Game Development

Game Development is quite complex direction because in fact that for the production of game content it is necessary to combine the result of the work by different game specialists in the direction. Each type of specialist who involved to game development – masters in their subdirection from main Game Development direction. We can be helpful in 3D runtime design, development of interactive applications, game development, AR and VR applications, native plug-ins and utilities for the Unity3D game engine. If compare native application development, our Lifecycle’s applications are different from the standard ones, which makes it possible to execute Custom architecture faster or help a large web project with some kind of utility or server application that will reduce the load on the server itself.

From the suggestions above, your opinion may be formed that we are limited in platforms, I hasten to assure – NO. Thanks by supporting IL2CPP compiler we can access almost any platform! Be it Desktop, Mobile or Consoles. We agree that each platform has its own individual features or functionality, this why to make full potential of OS’s support – we develop native libraries who called plugins. With the help of these libraries we are setup a link between Unity3D engine and a function of an operating system.

The web development and game development world live very close we can easily initiate a server to execute a command or communicate with the front end user using javascript.
Therefore, if we create another video converter and must show it in any form, whether it be a game or an interactive application, we will easily provide this functionality. We will not even raise the topic about payments and monetization methods – we are able to implement this by default.

If we use Unity3D – not meant what we create only 3D games. In our arsenal we have special 2D optimized classes and render pipeline for quality and small 2D games.

01. Adventure & Actions Games

Adventure game is a video game where player passed level or location an interactive story driven by exploration and puzzle-solving. An action game in usual physical challenges, including hand–eye coordination and reaction-time.

[ Shooter Game Box ]

Shooter it’s subgenre of Action video games. In this game you have a mission or task, you need to survive from NPCs and clean from them location by weapons using. Shooters separates on types: First Person Shooter, 3rd Person Shooter, Stealth Shooter, shooter from 3rd, first, cover, rails controller. Good world's example Counter Strike Go, Call of Duty, Half Life, Sniper type too in this category. In our box you can find mechanics like shooting (3 types: Raycasting, Ballistic, Particles). Enemy AI (patrouling, path find, close spawn), Death (full body, custom body, separate body), Different scriptable camera views, effects, Mobile Input, Hand animation package, volume audio effects setup. VR Ready. Game Consoles Supporting.

Bad Mojos In Oculus go you need to select one of the mode games and start kill voodoo dolls. Based on your score and time levels will be changed automatically. Based on your score will be changed weapons. Support VR Rain. Game work and on different VR headsets like Microsoft VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. This game need for Viewz Ads company for show 3d advertising opportunity for their clients. Support also and SteamVR. Cardboard Support too. Unity3D / C# Monetization: Viewz ads Internal Monetization Timeline: 1.5 months

Viewz Demo: Viewz Demo for 3D Banner Advertising. Support more than 50 banners at the same time. Special shader for inside light effect and VR support. This demo work on Oculus Go. Unity3D / C# Monetization: Oculus Go Facebook Portal. Timeline: 1 month

Somewhere in Darkness

3D Platformer for Desktop (Windows, Mac) and Mobile (iOS, Android) devices. Storyline based. Main target here is kill all enemies, collect eval creatures. Became a human. Unity3D / C# Monetization: iAP and Ads Timeline: 6 months

02. Endless Runners

Endless runners or infinite runners - it’s limit by control action game in most case linear in design with no end, without pauses or breaks for rest and no stages or changing levels

[Runner Box]

It has one continuous level. In our box we create few infinite runners. Our box give to you opportunity select type of runner game - 2d infinite runner, standard 3d endless runner, upside view 3d 3ndless runner. Input for Mobile, Desktop, Web, and also for VR (Microsoft Mixed Reality, Oculus Go, Guest, Rift) - done for you! What you need it’s only describe your design viewpoint and from it practically this project done for you.


Fault Drifter

3D Endless Runner. Main target support realtime light and physics inside wheelbarrow. Desktop (Windows, Mac), Mobile (iOS, Android) and VR (Microsoft Virtual Reality) support. Unity3D / C# Monetization: iAP and Ads

Robot Runner

3D Endless Runner. This is a serious game type - because this runner designed special for reward users by reals physical goods in real life. In special date they create tournaments and users play. With physical goods, they also have leaderboard coins reward. Desktop (Windows, Mac), Mobile (iOS, Android) and VR (Microsoft Virtual Reality) support. Unity3D / C# Monetization: iAP and Ads, Special Tournament Timeline: 1.5 months

Cat the Run

2D Endless Runner with scroll element. You need to collect elements and be live. Support iOS and Android Unity2D / C# Monetization: Ads. Timeline: 3 weeks

Dino Hat Runner

2D Endless Runner. Simple version. Support iOS and Android & Web Unity2D / C# Monetization: UnityAds Timeline: 1 week

03. Combat Games

Combat or Fighting games it's types when you have limited location or area and you have close combat between limited count of characters.

