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Online service for managing company finances. Learn how Computools revitalised Finmap Online design, improved data security, and added financial planning features. It led to positive feedback from the users and improved conversion rates.





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Problem and Solution Summary

Finmap Online, an online service for managing company finances, faced several challenges that hindered its efficiency and user experience. The platform had certain weaknesses, including a lack of support for the English language and the absence of dedicated iOS or Android applications, limiting accessibility for a broader user base. These limitations were barriers to reaching a wider audience and providing a more user-friendly experience.

Computools took on the challenge of revitalising Finmap Online by conducting a comprehensive redesign. The team recognised the significance of addressing these weaknesses to enhance the platform's usability, security and appeal. Key solutions included:

  • A complete overhaul of the platform's design to make it more user-friendly, visually appealing and efficient.
  • Implementing robust 256-bit SSL encryption, an industry standard for security, to ensure the utmost protection of user financial data. By making the service cloud-based, no data was stored on users' devices, reducing vulnerability to viruses.
  • Enhancing accessibility by adding support for the English language, enabling a broader user base to engage with the platform.
  • Developing dedicated iOS and Android applications to offer a more convenient and accessible experience on mobile devices.

About the Client

The client, Finmap Online, is a forward-thinking online service provider in the specialised finance industry, primarily focusing on serving the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and start-ups. The company aims to empower these businesses by offering innovative financial management solutions that streamline processes, improve financial planning and enhance overall efficiency.


Computools always approaches every project thoroughly. This is the key to the successful and effective work of the developers in close collaboration with the client's team. In this project, all tasks were completed, taking into account the agreed features and the necessary functions. The result of cooperation was an updated page of financial services, which quickly received many positive reviews from customers. Also, user-to-customer turnover has increased several times over.

Several key issues we solved:
  • Developed and applied necessary updates for existing services
  • Made a complete page redesign
  • Provided extra protection and safeness of the customer’s financial data

Business challenge


  • There is no ability to switch to English
  • There is no iOS or Android application, only a web application


  • 256-bit SSL encryption – the world standard for banking and other financial institutions that makes hacking impossible
  • Service works in the cloud – no data is stored on your computer (no virus)
  • Official company data is not required
  • Workers only have access to the parts they work on

Business challenge

Project Completion Details and Current Arrangements

Recognising the necessity to enhance its service quality and expand its customer base, Finmap Online revitalised its online presence. The company turned to the expertise of Computools. A judicious selection of optimal solutions was meticulously orchestrated after comprehensive preliminary consultations to delineate project objectives and goals.

Business challenge

Why Computools?

Computools was the ideal choice for the Finmap Online project due to its deep expertise in specialised finance and comprehensive project approach. The collaborative and client-centric approach fostered open communication and ensured that the project's objectives were well understood and executed in alignment with the client's vision. Computools employed cutting-edge technologies, established a robust communication framework and had a proven track record of successful project deliveries, instilling confidence in their capabilities. Their readiness to accept technical challenges and adapt to obstacles was highly valued by the client, making them the perfect partner to transform the Finmap Online platform into a more efficient, secure and user-friendly solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Story in depth

The client initiated the selection process by conducting a thorough evaluation of potential contractors, as this project was important to them. Several technology firms were in contention, each with its own set of credentials and strengths. Finmap Online recognised the necessity of aligning with a partner who not only possessed the technical prowess to execute the project but also had a deep understanding of the specialised finance industry.

Project Description

Finmap Online offers a comprehensive online service tailored for the management of corporate finances, specifically curated to meet the requisites of small and medium-sized businesses. This service encompasses features like automated financial reporting, seamless synchronisation across diverse devices, debt management, an intuitive calendar for precise financial planning, facilitated scheduled transactions, robust API integration, proprietary algorithmic tools, multi-currency support and personalised analytics. Notably, the service harbours the critical capability to efficiently oversee both individual and corporate financial portfolios through a web-based application. Moreover, it provides a mechanism for granting selective access to designated components, thus enabling the generation of in-depth financial reports and identifying potential fiscal vulnerabilities.

