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Enterprise Software Development

Enhance your business value with high-functioning enterprise software integrated into your processes.

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Enterprise Software

Constant transformations of internal processes and software can reduce costs, automate daily routine, increase the efficiency and productivity of employees. Use proved and robust solutions to advance your business with necessary enhancements.

Custom Enterprise Solutions

Improve your internal business processes with the help of fully customizable software. Whether you need to implement an electronic document management system or to automate the workflow of your company's business processes, Computools's long experience of launching and maintaining enterprise software will benefit you.

The company's experts create corporate web portals and applications to solve particular problems. These solutions will lead you to success in the global arena.

Step-by-step software implementation

One of the main obstacles for enterprises is an already established system of applications and services that ensure the smooth operation of the company. Enhance your infrastructure with robust, performance-enhancing applications following a custom-designed strategy.

The gradual implementation of new applications, including mobile ones, will make your company’s workflow even more effective. Thanks to the necessary knowledge and skills, Computools's experts develop the optimal scheme for improving your software infrastructure.

Internal Apps Modernization

Internal App Modernization improves the agility of your business so it can respond instantly to the market dynamics. Employees' engagement grows when you give them a better UX and a platform that increases productivity, creativity, and innovation. Improved customer service, fewer risks, fewer audits, and simple compliance are provided by real-time accessibility of modernized apps, easy data entry through mobile devices, increased security through encryption, enhanced accuracy in time entry, tracking the status of the project, etc.

Computools's specialists will conduct an in-depth analysis of the existing software system of your company, identify weaknesses, select modern tools and draw up a modernization plan. This will allow your company to significantly accelerate internal processes, increase employee motivation and satisfaction.

Workflow Automation

Automate what can be automated. It is wiser to use labor resources to create extraordinary solutions and new promotion strategies, and entrust applications and software with the daily routine. Use the convenient one-time data entry form, and let the system create reports and consolidated lists based on this data. Maximize business flow automation by automating routine procedures with minimal user involvement. Implement automation of report analytics: use an individual expert system to solve standard business cases, receive warnings and notifications.

Computools’s engineers are capable to build less expensive, more flexible, and more secure technology platforms and applications that can serve for any purpose. Or, for example, develop applications that collect, structure, analyze, and visualize large volumes of data using machine learning methods.

Enterprise Software Development Phases


Strategic advice on technology, your business goals and operations.
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An ecosystem for designing business value in your core domain.
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An engineering process for building products on budget, time and scope.
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Continuous delivery for regular releases with minimum time to market.
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The checking and implementation of hypotheses in your PDCA cycle.
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Based on the budget and timeframe limitations, assisting analysts determine the critical features to be implemented in the minimal viable product. This approach allows costs to be reasonably spread over time.

Launch MVP in
a few weeks

With deep understanding of the client's expectations and clear vision of the set goals, the digital architecture and technology solutions allow for much faster launching of the product.

Top engineers with experience in product development

Strategic vision permits for dedicated Tech teams of UI/UX designers, developers, QA & Testing experts and project managers to be working with your startup.

Instant scaling of
your in-house team

Sharing the latest IT insights, innovations, practices, and techniques gives your team in-depth, specialized knowledge of your product's particular IT system.

Full control over
the team management

Good internal communication allows for flexible control over the selection, motivation, and management of dedicated team members.

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Proven Technologies For Enterprises

Computools's engineers harness the power of disruptive technology to build reliable, scalability, fault-tolerance and efficiency software for your business.

IoT Software Development

Unlock new value for customers infusing intelligence into the physical world.

AR Software Development

Provide a deeper user's view of the real world.

Big Data Software Development

Advanced analytics techniques to gain new insights resulting in better and faster decisions.

Artificial Intelligence (ML)

Bring a competitive advantage to your business with reliable AI solutions. Just one automated daily task will start a chain reaction of successful innovation.

Enterprise Development Capabilities

ROI-oriented innovative software engineering services provided in Computools' research and development centers.

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Your request will be carefully researched by our experts. We will get in touch with you within one business day.


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