Top 15 Software Development Companies in Belgium

This article lists the top 15 software development companies in Belgium, giving you key details to help you make a smart decision when picking a technology partner.

Outsourcing is now a regular part of modern business, helping companies overcome challenges, concentrate on business development and improve their products and services to increase market value.

However, with many different software development companies in Belgium, it can be overwhelming to find a perfect fit. In this article, you’ll learn about the best IT vendors in the country to make an informed choice for your business projects.

IT Market In Belgium

Belgium, despite its modest size in Western Europe, is celebrated not only for its delightful chocolate and waffles but also as a centre for technological advancements and innovation. 

The country’s IT sector is steadily on the rise, with projections indicating that the IT services market will generate revenue of US$8.86 billion in 2024.

A significant portion of this market, US$3.45 billion, is expected to come from IT outsourcing, as reported by Statista.

The remarkable growth in Belgium’s IT market can be attributed to several key factors.

Firstly, the global shift towards adopting emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), has increased the need for advanced IT services. 

Secondly, the Belgian government is taking proactive steps towards the digital transformation of various industries, heightening the demand for skilled IT professionals within the country.

Thirdly, Belgium’s strategic position in Europe, combined with its highly skilled workforce, makes it an appealing option for international companies looking to expand into the region. The country is also recognised for its supportive start-up environment, bolstered by venture capital investments.

Finally, Belgium ranks third globally in terms of business growth rate, as per the latest report from the Brussels Times, and boasts one of Europe’s highest per capita incomes. This leads to a relatively equitable distribution of wealth, ensuring broad purchasing power among its citizens.

However, as the IT market expands and attracts more professionals to Belgium, the country faces a significant challenge in meeting the demand for ICT workers. Belgium produces a limited number of graduates in STEM fields. 

IBIS World has estimated that there are currently 6,693 software companies in Belgium, employing 13,286 specialists.

These companies often nurture talent from the ground up, leveraging Belgium’s solid education system, but these employees are not enough to satisfy the need for educated professionals in the developed economy. 

As a member of the European Union, Belgium has access to a vast market and a skilled labour pool as well as opportunities for outsourcing.

This guide aims to assist you in choosing from the best Belgian IT companies for your business projects, considering the country’s prominent role in the tech industry.

IT market in Belgium

How Did We Compile This List of Software Development Companies?

Our comprehensive guide to the best software developers in Belgium has been meticulously prepared through extensive research.

We’ve considered key factors, including:

1. Diversity in the services provided

2. Project complexity and size

3. Years of industry experience

4. Team size

5. Geographical presence

6. Prominent client base

With exceptional client services, these agencies are among the top providers of software development solutions in the market.

Serving an international client base across diverse industries, the listed developers aim to meet all needs. We hope this compilation will simplify your search for the ideal technology partner for your business projects.

1. Computools 

Established in 2013, Computools has evolved into a global company with a robust geographical presence encompassing over 10 countries.

It holds the distinction of being recognised by IAOP as one of the top 100 outsourcing companies globally and stands out as a leader among the best Belgian software development firms.

Demonstrating expertise across diverse sectors ranging from textiles to maritime, the company has successfully executed over 350 projects, serving renowned clients such as Epson, Bombardier, Visa and the British Council.

In the last two years, the Computools team has expanded from 212 to 250 members and broadened its portfolio to include projects in the finance, healthcare, consumer services, travel and hospitality and energy industries. 

Presently, the company is actively engaged in digital transformation and strategy development, enhancing its expertise to deliver world-class solutions while strictly adhering to the standards of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013.

Minimum Project Size: $50,000

Hourly Rates: $50–$99

Founded: 2013

Employees: 250–999

Services: Custom Software Development, Web Development, AI Development, Data & Analytics, Digital Transformation, Mobile Development, Software Testing, Technology Advisory, UX/UI Design

Industries: E-commerce, Social Networks, Education, Logistics, Healthcare, Energy, Travel & Hospitality, Financial Services 

Top Clients: Visa, IBM, Dior, Caribbean Bank, Bombardier, British Council

Location: Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Japan, USA

GoodFirms Reviews: 5 stars

LinkedIn Profile: 

Facebook Profile: 

2. Bachoo

Bachoo Studio, based in Belgium, is a premier provider of web and mobile solutions, dedicated to crafting sophisticated and technologically advanced products.

