What Leadership Skills Shape a Bright Future for Your Company (Part 2)

Computools’s CEO continues his talk on the values of strong leadership skills in business management.

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Leadership development has been practiced since ancient times. Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar were both known for their high interest in leadership secrets and turned to the best public speakers that could teach them how to lead and inspire people. Today, we have no emperors to rule empires, but we have CEOs to run global businesses.

We have started to look at the fundamentals of good leadership. This article continues Computools’s CEO’s, Sergii Tymchuk, recommendations for developing effective leadership skills.

6. Enforce Personal Responsibility and a Sense of Duty

A crucial trait of successful leaders is the ability to make sure all agreements are respected. It doesn’t matter what kind of agreement you make, be it your employee working on a business plan for the next quarter or your investment banker negotiating on your behalf about an acquisition. You should see to it that all of them fulfill their duties on time and in the right manner. Finishing what you have started is the key to keeping your business viable and growing at a steady pace. The business leader’s role is to make everyone abide by their contracts and agreements. Only this approach to business management is effective and result-oriented. When you are able to get something done without compromising your working relationships, your reputation as a leader precedes you because people are disposed to work and collaborate with you.
However, one should remember that the ability to demand compliance with agreements from others works both ways. This means that if you give a promise to someone, do not make them wait or ask you twice.

7. Share Knowledge

Managers are similar to coaches. They are not supposed to do the work, they only show others how to do it. Teaching your team is necessary and should happen on a regular basis if you want to see sustainable results. The coach’s role is to let the players realize how they can achieve their goals. The better you are at showing them the way to get results, the more productive and agile your team becomes. At first, you should not expect a lot of progress. You should get along with your team, learn their strengths and weaknesses, and understand how you can translate their potential. At this point, you need to be extremely patient and focus on sharing your expertise. Once you have made a connection with them and started to notice your efforts bear fruit, your role is thereafter limited to fuelling their growth and setting their direction. The need for sharing expertise benefits you as well. When you teach others, you get more proficient in what you are explaining and improving your leadership skills.

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8. Inspire Your Team

Business owners are not just employers, they are also great motivators. Inspiration is viewed as one of the fundamental leadership characteristics that unite the team and let it stick together in times of both prosperity and uncertainty. A business leader alone knows best how to develop their business and bring more value to their clients, but their team does not. Hence, they have to communicate it to all employees in a way that makes them excited, encouraged, and eager to work for the sake of this business idea. Indeed, the majority of workers have a vague understanding of business goals and objectives to achieve by the end of the next quarter. Likewise, non-marketing departments may barely understand marketing aspects and nuances of your business. As a result, you are the main link between employees and the achievements you expect of them. By arranging regular meetings and giving inspirational speeches, you can convey your ideas, passion, and inspiration about what you are doing. You need to show them that they are creating something extraordinary and unique and that they are altering the course of history. That is the only way to instill inspiration in your employees and maintain their interest in work.

Team Building

9. Optimize Your Business Processes

Many companies seek to outdo their competitors in the terms of delivery time, but here at Computools, we prioritize efficiency. Yes, it is good when you are able to offer the same value in a shorter term; however, one should never compromise the product or service quality. The ability to make business processes efficient lies within the responsibility of top managers and team leads. They teach others how to perform their work in the most cost and time efficient way. The efficiency rate is an indicator of how fast your company is growing. If you observe a stagnation or a deterioration in efficiency, it is a clear sign that you need to change your workflow model and utilize your workforce more optimally. When striving for efficiency, you should bear in mind that mistakes are unavoidable, but you should see them as unsuccessful attempts. A failed attempt is always better than nothing. One of the basic leadership principles is to encourage people to do their work faster in a non-violent way, that is they should want to be more productive themselves. You can create a relevant working environment in the form of competitions or tests, where everyone wishes to succeed.

10. Appeal to Your Common Sense

Mindful leadership is built on common sense and the Z to A approach in business management. You should have a clear understanding of what you are doing and why. Since the whole team is ready to follow you, your vision and decisions only shape your business success. The best approach in business decision-making is evidence-based empiricism. It is important to draw a distinction between theoretical knowledge and assumptions and hands-on experience and facts. Your theories and plans may be amazing and world-changing, but unless you have tested and proven them, they are just your thoughts. All business processes should be subject to empiricism. For starters, you build on what you know works best and later introduce changes after meticulous planning and testing. Sometimes you have the right to make mistakes, but at times you don’t. Subsequently, when you can avoid unnecessary risks, it is better to make an extra effort and do so. The Z to A thinking is another driving force for effective leadership. It requires you to build your decisions on evidence-based and well-grounded ideas. As a result, you never waste your time on things that will lead you astray.

You’ve finished the second part of this article. Keep up with Computools’s updates to read the last one to uncover more tips on the art of running a company through good leadership skills.

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