[Fighters Game Box]

In this types of games you will find blocking attack, counter-attacking and chaining attacks toghether - "combos". Some combination of combos attacks will allow to you use spacial attack. In our box you can choose 2D, 2.5D, 3D figher variants. Also our box include few perfomance solutions, so you can use Rule - Randomizer system and animations for attacks or you can use Physics based figther with small parts callback and complex AI who will find a way make your game harder. This game ideal for Consoles, but Mobile and Desktop of course we have. VR version use your hands. AR figher only animation based. Here 90% done of your game!

Photo Figther

Animation based fighter game. Main target of current game - you can make photo or select from arhive photo for your character. When you lose 4 mask you lose your face and you lose game. Game support bot and local multiplayer. Desktop (Windows, Mac), Mobile (iOS, Android) support. Unity3D / C#, uNet Monetization: Payment application Timeline: 3 months

04. AR Games

[AR Game Box]

Augmented Reality - experience in interactive applications paste virtual objects to real-world environment. Your game can breathe in brand new way with AR extend functionality. It's not just separate instance of "Game Application" itself. You can use AR for increase user positive mood to your application if you will add socialization (when few users can interact and get some reward or additional features), sequence AR game (when user have interaction by sequence). This positive reflection will affect on social media marketing because with AR you will have tons of unlimited brand new content with your application. Our box can give you this experience.


Tap the Pumpkin. AR. Vuforia

Project based on Vuforia. If you tap on pumpkin you will desktoy pumpkin with effects. If new pumpkin red you need wait until tap on current pumpkin. If you click on red pumpkin - you will see explode and new pumpkin not will appear in their place. If you will delete all pumpkins - you lose. Unity3D/C#/Vuforia Monetization: Unityads Timeline: 1 week

05. VR Games

Virtual Reality - replacing real-world environment by virtual.

[VR Game Box]

For making this effect real manufacturers use physical headset devices with a lot of sensors on board. Your Input in this way too un-standard in most cases it’s your “hands” joystick. In most cases VR games First Person games. You can be a boxer, Star Wars Jedi with light sword and etc. Rotate around! You in different measurement! In our box implemented Inputs for Microsoft Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift,Oculus Go,Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, SteamVR. Of course each of that platforms have self techguide and limitations. In our box you can find from shaders to visual effects. You VR game will be a beautiful gift for brand new user experience!


Bird Hunter. Desktop VR Support

Bird Hunter Desktop Game. Prototype of Photorealistic Hunter Game. Target for client support for powerful Desktop computers and support on Microsoft Mixed Reality and Oculus Rift. VR not support realistic light and full screen effects but we do it. Desktop (Windows). Unity3D / C# Monetization: Paid Application on Steam Timeline: 6 months

Viewz Demo

Viewz Demo for 3D Banner Advertising. Support more than 50 banners at the same time. Special shader for inside light effect and VR support. This demo work on Oculus Go. Unity3D / C# Monetization: Oculus Go Facebook Portal.

06. Social Games

Social game - is a online type of game that user play throuth social networks.

[Farm Game Box]

In this game you need to do some action for grow or create something. Result of your action you can sell, share with friends and after you can get reward. Reward used for update secure of your farm or factory or for manipulate on production speed. In our box ready full farm game in 3D variant and isometric variant. Our social game box support full integration with Facebook API. So everything what you need - Facebook Canvas Payments or Facebook Gameroom - you are welcome.

Galactic Settlers

The player needs to repair existing buildings and build new ones to ensure the life of the base. The main objective of the game is to develop the base, farm resources to help the Earth and other players. The plot player is constantly tied to communication with other planets, in the future - with other players. Unity3D / C# / PHP/ MySQL Monetization: IAP & AdMob, UnityAds, Ad4Game Ads, Facebook Canvas Payments Timeline: 6 months

07. Puzzle Games

Puzzle games - type when you need solve task use your own logic, pattern recognition, sequence solving.

[Big Puzzle Toolbox]

In our Puzzle Toolbox you can meet ready puzzle systems and from it you can assembly brand new levels and create new game. A big collection of physics workshop - work with rope, object snapping, impulse, smoke, portals, grabbing,cutting. In this toolbox you can assemble the VR puzzle game or AR game. You don’t need to think about how implement puzzle gameplay, we suggest special designed rules who will allow you to implement the interesting levels. Don’t think about how it works - this on our minds.

Super Japanese Crossword

Japanese Crossword Game in 3D. User can use and buy tips. 30 levels. Light support and 2D view. Unity3D / C# / PHP/ MySQL Monetization: IAP & AdMob, UnityAds Timeline: 3 months

Sudoku Sudoku Game in 3D. User can use and buy tips. Different light view support. Levels load from JSon. Unity3D / C# / PHP/ MySQL Monetization: IAP & AdMob Timeline: 3 months

08. Strategy Games

Strategy games - complex system who require planning before playing. Main target it's not just storyline and also understanding of all players actions and tactics.

