Texas-based cargo delivery B2B marketplace.


Web Development


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The Computools software engineers enabled rapid scaling of the client’s IT department and timely development of the Texas-based cargo and delivery B2B solution. Thanks to this efficient development approach all negotiated goals were achieved and the finished product fully met the requirements.

Several key options we solved:

  • Developed full-functional web applications for delivery services, drivers, and customers.
  • Developed mobile version of the web app.
  • Implemented ergonomic UX/UI design.

+ 130%
"Throughput, Users
+ 51%
Average Order
- 71%
Checkout Time
Increasing Revenue
- 42%
Reducing Costs
Business Process Automation


The client’s business idea was to develop a Texas-wide online marketplace for cargo and delivery services. A Uber-like platform would connect the cargoservice providers and their drivers with local customers. With 300 Texas- based delivery companies, the platform was to cater to at least 3% of themarket.Joining an internationally distributed team, the Computools engineers supported all major stages of the development cycle, from preliminary analysis to implementation and launch. They focused on the Backend development of the web portals for clients and delivery services, as well as the mobile applications for customers and drivers.

Different web and mobile development needs for different parts of the project

Insufficient number of experienced in-house software engineers

Tight development schedule with little time for the internal IT department scaling

B2B cargo and delivery business model suitable for the on-demand economy

Customer-centric application architecture planned for the high satisfaction rate

Different web and mobile applications for delivery services, drivers, and customers

Lucrative Texas-wide shipping scene with direct access to Houston port

Business Process Mapping


The client performed the preliminary Business Process Mapping. Based on the use cases for delivery services, drivers, and customers, the critical functional and non-functional requirements were derived. Computools engineers assisted with developing the final SRS complete with quantitative deliverables.


Computools software engineers joined the distributed team after the internal business process modelling. They relied on the applications’ workflow and features supplied by the client’s in-house business analyst and solutions architect.


Working alongside the in-house engineers, the Computools team developed a detailed project implementation plan. While the client’s IT specialists designed the solution’s large-scale architecture, the Computools engineers were tasked with Backend development for web platforms and mobile applications.

Digital Platform & Technology

Business Analyst
Project Manager
Team Lead
Team Lead
Project Coordinator
Software Engineer
Java + Spring

Java is a standard industry choice for enterprise-level projects due to its reliable and high performance. For a quick and cost-effective Java development, the Computools engineers employed a lightweight and transparent Spring framework. The framework container provides configuration and lifecycle management capabilities, while the JDBC abstraction layer simplifies error handling by offering an exception hierarchy.


To handle the large volumes of raw data generated during cargo and delivery, the Computools team suggested the use of MongoDB. Being a document-oriented database, Mongo provides high data writing speed along with rapid and easy sharding.


Project’s databases were used together with Redis to reduce the load and improve data throughput. Redis is an open-source in-memory data structure store that serves as a high performance memory cache. Good scalability makes Redis a reasonable choice for the new and growing projects.


This open-source SQL database ensures security and provides on-demand scalability for high-volume websites and business-critical systems. High performance and uninterrupted uptime make it a sound solution for the client’s cargo and delivery marketplace online as well as for his mobile platforms.


Working as a part of an international team, the Computools engineers assessed the client’s requirements and the project’s scope to compile a set of system requirements specifications for web portals and mobile applications.

Overview: The system is a B2B marketplace for cargo and delivery services. The platform should help cargo companies or individual drivers find and manage orders throughout their lifecycle.Primary features:1. Customers service area 2. Order status tracking 3. Internal payment module 4. Cargo service search 5. Drivers service area 6. Route plotting 7. Order tracking 8. Rating system


To support the in-house development efforts, Computools screened the talent pool and suggested a team of experienced software engineers. Their technological expertise included Backend Java, MongoDB, MySQL and other, ensuring an efficient mobile and web development.

Business Analyst
Nikita Abelmasov
Team Lead
Oleg Svet
Project Manager
Andrey Melnichenko
Business Development Manager
Denis Dubinskiy
Computools’s Engineering Team
Quality Assurance Engineer
Gleb Kovalenko


The Computools team implemented a well developed communication framework thatsupports successful cooperation with the client- side members of the distributed workforce.Planning sessions, daily meetings, and feedback sessions are the three pillars that uphold seamless cooperation and keep up the development pace.

Daily Meetings
Short and relevant meetings via audio and video conferencing tools ensured that all team members completed their tasks on time and overcame occurring problems without impeding the progress of other engineers.
Planning Sessions
The Computools engineers started every sprint with a planning session to assess the tasks, assign them to individual developers and discuss potentially problematic features. These meetings set a brisk development pace and ensured successful cooperation among the members of the distributed team.
Feedback Sessions
The Computools team fostered transparency through the continuous project delivery and regular feedback sessions. The client could assess and evaluate the progress and introduce new requirements, spurring the developers to increase efficiency and find innovative solutions.

Internal Communication Flow

The Computools engineers employed an established communication framework when supporting the client’s in-house IT department. Email, Skype, and Slack enabled them to uphold a brisk development pace and stay on top of the occuring issues. The team suggested Jira as a go-to task assignment and management platform.

Project Management Methodology

To ensure the continuous integration of the project’s aspects and features, the distributed team implemented a Scrum-based approach. After the initial strategy session, tasks were planned and assigned to individual engineers through Jira. Iterative approach accelerated the development pace and allowed the client to regularly assess the progress and introduce the new requirements when needed.


1 week
2 weeks
4.5 months
First Steps
  • Client's Business Processes Analysis
  • Identifying Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Setting The Goals With The Client
  • Preparing Specification, Tasks & Deadlines
  • Business Process Modelling
  • Technology selection
Project Management and Development Flow
  • Expertise-based Talent Evaluation And Team Forming
  • Establishing Internal Communication Flow
  • Project Management Methodology
  • Development Flow And Methodology Implementation
  • System Requirements’ Analysis
  • Role Assignment
  • Task Assignment
Software Development
  • Software Development
  • Testing & Fixing
  • System Launch
  • Deploy & Delivery


The Computools team implemented a continuous integration and delivery system. Each Jira assignment went through the development, merging, testing, review, and refactoring stages to ensure the system is stable and error-free. A Team lead supervised the critical stages of development before the final code integration and build. This approach enabled the distributed team to achieve predictable outcomes on spec and on time.

Project Manager
Computools’s Engineering Team
Team Lead
Quality Assurance Engineer
Team Lead
Project Coordinator


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