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Financial Exchanges & Data Software Development

Develop functional trading algorithms for your platform to increase productivity and offer automation opportunities for you and your clients

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95% of capital market companies see technology as an advantage that can dramatically improve their trading.

Financial Exchanges & Data

Trading platforms

Computools houses a dedicated fintech team of engineers, designers, and analysts who can develop highly-personalized, secure, and competitive trading platforms for web, desktop, and mobile.

We develop platforms that can include a variety of analytics tools for tracking trades, patterns, and strategies; personal trader statistics; user-friendly interfaces based on market and user research, trading bots, AI chatbots, gamification, forums with expert opinions, and current economic news; and other functionality that we tailor to your needs.

Apart from developing the established functionality and basic architectural requirements, we strictly focus on opportunities that will allow traders to look at their businesses in new ways.

Financial Exchanges & Data

Order Management Systems (OMS)

An order management system is a vital tool for any trading system.

It allows you to use additional functionality in work with the orders from start to finish, which is so necessary for implementing many trading tactics.

We develop OMS functionality based on your business needs, trading goals, and type of firm. For buy-side firms to manage investment assets and record orders sent to brokers for execution, and sell-side firms to keep orders records and reports on all clients, including their execution on the trading platform.

Financial Exchanges & Data

Trading analytics and automated trading

Computools helps trading companies automate investment decisions by implementing modern AI-based analytics tools; this simplifies decision making and gives you a better understanding of incoming market data, helps to calculate potential profit loss, and automatically generates buy-and-sell orders.

This model is used to predict the state of the market in the nearest future. Based on the future market state calculation results, investment decisions are generated.

Financial Exchanges & Data

Algorithmic trading tools

Take advantage of algorithmic order execution tools to effectively reduce execution costs, reduce market impact, and avoid information leakage about a large order.

We develop an algorithmic order execution model based on the trader`s needs and goals. Such systems can handle thousands of client orders simultaneously, giving you more time and the opportunity to work on other more complex orders manually.

Apart from that, these kinds of trading tools help align prices between platforms, smooth price jumps, ensure liquidity, redistribute risks between bidders, and automate routine operations.

Financial Exchanges & Data


Traders are faced with high risks when it comes to training new investors. So, to counteract that and bring additional value, Computools can develop and implement an educational system within the a new and/or existing trading platform.

We offer numerous gamification features for trading operations that can educate potential traders and help them cope with obstacles in long-term trading.

Financial Exchanges & Data

API integration

Computools uses API integration with other trading and finance platforms to give you access to third-party trading algorithms on your platform. This automates trading strategy and tracks balances on different crypto exchanges.

Receive up-to-date information about digital assets from crypto exchanges, and simply customize the platform with new features.

Financial Exchanges & Data



The solutions we create for Investment Financial Exchanges & Data companies lead to the optimization of business processes:

Build a custom trading platform

Enhance trading functionality

Automate trading operations

Make better decisions based on real-time data

Update core systems with APIs Enhance trading functionality

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