Since its establishment in 2015, the studio has earned more than 50 global awards, showcasing excellence in graphic design, UI/UX design and project implementation.

Although the team comprises fewer than 50 experts, all are carefully selected with no room for junior members. Many of Bachoo’s specialists hold global certifications, solidifying the company’s position as a top-tier IT production service provider.

Minimum Project Size: $10,000

Hourly Rates: $25–$49

Founded: 2015

Employees: 10–49

Services: UI/UX Design, Web Development, Custom Software Development, E-commerce Development

Industries: Information Technology, Business services, Education, Financial Services, E-commerce

Top Clients: Mercedes AMG, Logitech, Blitz, Yachtly, TSM, Titan

Location: Belgium, USA, Poland 

3. Lizard Global

Lizard Global is a reliable mobile app development service provider, showcasing expertise throughout the entire development process.

The firm boasts a world-class team of skilled developers specialising in the latest technologies, languages and platforms, allowing them to create cost-effective solutions.

True to its name, Lizard, the company is acclaimed for its seamless adaptability to any idea, complexity or environment.

With offices in the Netherlands, Malaysia and Belgium, Lizard Global prioritises client relations, irrespective of the time zone.

Minimum Project Size: $10,000

Hourly Rates: $50–$99

Founded: 2012

Employees: 50–249

Services: Mobile App Development, Web Development, Custom Software Development

Industries: Business Services, Consumer Products, Education, Financial Services, Government, Non-profit

Top Clients: Nationale Nederlanden, KFC, Tracker Apps, Transvision, Heineken, Tiger Beer, Baiduri Bank, AirAsia

Location: Belgium, Netherlands, Malaysia 

4. CactusSoft

CactusSoft is a software development firm providing customised solutions to clients globally. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has successfully delivered over 350 projects and consistently garnered recognition in the rankings of top software developers in Europe.

With headquarters in Belgium, CactusSoft works from two international offices, in Western and Eastern Europe, with a focus on serving clients in Western Europe and the USA.

Currently undergoing substantial growth, CactusSoft actively contributes to the digital transformation initiatives of numerous industries.

Minimum Project Size: $10,000

Hourly Rates: $25–$49

Founded: 2007

Employees: 50–249

Services: Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development, Web Development, IoT Development, Blockchain 

Industries: Business Services, Medical, GPS, Navigation 

Top Clients: Be-Mobile, Showpad, Alphatronics, Ocular, PB Plus, Leo Burnett

Location: Belgium, Georgia 

5. Thoughtbot

Thoughtbot, founded in 2003, is a distinguished software product consultancy, design and development firm with a global reputation.

Over the years, the company has established itself as an industry leader with a human-centred product strategy that has impacted more than 1,000 clients.

The company is known for its comprehensive approach to product development, covering user research, interviews, sketching, rapid prototyping, frequent testing and the agile development of working software.

This commitment to delivering quality solutions establishes Thoughtbot as a reliable and trustworthy software company in Belgium.

Minimum Project Size: $10,000

Hourly Rates: $150–$199

Founded: 2003

Employees: 50–249

Services: Custom Software Development, IT Staff Augmentation, Cloud Consulting, Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design, Web Development 

Industries: Medical, Financial Services, Consumer Products, Education, Energy, Government

Top Clients: Postmates, Iora Health, Joydrive, SplitFit, 

Location: Belgium, USA, United Kingdom

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6. Clover Dynamics

Clover Dynamics is a leading software development and management company, specialising in high-quality solutions for industries such as telecommunications, fintech and retail.

With offices in Ukraine, Canada and Belgium, the company offers not only software products but also a range of professional services, including consultancy, system integration and ongoing support.

Focusing particularly on the telecom industry, Clover Dynamics excels in delivering solutions that enhance operational performance.

With a dedicated client-centric approach, the company remains at the forefront of the software landscape, consistently delivering value-driven products.

Minimum Project Size: $10,000

Hourly Rates: $25–$49

Founded: 2020

Employees: 50–249

Services: Custom Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, AI Development, IoT Development

Industries: Financial Services, Information Technology, E-commerce, Business Services 

Top Clients: PressReader, SYTE, Kwitka 

Location: Belgium, Poland, Ukraine, Canada 

7. Aaltra

Since 2007, Aaltra has solidified its market value among Belgian IT companies, specialising primarily in IoT software and operational technologies.

