ideas or confirm already selected ones.

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Not Choosing A Platform Wisely

The choice of platform for the application is directly related to business goals and intended content. Besides, the chosen monetization strategy should be taken into account. For example, if you intend to make money by subscribing or purchases, then you should choose iOS. If your way is placing an advertisement, then Android is the best solution.

It is also important to consider that even mobile security apps on different platforms will solve different problems. You need to keep in mind the difference in user experience and needs when developing cross-platform applications.

Poor UX/UI

Studies have shown that it takes less than ten seconds for a user to decide whether to install an application. And also remove it if it didn’t catch from the first minutes of use. Popular mobile apps are intuitive and simple, without the need for special guides and tips.

However, it’s worth starting with the load speed, the registration process and the main functions. If the application loads for more than three seconds, most likely it will be deleted almost immediately after installation. Long registration with confirmation codes and additional checks is only suitable for financial applications. Entertainment should not be so annoying. And finally, if it is difficult to access the main functions of your application, the application fails.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you carefully consider the design of the user interface, and then proceed with the development of a simple and eye-catching interface.

Improper Testing

Users have high expectations for the quality of mobile applications, their usability and performance. Therefore, releasing applications with a large number of bugs is simply unacceptable. Of course, no one offers the market completely “raw” services. However, investing in QA mobile apps testing significantly increases the chances of any application.

One application crash is enough for customers to stop using it. Even the improved design and new features will not bring them back if there is a negative experience in use. Make sure in advance that your application needs to make only minor improvements and not global changes.

A Poorly Executed Mobile App Launch

Application Launch. At first glance, nothing is simpler. However, you must follow a carefully created marketing plan to ensure success. For mobile business apps and mobile health apps, this strategy will be different, since it is based on a study of the target audience and market specifics. That is, do not try to follow the template methodology – develop a new one.

You should impress your user in the very first days after launch. If this did not happen the application will be completely lost in the variety of choices of the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Preheating interest to your product should be careful and not direct. Based on the emotions and needs of your potential user, propose a solution. In fact, you have to convince the consumer that he always lacked your application.

Lack of Proper Monetization Strategy

The best mobile applications are not only popular among users but also financially successful. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to think over a monetization strategy at the stage of discussion of the application idea.

Quite often, monetization is not taken into account when developing an application. However, the chosen method of making money can determine the functionality of the application, the methods of its distribution and further development. Several strategies can be used: making money on subscriptions or purchasing an application; fee for opening additional functions; advertising placement. Another popular strategy is selling within the application when your business is not the application itself, but the goods that you distribute.

Select one of the models and follow it after launching the application. Complement the finished product with new features, so you can maintain interest in it and attract new users.

The popularity of the application depends on many factors. The above describes only the general reasons that can be identified when analyzing the functionality and financial success of the application. However, there are a number of specific factors that affect applications in various categories.

Custom Mobile Apps Types: Problems and Solutions

Among the many applications, mobile apps developers identify several key categories that are in demand among users. Such as entertainment, business, education, lifestyle, social media, health and fitness, utility, productivity.

One of the main problems of custom applications is that they do not meet the needs of users. Or rather, they do not fully satisfy the requirements of consumers. This is usually due to the limited functionality that may be present in a mobile tracking software. The reason for this may be insufficiently conducted research or an incomplete understanding of the priorities of the target audience. For a custom application to be successful, it is necessary to offer an innovative solution to the right problem.

Many users are sure that the weak point of financial applications is the security of personal data. Therefore, the best mobile banking apps are built based on the latest technologies. What a potential user must be notified of. Moreover, the issue of transaction speed is still relevant. Consumers want instant payments from anywhere in the world, this must be ensured first.

Often, small business mobile apps do not take into account several important factors: reach the target audience, application distribution channels. Typically, startups and small innovative companies offer new good ideas for similar users. However, they do not invest in the wide distribution of their applications, focusing on a small niche or a specific category of users. This mistake can cost serious profit if the application is optimized and prepared taking into account all the requirements. Preliminary research and marketing plan should include steps for further development and distribution of the application.

