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The integration of a chatbot into the business infrastructure results in a modern replacement to live agents. It provides 24/7 customer care, access to real-time data collection, and multi-language support. Computools offers the development of customized chatbots to organizations looking to drive sales and improve the quality of their service. With one chatbot in place, it is possible to get simple access to hard interfaces and solve a variety of business problems involved with customer support.

Assistant Chatbots

Assistant chatbots are a mix between information and skills chatbots. Their primary role is to support conversation with the user and offer multi-sided help on a variety of issues. Their area of activity is large, from website navigation to payment transactions. One way or another, assistant chatbots are expected to be helpful and respond to anything the user asks about. When it fails to meet the user’s request, the chatbot should be able to offer advice or solutions on how to get the customer’s needs fulfilled. In brief, the assistant chatbot is an automated version of the human agent that assists customers in service-related matters.

Rule-based Chatbots

A rule-based chatbot is a simple version of chatbot technology. It is built on pre-designed patterns used to guide customers in simple problem solving; for example, by giving more information about products and services or assisting them in making an order. Rule-based chatbots are managed by a decision tree that has a set of predefined commands within which the conversion with customers is built. This type of chatbot reduces the need for human agents, but they are still powerless when it comes to complex and effort-consuming issues. They react to specific words and questions while developing the basic contextual awareness. However, rule-based chatbots cannot deliver human-level conversations in more complicated scenarios when the user’s request is out of the ordinary.

AI-driven Chatbots

Intelligent or AI-driven chatbots are human-free and independent assistants as their operation is guided by contextual awareness that lets them understand customer problems. AI chatbot development is based on ML and NLP algorithms (natural language processing) that enable AI chatbots to understand words and interpret meaning, therefore thinking and acting like humans. The most advanced AI chatbots are able to read up to about 500,000 variations of user intentions and solve up to 70% of user queries. They are fully conversational and respond to just about anything the customer asks. Computools employs the Dialogflow platform to integrate conversational interfaces with messengers, web apps, etc.

Bot Areal

Bot areal is a chatbot development service that allows you to have a chatbot as an individual assistant integrated with your website or application, or as an integrated part of a messenger. This chatbot role accounts for 80% of online support that usually involves FAQs and simple problem-solving. The bot areal is a versatile choice as it fits any business objectives and can be integrated into any software the client uses in business. It can be a good basis for enterprises that prefer messengers like Telegram or Slack in their business processes as well as online businesses that develop their brand on their independent website.

Information Chatbots

Information or support chatbots are intended to provide users with essential information about a company. This category of chatbots is characterized by context awareness and multifunctionality. As much as they can guide the user through the website’s navigation, they are also good at answering FAQs, giving advice, and performing simple actions instead of the user. Support chatbots are a good option if your goal is to keep visitors engaged with your brand and extend their stay on your website or platform. Speech recognition is not a must feature in this kind of chatbot development however, if you are willing to provide it, it will be a huge advantage for your service.

Skills Chatbots

Skills chatbots are aimed at following commands and executing actions instructed by the user. They have no need for contextual awareness as their role is to enable multitasking and increase user engagement. Speech recognition is highly recommended in this case, as the user is able to continue the interaction with the chatbot (and thus your brand) even when they are away from the keyboard. Skills chatbot development usually involves integration with other applications and systems, which leads to the streamlining of business processes and delivering a smooth and uninterrupted customer experience.


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Computools’s expertise will let you design a customized high-performing chatbot with functionality tailored to your business needs, which can become a new turning point in your business’s story.



Computools’s chatbots based on solution templates are a modern solution that fully pays off. The use of predefined templates along with Diagonal Flow helps you make smart investment decisions and take advantage of technology in business.



As a chatbot development company, Computools is ready to provide tech maintenance to its old and new clients. Your previous Computools’s team will continue working on your digital product if needed, so you do not have to hire new IT specialists to improve or alter your chatbot project.

Key Business Advantages

Solid Customer Engagement

Average response times and the quality of communication are two contributing factors to how customers feel about their brand interactions, with 55% of them primarily using mobile apps to communicate with goods and/or services providers. With thousands of conversations run at a time, chatbots can be a subtle alternative to human agents. Existing practice shows that the majority of customers prefer being loyal to companies that provide seamless shopping experiences and uninterrupted customer support.

Lower Manpower Costs

A chatbot can be your one-size-fits-all employee: faultless, continuously available, and high-performing. Chatbot development services let many businesses reduce their labor costs and remove the need for more staff. A standard chatbot’s system maintenance is less costly than the monthly salary of employees for the same results. Moreover, it helps you to scale your business faster without needing to onboard more people.

Real-time Data Collection

Chatbots are able to collect real-time data through chat and messaging with your audience. This information is of much value to all companies that want to tailor their products and/or services to their consumers. Data collection and analytics gives you a chance to gain more knowledge of your customer’s preferences and keep track of changes in their searches and purchases. This information can be critical in making marketing campaigns for brand awareness and promotion.

Competitive Edge

Improved customer service through chatbot development usually leads to an increase in sales. Since one chatbot can serve a larger number of visitors, the user engagement rate grows, leading to more users placing an order with your company. As a result, you can increase your ROI and sales volume without recruiting more people to your team. Businesses backed by chatbot usage are known for better resistance to market fluctuations and unshakeable leadership in the market, especially if their competitors do not invest in digital solutions.

Business Optimization

The integration of chatbots greatly transforms the company’s processes, bringing more automation and speed to every level. Conversational agents allow you to keep the level of customer satisfaction high and get in control of more business processes, which eventually reduces risks. Moreover, chatbot development services can be beneficial to every company faced with poor customer service, long waiting times, lack of data collection and analysis, as well as high operational costs.

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