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Computools’s engineers help to turn your creative ideas into games and gain long term benefits and business returns.

Computools's gaming specialists design and develop online games for all major platforms, graphic-rich games, cross-platform games, 2D & 3D games, VR/AR games, and more, providing users with immersive gaming experiences. By capturing your idea’s essence and uniqueness, and embellishing it with relevant features, Computools helps you gain long term benefits and business returns, such as high user engagement, profit from monetization, and brand awareness. Take a look at Computools’s expertise in Game Development by clicking on the following buttons:

Adventure & Actions Games

An adventure game is a video game where a player passes through different levels or locations in an interactive story, driven by exploration and/or puzzle-solving. An action game usually has physical challenges that highlight hand-eye coordination and reaction time.

Shooter Game Solutions Kit

A shooter is a sub genre of action games. In a shooter, you have a mission or task in which you need to survive during your interactions with NPCs and clear them from a location using weapons. Shooters are separated by types; First Person Shooters, Third Person Shooters, and Stealth Shooters. Some good real-world examples are Counter-Strike Go, Call of Duty, Half-Life, and Sniper.

Get the following mechanics from Computools’s Shooter Game Solutions Kit:

- Shooting (Raycasting, Ballistic, Particles)
- Mechanics of enemy AI (Patrolling, Path find, Close spawn)
- Death (Full body, Custom body, Separate body)


- Different scriptable camera views
- Effects
- Mobile Input
- Hand animation package
- Audio/Volume effects and setup


- VR Ready
- Supported by multiple consoles.

Platformers Game Solutions Kit

In these types of games, usually, a character must jump and climb between suspended platforms while avoiding obstacles. There are a lot of variations concerning the main goal of the game. For instance, it can be an interesting story about collecting cards or coins, finding secret things, etc. Some good real-world examples are Ice Age 3, Madagascar, the Harry Potter series, Shrek, Oddworld, and Mario. General mechanics are; climbing, moving, jumping/multi jumping etc.

Get the following mechanics with Computools’s Platform Game Solutions Kit:

View Type:

- 2D
- 2.5D (for Consoles)
- 3D

Supported platforms:

- Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux)
- Mobile (iOS, Android)
- WebGL (Facebook)


- VR ready

Computools has implemented a complex scriptable animation system ranging from traps to surface-based behaviors. You can fight enemies with more than 20 combinations!

Bad Mojos Case Study:

In Oculus Go, you need to select one of the available game modes and start killing voodoo dolls. The time given to complete levels and your weapons will change automatically based on your score. The game supports VR Rain and works on several VR headsets like Microsoft VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. The game uses Viewz Marketing Inc. to present 3D advertising opportunities for their clients. Bad Mojos also supports Steam VR and Cardboard Support.

Viewz Demo Case Study:

Viewz Demo is a game for 3D banner advertising which can support more than 50 banners at the same time, thanks to the special shader, the inside light effect, and VR support. Now, when playing in the game, your advertisement has a more organic effect for players. The system receives information from every piece of the picture and returns it to the server. This process does not affect gameplay performance and the demo works on Oculus Go.

Somewhere in Darkness Case Study:

This is a 3D game about a Jack-O-Lantern named Jackile. The game is single-player with 10 locations. The main hero, Jackile, wants to become a human and he has a chance to do so this Halloween. Evil Forces are trying to capture peoples' souls during the day and in exchange for Jackile saving everyone and capturing the evil creatures, he’ll get a human body. Somewhere in Darkness supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

Endless Runners

Endless runners or infinite runners are limit controlled action games and in most cases linear in design with no end, without pauses or breaks. There are no stages or the option to change levels. You continuously “run” through the game until an obstacle stops you, the point being to achieve the highest possible score. The addictive nature of Quickplay and simple controls make this type of game easy to use and virtually anyone can pick it up and play.

Runner Game Solutions Kit

This is the type of game that has one continuous level. In Computools’s Runner Solutions Kit, our experts created several infinite runners giving you the opportunity to select a template you like:

- 2D endless runner
- standard 3D endless runner
- upside view 3D endless runner Input for Mobile, Desktop, Web and for VR (Microsoft Mixed Reality, Oculus Go, Guest, Rift)

Everything’s already done for you! All you have to do is describe your design and viewpoint, and with that, we’ll help create something great for you.

