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Media & Entertainment Software Development

take advantage of computools's services to boost the efficiency of business processes, develop new products, or upgrade existing ones

79% of companies in the Media & Entertainment industry are planning to adopt analytics and BI technologies to get a better understanding of their customers and personalize their services.

Media & Entertainment

Video and music streaming applications

Computools develops video and music streaming applications for social media, broadcasts, online meetings and events, shows, gaming, etc. Our services can include but are not limited to:
  • Video streaming services
  • Installation, configuration, and integration of media players
  • Integration of streaming solutions with CMS and cross-product solutions
  • Development and configuration of systems for webinars and online training
  • Development of multimedia interactive applications
  • Designing the architecture and development of video broadcasting systems
  • Development of computer vision and machine learning solutions
  • Security: content protection from illegal viewing and copying
  • Subscription-based media services

The final set of functionalities is customized to your business’s needs and goals and the requirements of the end product.


weclip Case Study

WeClip is the world-leading solution for storing, editing, and publishing videos across different social media. This platform helps bloggers and content creators to easily manage content and use integrated video editing functionality. The platform turned out to be a success and gathered more than 100000 active users. We have a strict focus on each industry which enables us to build products for different sectors. Hit us up to learn more.

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Media & Entertainment

Virtual assistants

Computools focuses on the development of chatbots and virtual assistants that can adapt to customer queries and quickly process calls, simplify social media management, booking, scheduling, and perform other administrative tasks 24/7.

This will allow you to:
  • Increase the number of requests processed
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Personalize services
  • Reduce support and routine tasks costs

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Media & Entertainment

Analytical dashboards and Business intelligence tools

Computools has experience in the development of analytical systems and management information systems based on AI algorithms. This allows digital platforms to retrieve and analyze information from external sources be it social media, content, or advertising platforms. Every solution is customized to set goals and can help you:
  • Get insightful information about the interests of your users
  • Send target ads and personalize content based on the collected data
  • Get accurate data on advertising campaigns
  • Get more important metrics such as audience reach for TV, follower growth for social media, ticket pricing for live performances, etc.


Computools's Information Management System Accelerator

The Business Intelligence Accelerator by Computools is an automation software that helps consolidate all company processes in one comprehensive environment. It can be easily integrated with any internal systems and it can use common or specific data entry forms, like Basecamp, Google Sheets, Redmine, Jira, etc. The key idea is that primary data should only be entered one time. By automating business processes with an Business Intelligence Accelerator and point-to-point integration, all applications can seamlessly work together. The Business Intelligence Accelerator can be customized to automatically calculate and visualize KPIs as numbers and graphs in Solid Complete Timely Comparative Information (SCTCI) format, making understanding data easier. Track statistics in real-time and automatically generate reports, while saving time for other, more important tasks. Implement your very own Business Intelligence Accelerator for better control and insight into your working processes.

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Media & Entertainment

Software integrations

To boost customer engagement, increase customer base or simply expand the list of services and make them more beneficial, Computools offers integration of third-party services and API integrations.

We help Media & Entertainment companies:
  • Create cloud-based production environments
  • Improve customer experience
  • Develop apps for any device
  • Simplify content distribution
  • Boost the speed and agility of software products


shootclub Case Study

ShootClub is a blended shooting training app with social networking features. Thanks to it, professionals and amateurs can hone their skills, follow competitions, join a community, track their results and compare them to others. Want to build a product? We can offer a wide range of services starting from consultation and business analysis to design and development.

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The solutions we create for Media & Entertainment companies lead to the optimization of business processes:

Increase flexibility and efficiency of business processes through the use of analytical technologies

Improve customer experience, customer reach, and increase personalization

Connect to new channels for communication and services

Achieve goals for content creation and delivery

Reduce costs for customers support and product maintenance

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Game development companies

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