The company’s expertise extends across greentech, smart home and mobility, with a particular emphasis on design. The team at Aaltra sees design as a universal language, fostering collaboration between designers and developers.

Aaltra’s primary goal is to simplify complex issues, focusing on key project elements such as a clear budget, a realistic timeline and a well-defined roadmap.

Renowned for punctual deliveries, Aaltra commits to developing the initial version of clients’ applications within weeks, prioritising an effective and practical user experience.

Minimum Project Size: $10,000

Hourly Rates: $100–$149

Founded: 2007

Employees: 10–49

Services: IoT Development, Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, UI/UX Design

Industries: Consumer Products, Energy, Information Technology

Top Clients: CSC, Daikin, Novy, Engie, Specter, Smappee

Location: Belgium 

8. StepInsight 

StepInsight, a global software development firm specialising in data technologies, has been helping clients achieve their objectives since 2016. The company collaborates with forward-thinking organisations, ranging from global enterprises to early-stage start-ups.

StepInsight excels in transforming data from a potential liability into a competitive advantage, leveraging artificial intelligence to increase revenue, reduce costs and enhance overall profitability.

By merging the strengths of established businesses with start-up methodologies, StepInsight ensures adaptability, fosters innovation and develops products that resonate with user preferences.

Minimum Project Size: $50,000

Hourly Rates: $50–$99

Founded: 2016

Employees: 10–49

Services: Custom Software Development, Blockchain, Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design

Industries: Non-profit, Supply Chain, Logistics, Education, Financial Services, Navigation, Government, Hospitality, Medical, Real Estate

Top Clients: WWF, Crown Resorts, United Nations World Food Program, Boston Consulting Group

Location: Belgium, Australia 

9. Belighted 

Established in Belgium in 2008 by Nicolas Jacobeus, Belighted has transformed into a dedicated team of software engineers, user experience specialists and product managers. The company has expertise in creating SaaS applications, marketplaces, custom CRMs & ERPs and productivity tools.

Currently, Belighted operates as a software development agency in Belgium, assisting product innovators in bringing their ideas to the market.

With a proven track record of supporting over 150 start-ups and corporate clients across Europe, the company excels in the successful launch of web or mobile software products.

Minimum Project Size: $25,000

Hourly Rates: $100–$149

Founded: 2008

Employees: 10–49

Services: Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design, Enterprise App Modernisation

Industries: Financial Services, Medical, Education, Real Estate, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transport

Top Clients: Valipat, Iba, Acrelot Mittan

Location: Belgium

10. KangaCoders

KangaCoders, inspired by the Japanese term 考える or “kangaeru”, which means to evaluate and think logically and which embodies the company’s core values.

The team, consisting of certified developers with over 25 years of professional experience, is fuelled by their passion for work.

Embracing a start-up mentality, KangaCoders understands the challenges faced by both new ventures and those already in full operation. Drawing from their own experiences, the team is well-prepared to help others identify and navigate challenges throughout their journey, providing exceptional web development services in Belgium.

Minimum Project Size: $10,000

Hourly Rates: $50–$99

Founded: 2013

Employees: 2–9

Services: Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development 

Industries: Business Services, Education, Financial Services, Information Technology, Government

Top Clients: Tree Company, Argen-Co, Vlaamse overheid

Location: Belgium

11. Attract Group

Attract Group is a team of skilled web and mobile developers and programmers committed to aiding start-ups in their growth and assisting established companies with digitalisation.

Primarily serving start-ups and small businesses, Attract Group focuses on delivering reliable software development services in Belgium.

Its core activities include developing systems for CRM/ERP/HRM, handling web projects with different complexities, creating mobile applications for Android and iOS and offering consulting services.

Minimum Project Size: $25,000

Hourly Rates: $25–$49 

Founded: 2011

Employees: 50–249

Services: Web Development, Mobile App Development

Industries: Financial Services, Medical, Retail

Top Clients: Modern Trade Ltd, PRJ partners, Lingua Airlines, BWT Group LLC, MedCo Media LLC, Headhunter

Location: Belgium, USA

12. ILIAS Solutions

ILIAS Solutions stands out as a unique player among software development companies in Belgium. The company focuses on information management solutions designed to support defence and humanitarian aid operations. 