[Strategy Box]

In out strategy box implemented a lot of systems like combat system, the alliance system, build system, economic system, online tournaments, inventory and menu systems. This enough for assembly interesting strategy game. With this box you will have time to solve balance or new functional system in game. Do game interesting - don’t spend your time on creating bicycle from scratch.


King of Earth

Full clone of King of Avalon but with elements Sultan's War game. Alliances support. Background currency calculating. Balance of game controlled from web server interface. Unity3D / C# , PHP, MySQL Monetization: In-Apps, Ads Timeline: 15 months

09. For Kids

All games with age rating between 0+ to 3+. Designed specially for get maximum virtual security for kids. This games not support internal purchase or advertizing.

[Kids Game Box]

In this box we include all tools what can be passed “for kids” stores category (and get special Parent green light in Play Market). Here we always use bright graphics and have drag & drop big elements, cute effects and fast level creation. Here can be any type of game except using standard monetization, no internet access, cute and not low music control, special colors and repeat rytm for take kids in controlled mood. Parents can be sure what with their kids all will be alright.


Led Safari This game show to kids how use electricity for appear light. Unity3D / C# Monetization: by physical kit Timeline: 1 week

10. Educational Games

Result of playing this games - get new skills or knowlegde.

[Education Toolkit Box]

Education Toolkit it’s mix between game and science material. If you will use gamification in education you will see what your students engage with full energy. They understand, memorize and use more than classic education system. Good example it’s Algebra Tycoon, when boring for 90% of peoples Math will be represented in game with ideas. So students who don’t like Math starting active use their for complete game task. This give algorytm understanding to people who cannot emotionally understand material what for them boring or not have practical use. Here include different things from Physical water and surface supporting with volume sound effects to formula builder and drawing. VR Ready.

Algebra Tycoon

Become a world famous investor, build companies and create charities that will change the world. You will need to invest your time wisely and of course, use Algebra to help grow your business and philanthropic empires. Learn how Algebra is used across many industries and businesses in this common core aligned mobile game.

11. Gamification

Practice of incorporating game elements into non-game application.

[ Corporation Game Toolkit ]

A business tools that continually provides feedback points and rewards to keep employees engaged and to encourage them to optimize their work. We itself a big corporation and we know exactly what gamification internal tools - the most serious thing. Employers really engage in their work process. Also their level of creativity move to the next level. It’s given to us be in leaders on markets. And of course in the modern world this is first what need for every organization or company. VR Ready.


Algebra Tycoon

Become a world famous investor, build companies and create charities that will change the world. You will need to invest your time wisely and of course, use Algebra to help grow your business and philanthropic empires. Learn how Algebra is used across many industries and businesses in this common core aligned mobile game.

12. Role-Playing Game (RPG)

A Role-Playing Game (abbreviated RPG) is a game when players apply the roles of characters in a fictional actions.

[RPG Box]

Our special logical engine for create usual RPG game. A lot of quest and game balance, bottle system, inventory system and etc. Huge library of scriptable objects. Pre-created by level designer main mood focuses. Only what need - storyline and assembly game.

Case: none

13. Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)

Massively Multiplayer Online game - online game with large player count on the same server.

[Multiplayer Box]

Super scalable server solution for Unity3D with Login and World Servers. Split architecture system. Dynamic Quadtree solution which is capable to split the world into different level size based on settings and number of Players and NPCs. Huge web load isn't a problem for our system.

Case: none

14. Simulations

Simulator - a usual game but with realistic control.

[Simulator Box]

Simulator games it's a special type of game, when you need to feel new experience. This is important if you for example want to learn how to appear in air new plane or feel do truckers life it’s for you. In our box you can find realistic mechanics of fly transport, earth transport, surface simulation and advanced physics simulation.

Case: none

15. Racing Games

Racing games - genre of video games when main target win racing competition use different types of vehicles.

[We can win the Race Box]

This box it’s huge implementation automotive physics world in the game. If your game it’s circle based race you need to have different control then drift effects. Our box support all weather of all 4 seasons. Input for Mobile and Desktop different. Our cars can be physics based and also arcade based (when we use formulas for driving, it’s needed when you want to create super unreal sensitive and dynamic car). Traces of tire wheels. Damage. Smoke. GPS navigation is all that can be found in our box.

Case: none

16. Card & Board Games

This games using playing cards in digital variant. Also to card games includes card collections games. Because the virtual world has a lot of opportunities board games represented with visual effects and sound create additional experience.

[Card Box]

Present to you Card Box who will help you implement best card games! Big Cardbox balance engine, few types of game like 2D card game, 3D card game in 2D view (2.5D like HeartStone). This box includes epicness sound and visual effects. All data store on the user account.

Case: none