Computools's Windows/Mac/Linux App Development Services

Computools offers expertise and productivity to build a custom application.

Computools builds cross-OS apps with multiple functions and your audience in mind. Features and functionalities vary based on your business needs but are always focused on improving customer engagement and enhancing efficiency and productivity. Computools's apps are powerful tools you can use to boost revenue, get higher ROI and scale your business. Take a look at each button related to App Development to better understand why working with Computools helps you reach your business goals.

Desktop Clients

Apply Desktop Clients, developed for Windows, macOS and Linux, to solve problems that are extremely inconvenient, resource-intensive, or impossible to implement through the web development. Increase user satisfaction by improving responsiveness and reducing resource consumption.


Take advantage of Utilities to solve tasks that require tight integration with the OS (Operating System): Windows, Mac, Linux.

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Whether we’re designing customer experiences, dealing with our clients or managing our teams, we lead with empathy. Technology is for everyone, not just the geeks. That’s why we focus on using clear, intelligible language, treating every stakeholder with respect and providing support at all stages of development. By starting with a shared understanding of what makes us all human, we’re able to create the favorable conditions necessary to develop our best-in-class solutions.