Its software platforms are carefully developed to improve operational readiness by effectively handling the essential resources needed.

The ILIAS Solutions team includes experts who specialise in creating, implementing and maintaining software systems, bringing valuable experience in managing complex and sensitive assets, along with logistics systems.

Minimum Project Size: $10,000

Hourly Rates: $100–$149

Founded: 1998

Employees: 50–249

Services: Custom Software Development

Industries: Automotive, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Government 

Top Clients: Belgian Armed Forces, NATO E3A, Slovak Air Force

Location: Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, USA

13. Anais Digital

Anais Digital is a valuable partner in the development of Lean UX digital projects, employing a distinctive approach that integrates the Lean start-up method with UX, analytics and agile development.

The company helps clients grow sustainably through digital innovation. Anais’ team starts by creating a detailed prototype based on user feedback.

To manage risks, it tests a simplified version (MVP) aligned with customer goals. After testing, developers adjust and improve the solution to meet customer expectations. This systematic approach guarantees faster results and, ultimately, broader adoption.

Minimum Project Size: $10,000

Hourly Rates: $25–$49

Founded: 2005

Employees: 10–49

Services: Custom Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design, Application Testing, IT Strategy Consulting

Industries: Business Services, Public Sector

Top Clients: Befimmo, Immoweb, Interparking, Vermeg, Beobank

Location: Belgium

14. OneBonsai 

OneBonsai is one of the few software companies in Belgium specialising in virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence for custom projects.

With a focus on training, learning and development, OneBonsai assists organisations in overcoming challenges, optimising processes and preparing for the evolving metaverse.

The company crafts premium tailor-made VR environments, offers pre-built VR training modules and provides a unique training metaverse, featuring a VR training library and a system to monitor all training performance data, ensuring a comprehensive overview.

Minimum Project Size: $25,000

Hourly Rates: $100–$149

Founded: 2013

Employees: 10–49

Services: AR/VR Development, Custom Software Development, Business Consulting

Industries: Government, Medical, Manufacturing, Energy 

Top Clients: European Parliament, Euronews, Umicore

Location: Belgium

15. Madewithlove 

Madewithlove, a remote-first company based in Belgium, has been crafting products infused with a significant amount of love since 2008. Specialising in remote operations, Madewithlove serves as a mentor to start-ups and scale-ups in the tech ecosystem.

Whether it’s constructing a proof of concept for a mobile app, aiding in the scaling of a high-availability API, or incorporating integrations for seamless connections with other services, Madewithlove prioritises scalability in every endeavour.

Its extensive software engineering work spans prototypes, initial versions, API development, integrations with various services and assistance with scaling or refactoring.

Minimum Project Size: $100,000

Hourly Rates: $50–$99

Founded: 2008

Employees: 10–49

Services: Web Development, Mobile App Development, Application Management & Support, Custom Software Development

Industries: Information Technology, Telecommunications, Real Estate, Supply Chain 

Top Clients: Telenet, Urbantz, Cheqroom, SMSFactor, MinersAI

Location: Belgium

Final Words

In the heart of Belgium’s innovative business ecosystem, our software development company, Computools, stands as a trustworthy partner that doesn’t rely on experimentation but delivers consistent and proven solutions, especially when deadlines matter.

We serve a wide range of industries, from providing hospitality systems for hotels to developing ERP software for green energy enterprises.

Our comprehensive suite of specialised services includes:


Solution Architecture

Agile Delivery Squad

Digital Transformation

Platform & Product Engineering

Start-up Software Development


Software Re-engineering

Web Development

Technology Advisory

Mobile App Development

Data & Analytics

Performance Optimisation

Flexible Team Extension

UX/UI Design

Partnership for IT Vendors

Software Testing

As your technology development partner, we prioritise your business needs while also fulfilling our social and environmental responsibilities by integrating sustainable technology solutions into our work.

Explore our latest case studies to gain deep insights into the unique strategies, philosophies and approaches that distinguish our company.

If you want to learn how Computool’s expertise can elevate your business, contact us now at


Clients trust us for our clarity, structure, high performance and intuitive functionality across every stage of creating Software Solutions.

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