Exploring Cutting-Edge Tech Trends of Luxury Hospitality at Independent Hotel Show 2023

Computools Explored Cutting-Edge Hospitality Tech Trends at the Independent Hotel Show in London, with Mykhaylo Hnatyev, Co-Founder Computools UK, leading the charge.

October 16, 2023
UK, London

At the Independent Hotel Show, held  16–17 October in London, Computools researched cutting-edge technological trends impacting the luxury and boutique hospitality industry. The event provided a unique opportunity for knowledge exchange and experience sharing with key players in this dynamic sector.

Mykhaylo Hnatyev, Co-Founder Computools UK, represented the company at the Independent Hotel Show and actively participated in discussions and presentations. The primary focus was on innovations reshaping the landscape of luxury hospitality.

The Independent Hotel Show featured a rich programme, including presentations by leading experts, such as Abu Bundu-Kamara, Senior Director of Inclusion & Diversity at Expedia Group, and other outstanding professionals. The event served as a platform for discussing current technological solutions and their impact on the hospitality industry.

Computools actively exchanged insights and experiences with event participants, establishing valuable business connections. These interactions provided a deep understanding of the most sought-after technologies and innovations in the luxury hospitality sector.

Participation in the Independent Hotel Show highlighted Computools’ key role in shaping and implementing cutting-edge technologies that enhance the luxury hospitality experience. The company stays at the forefront of technological trends, ensuring clients’ access to advanced solutions and outstanding services.

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