Updates are a weak spot for entertainment mobile apps. In some cases, these are rare updates, in some – not correct, and in some cases – their complete absence. Users are quickly tired of playing the same games, following the same scenarios. The ability to attract and retain the user, constantly offering him new sensations and motivations is the key to success in the entertainment industry. Additional bonuses, extra levels in the game, achievements and ratings will allow the application to stay in trend longer. However, this list should be constantly updated and updated.

Also, users complain that the version of the application is not compatible with the version of their operating system. This happens if the application was developed with only one platform in mind or without the ability to quickly make changes. Experienced developers use the best software for mobile applications, trying to take into account all the options and development opportunities of the finished product. This also includes the release of new versions for new operating systems.

A separate category of mobile software applications is intended for a narrow target audience. However, for them there are reasons for failure. For example, users complain about unexpected errors or application termination, inability to save the result. It also reports the inability to access data after closing or to cloud storage from other devices. These errors are most effectively eliminated by debugging and application troubleshooting, the release of a new update or version.

The Best Apps Solutions and Practices

Despite the fact that, according to statistics, business applications are only in second place, their popularity is quite large. The bulk of B2B apps solutions are focused on improving the efficiency and productivity of the business. Another category helps manage the business, capture important meetings and their results. These are not simple calendars, but entire ecosystems with planners, notes and useful features. Creating such an application, consider what benefits it can bring to the user, how to facilitate or improve his work.

Reliable B2C applications allow to directly “communicate” with the consumer, bypassing intermediaries. As a rule, this method is chosen by the e-commerce industry, offering products not only through the site but also the application. This method of interaction is designed for a regular customer, so it is important to consider the usability of the application itself and the interests of the consumer. Using the application instead of the mobile version of the site expands the store’s audience and reduces costs. The pitfall, in this case, is the stability and performance of the application itself. This must always be kept up to the mark.

Mobile cloud applications have become especially popular in recent years. This is due to the peculiarity of their work and user convenience. A successful start in this niche will bring good profit for the company. Pre-installed popular services usually have some limitations or minor flaws. Explore competitors to make more creative cloud mobile apps.

The main goal of mobile learning apps is to provide an opportunity to gain new knowledge anywhere. You can spend time on the road with benefit not only by reading a book but also by doing simple exercises. It can be applications for the study of history, languages ​​or art. Libraries and collections of knowledge are also included in this category. It should be a truly interactive application, convenient and simple. Often, AI technology is used in their development.

Sometimes government developments for the military subsequently become widely applicable everywhere. However, specialized military applications continue to be developed. They can be used to distribute energy, control drones and missiles, and more. The main feature of these applications is increased safety and reliability. Development based on ready-made solutions will save time, but individual solutions will be required to complete the application.

Mobile Apps Best Practices

A few useful common practices will help applications from any category become popular with users.

Prioritize security. Even gaming applications request access to the contacts and camera of a user’s mobile device. This is enough for many scammers to hack and obtain personal data. Make sure that your application does not cause such fraud.

Focus on user experience and personalization. You already know that user-centered applications are especially attractive to consumers. Give them the opportunity to customize the application to their needs: choose a theme, wallpaper or font size. This will be an additional bonus to the attractiveness of the application.

Keep the mobile app simple. Do not forget about the simplicity and intuitiveness of the interface. To use your application, special training courses should not be required. But don’t go too far if your audience is not children, of course.

Plan for updates. The widespread practice of issuing MVP already assumes that in the future the product will be updated and supplemented with new functions. Try not to delay it and listen sensitively to the needs of users.

Test, test, and test again. Nobody is perfect. This is normal if errors are identified during the development process. It is much worse if a critical error appeared after the application was launched. Carry out all kinds of tests and only after that prepare the application for launch.

Ask for feedback. Feedback is one of the powerful tools you definitely need to use. Enter beta testing for the product or its add-ons, implement the option to leave a comment in the final version. This will allow understanding of how your application meets user needs and what can be improved over time.

Provide great customer support. Another opportunity to show how the user is important to you is to provide a communicate option. Questions may arise both in the operation of the application and in the case of an error. It’s good when the user can contact directly from the application. Also, if the application does not work correctly, the user must have other communication options.

This advanced guide, for reasons of applications crash, includes both general and specialized problems of custom applications. Use advice and tips to improve the performance of applications, increase their effectiveness and attractiveness to the user.

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