Fault Drifter Case Study:

Get a 3D runner with gameplay set in a cave. Your character runs through a set of complex tunnels that are collapsing and along the path there are special crystals you need to collect. Spend crystals on updating your wheelbarrow and shielding you from rocks, monsters and to boost your speed. In the Wheelbarrow Pro version, collect fire crystals and use their energy for even more speed and mushrooms for freezing the monsters that come after you. Fault Drifter is the first runner that considers real light/motion physics in its gameplay. The game can be played on iOS, Android and desktop devices, and is also supported by Cardboard and Microsoft Mixed Reality.

Robot Runner Case Study:

Experience a 3D Endless Runner that brings a very real kind of incentive to gameplay. Robot Runner rewards its users with physical goods and rewards for competing well in live tournaments held on pre-set dates. Users win leadership coins that can be saved up and exchanged for prizes.

Cat the Run Case Study:

Control your character and jump up to collect coins and dodge rockets. Cat the Run is a 10-level runner that utilizes the scroll element. That means your character runs automatically and the objective is to make sure it avoids the rockets while collecting as many coins as possible. It’s available on all mobile devices.

Dino Hat Runner Case Study:

This game is an example of a 2D Endless Runner, the basic version of Dino Runner from Google monetizes ads and is supported on mobile and WebGL. Dino needs to run and avoid touching any of the obstacles. In addition, when a user plans on playing the game, the user can do so while downloading it.

Combat Games

Combat or Fighting games allow you to take part in a range of different types of fighting situations in order to prove your skills as a warrior or general. In these types of games, you will engage in combat within a limited area or space and be offered a number of characters to choose from to create more dynamic playing experiences.

Fighters Game Solutions Kit

Create an intense and memorable fighting game that users love to play. Embed functions for blocking attacks, countering-attacks and linking attacks together called combos.” Using attack combinations that create unique combos are crucial for interesting gameplay. Computools’s Fighter Game Solutions Kit includes a few performance solutions, so you can use the Rule Randomizer system and animation tools for creative attacks. Implement AI to generate physic-realistic fighters, fighting, and more complex scenarios to make gameplay more challenging.

-2D fighter options
-2.5D fighter options
-3D fighter options

Supported platforms:
-Desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux)
-Mobile (iOS, Android)

-VR fighter
-AR fighter

Photo Fighter Case Study:

An animation-based fighter game that allows users to take a photo of themselves or select a photo from an arсhive to use as their fighter. Getting 4 masks knocked off results in the player losing their face and losing the game. In addition to its photo function, Photo Fighter deploys a bot and provides multi-player functionality.

AR Games

AR Game Solutions Kit

Augmented Reality - an experience with virtual interactive applications that are pasted onto objects in real-world environments. Breathe new life into the way gamers experience gaming. You can use AR to increase user positivity and mood toward your application by adding socialization – when users can interact and get rewards or additional features, or a sequence AR game – when a user experiences an interaction via a sequence. Work with Computools to positively affect your marketing and gain a brand new way to introduce users to content.

Tap the Pumpkin Case Study:

This game is based on Vuforia and has a simple, but at the same time, engaging game play.

The rules are simple:

1. Tap on the pumpkins to destroy them. Each time you destroy a pumpkin a new one will take it’s place.
2. Don’t tap on red pumpkins. If you click on a red pumpkin, it’ll explode and a new pumpkin won’t take its place.
3. Avoid destroying all the pumpkins and go for as long as you can.

VR Games

Virtual Reality replaces real-world environments. This type of game is created by taking an artificial three-dimensional (3D) environment and turning it into a computer game. VR environments are created with VR software and are presented to users in a way that often supersedes real-world environments, creating a sensation of disbelief and excitement for users.

Putting a VR headset over your eyes transports you to a virtual world where you can play games, exercise, dance and so much more.

VR Game Solutions Kit

Build a whole new world for your users, and take them to a reality they’ve always dreamed about. With Computools’s VR Games Solutions Kit, get an opportunity to create unique games that offer unique opportunities for monetizing ads. Typically, these games are First Person. You can be a boxer, a Star Wars Jedi with a lightsaber, racer, etc.

