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A distinguished platform specialising in renewable energy generation and storage investments. Discover how Computools developed a user-friendly portal for energy-saving programme applications, making it easier for users to access financing for energy-efficient equipment.


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Problem and Solution Summary

Green Energy, a leader in renewable energy investments, faced the challenge of creating a user-friendly portal for energy-saving programme applications. This portal needed to accommodate diverse user roles while ensuring security, efficiency and usability for administrators, contractors and sellers. In addition, Green Energy aimed to streamline loan processes and equipment financing.

Computools successfully addressed these challenges in collaboration with Green Energy by designing and developing a user-friendly portal. The platform facilitates energy-saving programme applications and ensures top-notch security, efficiency and user-friendliness. It also streamlines the complex processes of loan approval and equipment financing. This solution significantly enhanced user engagement, promoted environmental sustainability, and resulted in substantial cost savings. The combined expertise of Green Energy and Computools in project analysis, development and technology stack utilisation made this solution possible.

About the Client

Green Energy is a prominent player in the energy sector, specialising in renewable energy generation and storage investments. With a history dating back to 1995, the company boasts extensive expertise spanning various areas, including project development, non-recourse financing, design, construction and asset management.

Green Energy has contracted capacity in multiple countries, including Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, totalling over 130 MW.


The collaboration between Green Energy and Computools resulted in the successful development of a user-friendly energy-saving programme application portal. This portal provides an accessible and efficient platform for individuals, contractors and sellers to participate in energy-saving programmes.
The newly created portal has streamlined the processes relating to loan approval and equipment financing, making it easier for users to access financing for energy-efficient equipment. The user-friendly interface and functionality of the portal have significantly enhanced user engagement.
The adoption of this portal and the energy-saving programmes it supports have contributed to environmental sustainability. Users are more inclined to adopt energy-efficient solutions, reducing their carbon footprint.
The portal has enabled individuals, contractors and sellers to make more informed decisions regarding energy-efficient equipment.

Business challenge


  • Lack of a user-friendly portal
  • Complex loan and equipment financing
  • Environmental impact


  • Industry expertise
  • Global footprint
  • Sustainability commitment

Business challenge

Project Completion Details and Current Arrangements

The project was successfully completed with Computools designing and developing a user-friendly energy-saving programme application portal. The portal streamlined loan processes and equipment financing, resulting in increased accessibility for users. Current arrangements include the continued operation and maintenance of the portal.

Business challenge

Why Computools?

Green Energy chose Computools for this project due to their software development expertise, ability to create user-friendly solutions and experience in developing efficient and secure platforms. Computools demonstrated a deep understanding of the client's needs and a commitment to creating a solution that aligns with Green Energy's sustainability goals. Their project analysis, technology stack and development capabilities made them the ideal partner for this venture.

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The collaborative project was a testament to the importance of selecting a partner who has the technical capabilities and deeply understands the industry's intricacies. This partnership between Green Energy and Computools demonstrated that expertise, industry knowledge and a shared commitment to sustainability can drive successful and transformative solutions.

Project Description

Green Energy, a distinguished player in renewable energy investments, recognised the need to create an innovative platform that promotes energy-efficient practices and facilitates adopting renewable energy solutions. The project focused on developing a user-friendly energy-saving programme application portal that accommodates diverse user roles, streamlines financing processes and aligns with the client's sustainability goals.

  • Design and develop an intuitive, user-friendly portal to encourage participation in energy-saving programmes.
  • Ensure seamless accessibility for administrators, contractors and sellers, enhancing user engagement.
  • Create a platform to streamline loan processes and equipment financing for energy-efficient solutions.
  • Facilitate easy access to financing, encouraging the adoption of energy-saving equipment.
  • Implement robust security measures to protect user data and ensure a safe transaction platform.

Our team conducted a thorough analysis of project requirements, defining features and user roles. Experts formulated a detailed project plan, outlining the portal's architecture, features and user flows. Then we designed an intuitive user interface and developed the portal based on the planned architecture and features.

Digital Platform & Technology

Communication Framework

Effective communication took place through regular meetings, written correspondence and collaborative platforms including project management tools and version control systems such as Git and GitHub to synchronise and manage development processes.


In order to enhance the client's internal team, Computools conducted a meticulous review of its software engineer talent pool. The selection focused on the most seasoned developers with proficiency in tech stack, chosen to expedite the progress of mobile app development.

Solution Architect

Oleg Svet

Oleg Svet
Oleg began to code in middle school, obtained an MBA degree in Computer Science, worked on commercial IT projects in 2011 and worked as mobile developer, start-up, enterprise and full-stack developer. He joined Computools in 2013 as a Co-Founder and, firstly, CTO, then CDO. He’s interested in airsoft, cybernetics, fantasy and MMO computer games.
Oleg Svet

Business Analyst

Nikita Abelmasov

Nikita Abelmasov
Nikita started working on commercial IT projects in 2009, focusing on web development, then switched to management and BA in 2015. He has extensive experience in requirements gathering, start-up and ongoing business solutions consulting, development preparation and organising business processes for a wide range of mixed teams. He is passionate about urban exploration, new technologies, photography and sci-fi universes.
Nikita Abelmasov

UI/UX Designer

Sergei Shmatov

Sergei is competent at creating new design systems and improving existing ones. He is into sports, especially long-distance running.

