Computools experts in consulting help healthcare service providers to find a path through technological revolutionary solutions. Healthcare software build by our developers collect patients’ data, analyze it, helps to set diagnosis, treatment recommendations to reduce inefficiencies and costs in healthcare delivery, improve access, increase quality, and make medical services more personalized and precise.

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01Health care equipment & supplies

All the entities that rely on health care equipment and supplies are lying in a separate industry that making a current mankind level of health much better than we had just a few decades ago.
Industry-level supplements and levels mostly defined by hardware capabilities and modern chemistry achievements.

Computools offers wide custom software design and development solutions that help companies to achieve automation for use of medical equipment and selling medical supplements in HIPAA and GDPR compliant way according to the needed country jurisdictions.
In this part, Computools created marketplaces for selling all kinds of drugs and software solutions for maintaining and deliver sensitive healthcare supplies.

We also creating custom firmware for adding a new capabilities to existing hardware solutions so as building new experimental hardware platforms with custom microcode architecture.

02Health care providers & services

A wide range of Health Care services currently maintains equipment end supplies usage and logistics to end-time persons that may need it.
The same situation about delivering medical services provided by a wide range of health care providers.

Industry cluster relies on modern software achievements and a wide marketplace of services for end-time patients.

Some of the provided solutions are multiplatform medical applications for patient treatment or getting personal urgent help or luxury personal medical services.

Computools offers custom implementations of automation order management systems for health care providers, booking services systems for effective interaction with patients as well as integration with third-party services that may raise your business and service quality to a new level for sustain grow.

03Health care technology

Health care technology is defined by the World Health Organization as the "application of organized knowledge and skills” in the form of devices, medicines, vaccines, procedures, and systems developed to solve health problems and achieve possible improvements in quality of lives and living age span.

Most of our experience lays within the creation of new innovative startups including devices, applications, and hardware solutions in healthcare-technology related domains.

Computools providing innovative software solutions for making challenging tasks a reality.
We offer usage of artificial intelligence for making diagnosis predictions by X-ray photography scan sets and a neural network predicting factors.
As also a range of additional reality technologies to show a real-time patient status for a medical team during their work including surgery operations.


Biotechnology is the broad area of biology that solves tasks involving living systems and organisms to develop or make some products or saying strictly: "Any kind of technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific usage”.

Our passion is to deliver next-generation biotechnology solutions for making the world better.

Some Computools projects provide convenient, portable, powerful imaging, patient status, and biological metrics management tools for the client's hands.

The same is true for using a specific combination of hardware and software solutions based on the combination of technology and biology where technology needs to be in a very specific condition.

We also creating automated desired biotechnology environments for a very specific needs of some projects like keeping and overwatching a live culture in specified temperature moisture and light conditions.


The life cycle of medical devices or drugs health pharmaceuticals technology mostly consisting of three main phases: Provision, acquisition, and utilization.

As pharmaceuticals play a key and more than important role in ensuring things go right and as a modern entity for the end-time customers, Pharmaceuticals-related processes meaning that health-related products such as drugs, equipment, medical supplies, and others are available, in the appropriate places and in the needed required quantities.

Good pharmaceuticals practices will not only lead to savings in the acquisition of the future costs, but they also will facilitate most of the downstream activities during the utilization phase, especially maintenance in terms of using the equipment.

As most pharmaceutical-related projects lie on the chemistry-related companies our mission here to deliver powerful automation tools and HIPAA compatible pharmaceutical services and applications.

Computools deliver pharmaceutical-related solutions for business-like cycle management systems and patient treatment applications.

06Life sciences tools & services

The life science tools and services industry includes companies and services that develop and using all kinds of technologies, instrumentary, tests that enable scientific and medical progress.
Life sciences tools & services work through research, development of new medical goods, diagnostic testing and lots of results analysis.

Some close to the industry samples are tracking alarm RFID based system for old people for hospitals or a healthy smart house solutions.

Computools providing services for digital and hardware solutions for making innovative scientific tools for new scientific approaches, researching and measuring as for the life environment interactions.



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