Digital Platform & Technology

Its goals and objectives determine the technologies necessary for the implementation of the project. After studying ready-made solutions and an interactive prototype, the stack of technologies and project platforms is finally approved.

Communication Framework

A properly built communication framework is crucial for the project. This allows constant communication between all participants, receiving answers to urgent questions and quickly solving difficulties. For this project, email and Skype were chosen as the most convenient means of communication for all participants. Email was used to exchange information and confirm individual parts of the project; discussions and video conferences were held on Skype.


The project team is based on the selected technology stack and specification. To complete the tasks, the appropriate experts are selected. To ensure that the project is completed on time and the finished product is of the highest quality, we carefully choose employees based on their experience and in-depth knowledge of the necessary technologies. After the team is assembled, it can be supplemented by new experts if necessary.

Business Analyst

Nikita Abelmasov

Nikita Abelmasov
Nikita started working on commercial IT projects in 2009, focusing on web development, then switched to management and BA in 2015. He has extensive experience in requirements gathering, start-up and ongoing business solutions consulting, development preparation and organising business processes for a wide range of mixed teams. He is passionate about urban exploration, new technologies, photography and sci-fi universes.
Nikita Abelmasov


Vitaliy Kononenko

Vitaliy Kononenko
Vitaliy, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Computools, is a dedicated and enthusiastic professional in the technology industry. With over six years of experience, he has held key roles such as Full-Stack Developer and Head of Technology. Vitaliy's passion for learning and staying up to date with cutting-edge technologies defines his approach to life. He is always striving to become a better developer, sharing knowledge and offering support to his peers.
Vitaliy Kononenko

Project Manager

Oleksandr Novikov

Oleksandr Novikov
Oleksandr is an accomplished project manager with dedicated experience. Outside the professional realm, Oleksandr's insatiable appetite for knowledge drives him to continuously explore development, management, and psychology, making him a well-rounded and goal-oriented individual.
Oleksandr Novikov

Business Development Manager

Alexander Palieshko

Alexander's expertise extends to market analysis, client relationship management, and the ability to navigate complex financial landscapes. He's known for his strong negotiation skills and his capacity to build strong, lasting relationships with clients and partners.


Valerii Panchenko

Valeriy Panchenko
Valerii demonstrates excellent results in the field of user experience, design and research. Enjoys swimming, hiking, and cooking.
Valeriy Panchenko

Frontend Developer

Serhii Vasiliev

Serhii is not only proficient in coding but also has a keen eye for design, allowing him to bridge the gap between design and development seamlessly. He thrives in collaborative environments, working closely with designers and other team members to bring projects to life.

Frontend Developer

Dmytro Batarin

Dmytro has been a driving force in our team, actively participating in 20 projects in various roles, ranging from developer to technical lead. His involvement in projects such as Squeeze, ABL Solution, Marketplug, Shootsta and eToro showcases his adaptability and problem-solving skills. Dmytro's extensive experience and leadership have consistently contributed to the success of our endeavours.

Story of a Team Decision

The decision to assemble the exact team for the Finmap Online project was driven by a meticulous consideration of the unique skills and experiences each team member brought to the table. The selection process was underpinned by the project's specific requirements and objectives, ensuring a harmonious blend of expertise and capabilities.


The development process at Computools for the Finmap Online project occurred in an environment of constant collaboration and timely task completion. The backstage of the project was characterised by regular developer meetings and brainstorming sessions, where the team members came together to discuss ideas, identify issues, and collectively find solutions. This backstage environment encouraged a healthy working atmosphere, fostered open communication and promoted continuous improvement.

Sprint Retrospective

Sprint retrospectives were a vital part of the project management methodology, allowing the team to reflect on their progress, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate their successes. These retrospectives served as a mechanism for the team to learn from each sprint and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the project's success. By actively participating in retrospectives, the team maintained a continuous improvement mindset, enhancing their efficiency and collaboration.

Planning Session

Planning sessions were an integral part of the project's management methodology. During these sessions, the team defined goals, discussed high-level project objectives and identified the main project restrictions and potential solutions. The planning sessions ensured that the team were aligned with the project's direction and provided a roadmap for the project's successful execution.

