Computools has developed a platform for HubMarine that optimises vessel placement, berth booking and marina navigation. The platform uses machine learning and IoT to improve transparency and security.

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Our client, an Israeli startup, acquired a solution for ship tracking and port management. We developed a system that integrated with the equipment and used machine learning algorithms.


Our client is a dynamic platform founded in 2017 that already serves over 500,000 boat owners and over 100 marinas. The company operates in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Cyprus. Client uses machine learning to optimise marina space allocation, making it easy for boat owners to book at the location they need and for marina owners to make the most efficient use of their resources.


For planning and navigation purposes, the company required access to private vessel information that is not usually publicly available. The marina staff did not always have sufficient knowledge and skills to use the platform. Reservations at the marina required a more efficient communication system between boat owners, marina staff and the platform.


Computools has developed a complete solution for Hubmarine, which includes:

  • Intuitive portal: for boat owners, marina operators and harbour authorities.
  • Planning: for marina operations, checking vessel parameters, permits and sailing history.
  • Simplified navigation: via a custom map, with vessel type and mooring location.

We have integrated the HubMarine platform with Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) to capture private vessel data. Our solution has reduced the time spent on communication and pre-booking of boat moorings by up to 75% and increased transparency of vessels’ sailing history, improving navigation.


The long-term impact on the client’s business after implementing the solution led to significant improvements in operational efficiency and overall transparency in marina management. Reduced time spent on communication and pre-booking of berths by 75%. The new portal has significantly optimised the communication process between boat owners, marina operators and port authorities. This has resulted in a reduction in the time required to pre-book berths. The new system provides unique mapping information, displaying the type of boats and their location on the marina map.


HubMarine discovered Computools while searching for a solution to address operational inefficiencies in their marina management. They had previously tried generic marina management systems but weren’t satisfied.

Impressed by Computools’ portfolio, including complex web platform development and expertise in machine learning, HubMarine considered Computools alongside two other shortlisted companies.  Ultimately, several factors led HubMarine to choose Computools:

  • Deep knowledge of machine learning
  • Professional and enthusiastic team
  • Competitive pricing
  • Tailored design approach

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The client contacted us looking for a solution to operational problems in marina management. These problems were causing a waste of time, conflicts and even unsafe situations due to unclear vessel movement data.

Approach to solution

Before turning to Computools, the client had tried various approaches, including the use of generic marina management systems that, however, did not meet their specific requirements.

Computools role

Computools took on the role of a key partner, providing a personalised and high-quality approach to solving the client’s problems. We acted as specialised experts fully immersed in the field of marina management. We identified and addressed inefficiencies in the communication and pre-booking processes.

Key decisions and outcomes

Based on the Internet of Things, we developed unique maps showing boat type and location, which increased transparency and improved navigation in the marina. Using analytics, we proposed real-time changes and optimisations based on data from previous operations.


The design team was tasked with designing a dashboard interface that would be concise, easy to understand for port staff, and without distracting elements. At the same time, however, the design had to include all the essential operational elements. The focus was on achieving that. The work was carried out dynamically, with ongoing communication with the client, taking into account all individual features of the project.



Crafting profiles embodying client needs and preferences for targeted design


Organising visual representation guiding users through intuitive navigation pathways


Creating skeleton blueprints outlining page structures, interactions, and content placement for development


Developing an ergonomic and visually appealing design fostering seamless interactions for enhanced user experiences



We chose the Scrum project management methodology to implement the HubMarine solution. It is performed through clear self-organisation and interaction between team members. An essential condition for successful implementation is timely reporting on the work done and completing tasks within the agreed time frame.



hubmarine project timeline


We studied Computools' portfolio and were impressed by their projects in various industries, including the development of complex web platforms. We needed a partner with deep knowledge of machine learning to develop an algorithm for optimal vessel placement. Computools demonstrated their expertise in this area by providing us with a detailed implementation plan. We communicated with the team in several meetings and were impressed by their professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm for our project.

Computools offered us a competitive price for their services. We considered several software development companies and selected the top 3 candidates, Computools was one of them. They provided us with several options for the user interface design, which we carefully evaluated.

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