Enterprise software development

Build a quality product from scratch to speed up the achievement of your goals


Based on the budget and timeframe limitations, assisting analysts determine the critical features to be implemented in the minimal viable product. This approach allows costs to be reasonably spread over time.

Launch MVP in
a few weeks

With deep understanding of the client's expectations and clear vision of the set goals, the digital architecture and technology solutions allow for much faster launching of the product.

Top engineers with experience in product development

Strategic vision permits for dedicated Tech teams of UI/UX designers, developers, QA & Testing experts and project managers to be working with your startup.

Instant scaling of
your in-house team

Sharing the latest IT insights, innovations, practices, and techniques gives your team in-depth, specialized knowledge of your product's particular IT system.

Full control over
the team management

Good internal communication allows for flexible control over the selection, motivation, and management of dedicated team members.

We know how a strong technical support and a highly-skilled team are crucial factors for a startup. When time and budget are limited - a working prototype and the minimal viable product approach open up a way for developing a stable and scalable product in the shortest possible time.


Computools assembles a team of engineers with the exactly required skills and expertise. A good team knows the project in all detail and every member of the team is endeavored to provide creative technical solutions.
The resulting oriented approach means full control over quality, deadline and budget.

that trust us

Computools was founded with the idea that it is possible to provide quality software development solutions for enterprises of all sizes. At present, our team works for a considerable number of globally known companies solving their business puzzles. Yet, we are proud to be able to service start-ups and SMEs as well. Computools believes that every business has a hidden potential, and give our best to make the best of it in every situation.



To be a part of Computools' Team requires that the engineers are constantly learning something new. Thus we make sure they do the best of their skills. They are taking part in continuing education: a highly-skilled engineer stays on top of developments in the industry. Changes in technology happen rapidly, and we track that our engineers keep abreast of new research and ideas.

01 Communication

To build a successful project management communication Computools always pays special attention on setting up a strong management model and agile process. Face to face meetings provides for clear communication about goals, responsibility, performance, expectations, and feedback. Being present, visible and engaged to make sure we both are on the same page.

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02 Define MVP

On this step, we usually identify dependencies and bottlenecks, set up weekly sprints, split deadlines, time and resources to roll the product out in a few weeks.

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03 Interactive Prototype

To make sure that users are with your product through early answers to a number of questions. Simulation of the final interaction between the user and the interface to understanding the target audience, testing assumptions, and gathering feedback from users are all vital to the success of a project.

04 Analytics

It is vital to pick the right technology stack for your product. Each language has different characteristics, advantages, communities, support, and ecosystems. The impacts of this would be reverberated across various layers of your business, including HR, finance, management, and marketing.

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05 Programming, testing and launching

Upon the successful launch and feedback evaluation, our Computools engineers continue to improve and update the MVP to meet the customers’ expectations. Our team provides routine maintenance to minimize downtime and performs major upgrades to transform the MVP into a mature product.

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