Sprint Demo

Sprint demos were essential checkpoints in the project's development process. During these demos, the team showcased their progress, allowing stakeholders and clients to evaluate the completed work and provide feedback. These demos facilitated transparency and client involvement, ensuring that the project met the client's expectations and enabling quick adjustments based on client feedback.

Communication Flow

Effective communication was a cornerstone of the project's success. The team employed a variety of communication tools, including email, Skype, and Trello, to streamline collaboration and task management. Email was used for information exchange, while Skype facilitated discussions and video conferences. Trello played a key role in distributing tasks among team members and tracking their status, ensuring a high-speed and efficient project management process. This robust communication flow allowed the team to address urgent questions, resolve challenges and maintain constant alignment throughout the project.

Project Management Methodology

The methodology is selected individually for each project. A waterfall was selected for this project. Waterfall methodology is a linear project management approach where stakeholder and customer requirements are gathered at the beginning of the project. Then, a sequential project plan is created to accommodate those requirements. This management methodology has at least five phases that follow in strict linear order, where a phase can’t begin until the previous phase has been completed. It has some important benefits. Because project requirements are agreed upon in the first phase, planning and scheduling are simple and clear. With a fully laid-out project schedule, we can give an accurate estimate of your project cost, resources and deadlines. It’s easy to measure progress as we move through the phases and hit milestones. Customers aren’t perpetually adding new requirements to the project, delaying production.

Project timeline



  • Defining project goals and objectives
  • Identifying high-level project goals
  • Analysing and exploring existing solutions
  • Defining main project restrictions and solutions
  • Identifying potential risks

Product DESIGN

  • Establishing high-level architecture
  • Selecting basic architectural patterns and tools
  • Forming an application stack
  • Developing work processes with a version control system (VCS)
  • Formulating the main development guidelines
  • Creating interactive prototypes and specifications

Product Engineering

  • Building the project team based on specifications
  • Calculating the optimal number of specialists for each role
  • Adding members to the core team
  • Conducting an introductory meeting
  • Distributing and executing project tasks
  • Integrating necessary options
  • Implementing the design of the finished page
  • Developing a testing plan
  • Testing user interfaces and units
  • Applying improvements
  • Stabilising/refactoring code
  • Increasing system stability
  • Reducing the probability of bug emergencies
  • Speeding up development


  • Ensuring the launch aligns with agreed terms
  • Completing preliminary tests, both automatic and manual
  • Receiving client approval for the launch
  • Transferring the project to the client's servers
  • Conducting additional testing to confirm functionality
  • Implementing any necessary adjustments
  • Ensuring the finished page is working seamlessly


The design tasks collectively contribute to the successful transformation of Finmap Online, making it a visually appealing, user-friendly and highly functional platform for managing company finances, catering to the needs of start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses.

User persona → Site map → Wireframes → User interface
finmap user persona

User persona

Creating a fictional profile representing a typical platform user

finmap site map

Site map

Visual representation of platform structure and content hierarchy

finmap wireframes


Basic layouts outlining page elements and their placement

finmap user interface

User interface

Final design with graphics, colours and interactive elements

Production Release

Before the product was released to the market, we conducted a series of tests to ensure its performance and safety. Testing included both manual and automated testing. After successful testing, we deployed the product into a production environment. We made it available to all users.

The release of the product was successful. The new design and functionality of the product were well received by users. The addition of English language and mobile device support opened up new markets for the company.

Ongoing Support

We recognise that even after a successful product launch, customers may have questions or concerns. We strive to provide our customers with comprehensive support to maximise their product use.
Our support includes the following services:

  • Technical support
  • Product updates and enhancements
  • Consultation and training

What our
client said

«The Computools team mapped a workflow according to our preferences. After that, they determined the project’s strengths and weaknesses and advised the features better suited for the finished product. Upon devising the development plan and selecting the best-suited technology stack, the distributed team set to the project realisation.

They provided very reasonable services. Also, I like their attitude, they are always ready to accept any type of technical challenge and most importantly things. They dealt with all the challenges very sharply.»

CEO at

Kaunov Ivan

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