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Implement it technologies and facilitate digital processes to outrun the competition, improve cost and time efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction

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41% of distribution companies have already increased customer lifetime value with the help of technology. Take a look at each block below and learn more about how Computools can help you reach your business objectives.


Enterprise resource planning development (ERP)

Better control chain outlets, analyze and evaluate distributors' work, and manage sales teams.

ERP has diverse areas of application starting from improved interaction between departments, increased transparency of labor, organize a corporate system for staff training, as well as the standardization of reporting and information systems.


Epson Case Study

The ReadyInk System, developed for Epson, is an independent assistant that can monitor the ink level in specific printers in real-time and automatically notify both users and resellers of the need to refill the cartridges. The system is also able to order necessary cartridges and arrange their delivery to the store or the user’s door. We have a strict focus on each industry which enables us to build products for different sectors. Hit us up to learn more.

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Warehouse management system development (WMS)

Speed up logistics processes, simplify administration, and reduce costs, by implementing WMS systems. They ensure effective stock management, help decrease the number of goods with low turnover, automate document flows, gather data from all distribution channels, and plan sales strategically.

Open up the possibility to manage your logistics processes and accounting infrastructure at the same time.

Simplify the organization of loading and unloading operations, the planning of warehouse operations, inventory and reserve management, optimization of logistics processes at the warehouse, packing management, and minimize risks and errors across all operations.


Computools's Marketplace Accelerator

Computools developed Marketplace Solutions Kit - a custom built app and special template for a platform where a customer can compare and purchase goods and/or services from numerous suppliers online. The kit consists of the core, a set of ready-made plug-ins (PayPal, Stripe), and a demo stand to display available functions.

This is a simple, elegant and effective way to avoid many problems associated with creating a marketplace from scratch. Using solutions kits allow you to get a profitable reliable product with all the necessary features. The core benefit of this kit is that it allows you to create a custom system with a superior efficiency compared to average eCommerce solutions.

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E-feller Case Study

E-feller is an IoT-based solution that aims to solve the issue of global food waste. It helps track and manage expiring produce from the start of the funnel to the end: from producer to consumer. By taking specific data like the needs of food manufacturers, retailers, and consumers into account, E-feller is moving the world one step closer to better waste prevention and management. We have a strict focus on each industry which enables us to build products for different sectors. Hit us up to learn more.

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Revenue management system development (RMS)

Establish a system for working with your accounts receivable. get reports on accounts receivable, the rankings of counterparties, the creation of stop lists, setting up a notification system, etc. an rms is a must-have platform to keep business running smoothly from paying bills on time, managing claim expenses, and tracking projects to a full history of invoices, emails, sales, and banking connections.

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IoT development

Solve distribution problems with an IoT solution. IoT makes the process of keeping items in stock simple and streamlined, increasing sales and return customers.

With the help of QR labels, businesses can increase the distribution of products and reduce the number of personnel or resources necessary for the distribution.

GPS trackers track your logistics properly so that you can manage your logistics plan for optimal distribution, while the implementation of temperature & timing control ensures optimal conditions for distributed products.

In addition, IoT solutions help distributors adjust to seasonal loads and quickly scale resources when needed.


Bombardier Case Study

Bombardier flight documentation management web and mobile applications were optimized and re-engineered. Supplementing the apps with new features led to increasing flight efficiency, improving safety, and saving money. Want to build a product? We can offer a wide range of services starting from consultation and business analysis to design and development.

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CCI Assistant Case Study

CCi Assistant mobile application provides users with an efficient management solution of cash collection, validation and counting through smartphones. It gives a quick overview of the value and denominations within a single CCi unit via Bluetooth. Among its key features are connecting up to 20 individual CCi devices, connecting to one CCi device at any one-time, emailed banking reports, etc. Let us help you in developing similar robust and business-oriented products that will help you scale up and offer value.

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Cloud services

Use external cloud services to help reduce the costs of IT infrastructure and ensure service availability, even for seasonal, high-load cases.

The cloud model solves two major problems for distributors today.

1. Cloud services provide constant availability for vital services like ERP and document management from any of a network's branches, be it a store or an office.

During peak loads, large chains are faced with the need to dramatically and quickly increase the capacity of information systems.

2. Cloud services eliminate the need for retailers to waste budget renting products during a rush, or even from buying additional equipment during peak periods.


FDA Operator Case Study

FDA Operator is a web-based application that gives users, usually stock brokers the opportunity to help their clients invest from anywhere in the world. The application gives the broker a wider reach and powerful tools for managing client wealth more efficiently, while giving the investor transparency into the investing process allowing them to better calculate gains and risks. Feel free to contact us in case you want to build a product or simply seek a consultation.

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Keller Covered Case Study

Keller Covered is a convenient and intuitive service for getting insurance quotes for real estate based on a detailed questionnaire. The user, usual a home owner will enter the necessary details about the house, apartment or land and receive a list of quotes which they can then look over and purchase. Want to build a product? We can offer a wide range of services starting from consultation and business analysis to design and development.

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The solutions we create for distribution companies lead to the optimization of business processes:

Purchase management

Warehouse inventory management

Logistics management

Relationship management

Customer profile management

Analysis and sales planning

Staff retention and training

Customer loyalty

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