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Dedicated development team corresponding to the stack of technologies and customer requirements




Internet & Direct Marketing Retail

Business size:

Small Business


The result of this cooperation was a full-featured marketing platform that fully complied with the client’s requirements outlined at the outset. The client was completely satisfied with the collaboration with Computools's professional team. The created platform allows easy integration and is suitable for publishers, advertisers, agencies and brands.

Several key options we solved:
  • Implemented responsive widgets.
  • Implemented analytical tools for detailed reports.
  • Support Javascript and major blogging CMS platforms.



  • The final product is divided in lots of services
  • Not all architectural decisions made by the customer were correct
  • Different programming languages was required for each part of the project
  • The final product needs some maintaining


  • A global AdTech project
  • Сovers a large part of marketing networks
  • Offers several unique services
  • Already has a prepared development plan


Native Ads provides advertisers with relevance to the content being viewed or read. It is a marketing platform based in Canada but working with clients from all over the globe. Their main goal is to build a better web by removing disruptive display ads from every website on the planet and replacing them with beautiful and consumable native ads. To achieve it, they aim to supply publishers with powerful tools and responsive widgets.
The client applied for a team of skillful developers to Computools. After negotiations, we were ready to offer them experienced developers and a Project Manager, who coordinated the project from our side. During the whole project, we were in touch with the client's coordinator and reported all the time.

Digital Platform & Technology

The stack of necessary technologies was predetermined by the customer and conditioned by the technical features of the project. Since we worked on a multitasking global platform, it took deep knowledge and experience of work with several programming languages ​​at once

Communication Framework

Open and efficient two-way communication is crucial to the success of a digital transformation project. Following consultation with the client, we agreed upon a clear and unambiguous communication framework with scheduled regular face-to-face and online meetings and regular reports by email.Our communication ecosystem also incorporated a structured documents environment and client access to Computools' internal task managing platform. This made both the general project roadmap as well as specific processes transparent and clear for all parties.


To perform this project, we have developed a specification. We always strive to complete tasks for 100% without budget or time losses, so we carefully monitor the implementation of each task at each stage

Project goal: to build a global marketing platform divided into several independent parts (services). Stages:

1. Making a list of small and large project tasks. 2. Drawing up a plan and distribution of tasks for the project. 3. Preparation of individual parts of the platform. 4. Work on individual services, connecting databases. 5. Development of a prototype of the finished platform. 6. Testing. 7. Elimination of bugs. 8. Approval of the intermediate prototype by the customer. 9. Refinement of the platform to fit all the requirements.


To perform the tasks of this project, we carried out a rigorous selection among our employees. The team was made up of professionals and engineers whose skills are best suited for all tasks. We try to provide our customers with high-quality service, so the development team is always accompanied by a talented and experienced Project Manager


Thanks to a well-established internal communication a productive collaboration between the team members was provided. Each type of meetings, face-to-face brainstorming, video or audio-conferences, helps to achieve the main goal of the project

Dev meeting

Well-coordinated collaboration at all stages of the coding and testing process increases the pace of the development. This works especially well when our software engineers cooperate closely with their client counterparts


To find a really innovative solution, our engineers meet at brainstorming sessions. It stimulates creative activity and each participant has an opportunity to offer as many options as possible, including the most fantastic ones. It helps to hit the necessary ideas and solutions


At the end of each sprint, we conduct team discussions and arrange feedback sessions. By exchanging opinions and emerging ideas, our developers find truly innovative solutions, improving their personal efficiency and the efficiency of the entire team

Internal Communication Flow

The internal communication system always consists of several key elements that ensure stable and uninterrupted work of the entire team. We used Trello for setting tasks and monitoring their implementation, and Skype for solving urgent issues. The Project Manager held conferences and meetings with developers to find out the team’s needs and difficulties while working on the project

Project Management Methodology

Kanban is a process designed to help teams work together more effectively. Kanban offers a systematic approach to identifying opportunities for improving efficiency. Plus, Kanban is a practice, so teams can leverage its principles in their everyday work instead of having to stop what they are doing to focus on a new improvement initiative. Kanban is based on iterative work, or work that is done in small segments so as to reduce the amount of re-work should any changes occur. For this reason, customers of a team practicing Kanban can provide honest feedback and request changes during a particular iteration while preserving the timeline and keeping the budget in check

Project timeline



Defining Scope
  • Working on a prototype scheme

Product DESIGN

  • Developing a strategy
  • Delegating tasks
  • Brainstorming
  • Applying innovative solutions
  • Building a prototype
  • First series of tests

Product Engineering

  • Introducing the prototype to a consumer
  • Discussing the prototype
Testing before launching
  • Series of tests before launching
  • Working on bugs and important issues
  • Launching and implementation of the platform


The customer provided us with a ready-made platform design for refinement. The designers, who were a part of the team, made the audit of the prototype, added the necessary edits and proposed several more innovations that increased the platform's usability for the client

On Client’s Side



The customer conducted thorough marketing research to reveal the need of the target audience, select the necessary functionality and usability of the platform



After complete testing and obtaining approval from the client, we started to transfer the final platform to the servers specified by the customer



The customer did not contact us for compiling training documentation or tutorials for clients. Nevertheless, we are always ready to help with this

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