Games made with Computools’s VR Game Solutions Kit works on:

- Microsoft Mixed Reality
- Oculus Rift
- Oculus Go
- Oculus Quest
- HTC Vive
- SteamVR

Of course, each company offers its own tech guide and limitations but with Computools’s help, get everything you need from shaders to visual effects. Bring a new type of gaming to your users!

Bird Hunter Case Study:

The desktop version of Bird Hunter is a prototype of a Photorealistic Hunter Game that places users in various hunting environments. Users get the chance to feel what it’s really like to hunt birds out in the wilderness with different types of rifles. Computools created this game by combining powerful graphics (Microsoft Mixed Reality) and virtual reality (Oculus Rift) to give gamers the best in-game experience!

Social Games

A social game is an online type of game that a user plays through their social networks. Social Games are easy to understand and playing them with friends is easy and convenient; choose to play with or against them. These games are often built using published APIs from social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle game - a game where you need to solve a task using your own logic, pattern recognition, and sequence solving. Puzzles can vary in style. For example, you can have unlimited time or infinite attempts to solve a puzzle, or sometimes there might be a time limit, or simpler puzzles may be made more difficult by having to complete them in real-time, as in Tetris.

Big Puzzle Game Solutions Kit

Create new puzzle games and assemble intricate levels with Computools’s solutions kit. Get access to a comprehensive physics workshop with a lot of cool tools; ropes, object snapping, impulse, smoke, portals, grabbing, cutting, etc., for engaging VR and AR games. Don’t think about how to implement puzzle gameplay. To make things easier, Conputools includes pre-set rules for building interesting levels, giving you and your team more time to think creatively while Computools thinks backend.

Super Japanese Crossword Case Study:

In this Japanese crossword game, you get a simple design and a 3D model at your disposal with new and improved difficulty levels! You can use and buy tips throughout 30 levels of the game. In addition, it has features like menu context, holiday themes, and zoom in/zoom out. Enjoy the game!

Sudoku Case Study:

In this 3D Sudoku game, there are several puzzle modes; classic and easy. Train your puzzle skills with sudoku quizzes while at the same time training your brain and having fun. Relax and keep your mind agile with engaging number-based puzzles!

Strategy Games

A strategy game is a complex system that requires planning before playing. The main goal is not just to follow a storyline, it requires an understanding of all the players’ actions and tactics. Almost all strategy games require internal decision tree style thinking, and typically a very good handle on situational awareness.

Strategy Game Solutions Kit

Create a unique strategy game with all the necessary elements already implemented. Computools’s Strategy Solutions Kit is pre-built to allow various system components like alliance, build, economic, tournament, and inventory/menu, which are all important for building an interesting strategy game. Get more for less out of your future game with a solutions kit full of pre-built elements and in-game design. Focus on ideas and objectives, while Computools focusses on how to bring those ideas to life.

King of Earth Case Study:

Explore everything that a great strategy game has to offer. King of Earth is a full clone of King of Avalon but with the best elements of Sultan's War embedded. Trade currency for in-game currency with accurate background calculations and manage everything right from the game's web interface. Make strategy your ally and build the greatest army of all time!

for Kids

Kids games are a category of games that are suited to children between the ages of 0 to 3+. They vary greatly in activity and aim, but are all designed with children’s virtual safety in mind. These games do not support internal purchases or advertising, meaning children can have fun while they explore the world without being distracted or accidentally spending money.

Kids Game Solutions Kit

In this product, Computools includes all the tools that can be passed as “for kids” in the App Store’s Kids category and receives the Parent Green Light in the Play Store’s Family category. Get bright graphics, drag & drop elements, cute effects, and fast level creation. Create any type of game your mind can imagine, however, without monetization or the need for internet. Set standards for volume control, music, special colors, and repeated rhythms for keeping kids in good moods and parents confident that their children are safe.

Led Safari Case Study:

This game shows kids how to use electricity to create light. Kids who play the game need to turn on the LED light by connecting the correct component(s) to the correct wire(s). Just use the drag & drop mechanism to apply some components to the right field and you’ll see step by step what needs to be done for assembling it correctly, such as welding to isolated or naked wires. At the end, you can select your lamp design and share your results. In addition, you have a chance to buy a special toolkit on safari for real-life practice with wires and lights.

