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Vitaliy Kononenko

Chief Technology Officer


“When you do not notice technology improving your life, it speaks to its perfection. This is what I am doing: showing people how technology can be leveraged in the safest and smoothest way.”

Mr. Kononenko has been the Chief Technology Officer at Computools since 2019 and a devoted team player at Computools since 2017. He heads up the research and development (R&D) department and coordinates technology policies and procedures to ensure high-quality software delivery.


Mr. Kononenko holds a Master’s Degree in the field of ‘Computer Science’ and prior to his CTO role, he took different IT-related business roles, such as a full-stack developer, technical lead, and the head of technology at Computools. He possesses in-depth knowledge and experience that is pivotal in delivering custom-designed software services. His area of expertise includes developing Computools’s strategy for harnessing technology and implementing the infrastructure for its efficient use.


Mr. Kononenko is knowledgeable about all technical aspects of implementing technology and leading development teams. He is a strategic thinker who is in charge of business solutions and handling software development issues that arise during project implementation. He is a leading figure in directing engineering efforts within the organization and setting up development processes. Additionally, Mr. Kononenko is a strong IT leader who knows how to transfer his skills to younger generations of IT specialists. He actively trains junior and middle-level software developers, contributing to the overall development of tech talent at Computools.

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