Project Manager

Oleksandr Novikov

Oleksandr Novikov
Oleksandr is an accomplished project manager with dedicated experience. Outside the professional realm, Oleksandr's insatiable appetite for knowledge drives him to continuously explore development, management and psychology, making him a well-rounded and goal-oriented individual.
Oleksandr Novikov

Computools Engineers

Quality Assurance Engineer

Serhii Nestiurych

Serhii Nestiurych
Serhii demonstrates a keen eye for detail and a rigorous approach to quality assurance. His expertise in systematic testing ensures that software and applications meet the standards before release.
Serhii Nestiurych

Story of a Team Decision

The team had previously worked together on other successful initiatives, which helped build a robust and unified working partnership.


Computools' productivity hinges on a clearly defined development process and seamless exchange of ideas between their in-house engineers and client-side experts. Consistent planning sessions and review meetings foster a seamless collaboration among team members situated in various locations, resulting in exceptional outcomes.

Sprint Retrospective

The team reflected on their recent work, discussing what went well and what could be improved. They used these insights to refine their processes and enhance project performance in subsequent sprints.

Planning Session

The planning session for this project involved the team coming together to define the scope of the upcoming sprint, including prioritising tasks, setting objectives, and allocating resources. This collaborative meeting ensured that everyone clearly understood the project's goals and how to achieve them in the upcoming development cycle.

Sprint Demo

During the sprint demo for this project, the team showcased the work completed during the sprint to stakeholders and clients. This interactive session allowed for feedback, validation and alignment on the progress made, ensuring that the project was on track and meeting expectations.

Communication Flow

The communication flow for this project followed a structured approach, involving regular meetings between Green Energy and Computools’ teams, ensuring updates, progress reports and issue resolution were promptly addressed. Digital collaboration tools and platforms, such as email, video conferencing and project management tools, facilitated efficient communication and coordination among geographically dispersed team members.

Project Management Methodology

Green Energy and Computools chose the Scrum methodology for this project. The selection of Scrum as the methodology was a deliberate choice based on a mutual understanding of the project's requirements. The decision was made after a thorough analysis of the project's goals and the need for a methodology that would enable flexibility, client involvement and regular review of project progress. Scrum's alignment with these requirements made it the logical choice for managing the user-friendly energy-saving programme application portal project effectively.

Project timeline

4 months
8 months
1 months
Consulting & design phase
Engineering phase


  • Defining client objectives and targets
  • Performing a comprehensive risk assessment and developing mitigation strategies
  • Identifying both the strengths and weaknesses of the project

Product DESIGN

  • Crafting a detailed roadmap for the product's development
  • Building prototypes to provide a visual representation of the product concept
  • Carefully selecting the appropriate platform and technology stack
  • Assembling a skilled team of professionals to handle the project
  • Establishing effective internal communication channels to ensure seamless coordination
  • Choosing the most suitable project management methodology tailored to the project's needs

Product Engineering

  • Determining the ideal development environment for the project
  • Organising tasks and establishing clear priorities
  • Designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the product
  • Writing clean and efficient code and configurations to ensure optimal performance
  • Conducting rigorous testing and addressing any identified bugs
  • Ensuring a smooth migration process for seamless implementation


  • Implementing an integration test base and initiating service integration
  • Launching the integration test pipeline to evaluate system functionality
  • Conducting alpha testing to identify and rectify any issues
  • Ensuring compliance with interfaces and core banking interfaces to meet industry standards and expectations


Сomputools undertook the UI design process for the portal by prioritising user-friendliness and clarity tailored to the diverse needs of administrators, contractors, and sellers. The design aimed to optimise user satisfaction and significantly increase user engagement. Additionally, we created a design that reflected the Green Energy brand identity, emphasising its commitment to environmental sustainability. Simultaneously, we produced marketing materials to promote the portal to potential users and investors. Our team also structured the site map to ensure seamless user navigation.

green energy user persona


Creating detailed profiles of typical users

green energy site map


Visualising the website's structure and hierarchy

green energy wireframes


Sketching layouts for web page elements

green energy user interface


Designing the interactive user experience



The production release of the portal was a well-executed process that involved testing, deployment and marketing efforts. The portal received an exceptional response with over 1000 users within its first week, indicating high user adoption. The user-friendly design and streamlined processes contributed to enhanced user engagement.



We understand that post-launch support and continuous improvement are crucial for the success of any solution. Our ongoing support services ensure that our client continues to operate smoothly and evolves to meet changing needs.

We assign a dedicated support team of experienced professionals intimately familiar with the product.

We regularly update and maintain the system to ensure it remains secure, up to date with industry standards and free from vulnerabilities. These updates may include bug fixes, security patches, and performance optimisations.

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