Educational Games

Educational games are games explicitly designed for educational purposes, or which have incidental or secondary educational value. They satisfy our fundamental need to learn by providing enjoyment, passionate involvement, structure, motivation, ego gratification, adrenaline, creativity, social interaction and emotion in the game itself as the learning takes place. The results of playing these games are new skills and knowledge.

Education Game Solutions Kit

Get a solutions kit with a mix of gaming and science material. Using gamification in education is a great way to fully engage you students. More often than not, they understand, memorize, and gain more as opposed to when learning the traditional way. A good example is Algebra Tycoon, a game that integrates math (something considered boring by 90% of people) with gaming. Work with Computools to create games that make learning fun and traditionally hard/boring topics easy-to-understand. Include different things like physical water and surface support as well as volume, sound effects, formula builders, drawing tools and much more.

Algebra Tycoon Case Study:

Become a world-famous investor, build companies and create charities that’ll change the world. You'll need to invest your time wisely and of course, use Algebra to help grow your business and philanthropic empires. Learn how Algebra is used across many industries and businesses in this common core-aligned mobile game.

Role-Playing Game (RPG)

A role-playing game (RPG) is a game in which each participant assumes the role of a character (generally in a fantasy or science-fiction setting) that can interact within the game's imaginary world.

RPG Solutions Kit

Build logic-based RPG games with Computools’s RPG Solutions Kit. Get more in less time because this solutions kit comes with pre-constructed architecture for inventory systems, a huge library of scriptable objects, and pre-set but custimizable quests. Use an organized structure to manifest a storyline and create individuality. Focus on creativity, while Computools focusses on making it a reality.

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)

An MMO is an online game that supports a large numbers of players (typically from hundreds all the way to thousands) on the same server simultaneously. MMOs enable players to cooperate and compete with each other on a large scale and interact meaningfully with people from all around the world.

Multiplayer Game Solutions Kit

This is a super scalable server solution for Unity3D with Login and World Servers. The kit supports building a game that has a split architecture system and even supports large web uploads. The Dynamic Quadtree solution splits the game’s world into different levels and sizes based on the settings and the number of live players and Non Player Characters (NPCs).


A simulation is a diverse type of video game, generally designed to closely simulate real-world activities. This type of game attempts to copy various activities from real life in the form of a game for various purposes such as training, analysis, or prediction. Usually, there are no strictly defined goals in the game, the player instead, is allowed to control a character or environment freely.

Simulator Game Solutions Kit

Simulator games are a special type of game for when you wish to feel a uniquely new experience. This is important if you, for example, want to learn how to appear in a new airplane or feel if the trucker's life is for you. In our box, you can find realistic mechanics of fly transport, earth transport, surface simulation and advanced physics simulation.

Racing Games

Racing games – a genre of video games, either in a first-person or third-person perspective, in which the player partakes in a racing competition with any type of land, water, air, or space vehicle. They can be based on anything from real-world racing leagues to entirely fantastical settings.

Race Game Solutions Kit

Give the best racing experience to your users with Computools’s powerful Racing Solutions Kit. If your game involves a circle-based race, you’ll need to have more controls than just drift effects. To create a truly exciting racing game, apply weather conditions from any of the 4 seasons, include effects like skidmarks, car/environmental damage, smoke, GPS navigation, and much more. Cars can be physics-based or arcade-based. The difference is in how the car feels for the user while driving it. Get a ready solution for desktop or mobile devices.

Card & Board Games

These games use digital playing cards, boards, and characters. Digital card and board games offer players a whole new way of looking at games, even the games they’ve already played a hundred times before. The addition of sound and movement add a powerful experience that enhances player appreciation and enjoyment.

Card Game Solutions Kit

Develop the best card games. Computools’s Card Game Solutions Kit’s engine supports several types of gaming formats like 2D card games and 3D card games in 2D view (2.5D like HeartStone). The kits includes epic sounds as well as visual effects and a feature for storing data on user accounts.

Unity3D/Unreal Game Development

Computools provides game software solutions that range from game design to application development.








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