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Social Networks Software Development

Use advanced social aspects in your products to engage more customers and increase activity, and free advertisements with a social discussion aspect for your business

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The solutions we create for businesses provide the following benefits:

Discover what expertise in the field of Social Networks Computools has to offer:

Social Networks Software Development

Educational Platforms

The education industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Today, competitive educational software or application also involves a social aspect. Students and teachers can interact with each other outside of class, joined by a community where they can communicate, share knowledge, and motivate each other, for example, through messaging, forums, threads, chat rooms, and user-driven Content Management System. Computools creates user-friendly solutions that are easy to customize according to customer needs.

Modern solutions make learning easy in a meta-space with online teachers, communicating and sharing experiences and knowledge, and receiving feedback.

Social Networks Software Development


Multimedia solutions make a website more functional and attractive to the user. For example, Computools develops interactive designs that engage more organic users and traffic from search engines.

Social Networks Software Development

B2C Platforms

We create business offers operating in different domains. For example, with social networking solutions, we can attract a target audience consisting of real, unique users and redirect them to clients' corporate platforms.

Customer-focused companies strive to maintain a long-lasting relationship with each of their customers. Business-to-consumer solutions are designed to build and streamline interactions between both parties. Computools customizes many services in this segment, such as Chats, SMM, Customer Support, etc. These tools provide 24/7 personalized service without hiring additional staff.

Social Networks Software Development

Video-based Solutions

Video-based solutions are an important part of the social media universe, providing tremendous opportunities to engage audiences through video. In addition, video is a robust sales and marketing tool that provides information on how to use a product or service and demonstrates its capabilities. Computools uses video-based solutions to create stand-alone advertising but also integrates into other marketing campaigns and customer service strategies. These solutions are among the most popular, for example, YouTube, Tik Tok, etc.

Social Networks Software Development

Enterprise Social Aspects Integration

Computools integrates corporate social aspects into existing systems in a variety of ways. For example, the team can incorporate the used system and the chosen social platform. It will allow employees to use the same tools they are already familiar with within their existing infrastructure while providing easy access to information that may be relevant to their work.

Social Networks Software Development

Social E-Commerce Solutions

Computools solutions collect helpful information from social networks. This data can be integrated with data on sales, user experience, customer journey, etc. As a result, clients' businesses gain more comprehensive information about the market, target audience, and customers; this way, clients can get a solid base for business strategies and business decisions.

Consumers enjoy using social media to share experiences and impressions. With such leverage, brands can improve customer loyalty and have more influence on the buying decision process.

You can sell online through social media with a social e-commerce solution. Computools develops tools to increase sales, engage users and new loyal customers, and raise brand awareness.

Social Networks Software Development

Dating Platforms

Social solutions are essential to building an online dating site and app. They can help manage a user database, promote their accounts or profiles, and allow them to interact with the product or each other. Moreover, the Computools team assists people in finding each other and getting closer across distances. The company's designers and engineers help create an amazing User Experience.

Social Networks Software Development

Custom Social Network

Computools creates customizable, scalable products with full social media functionality according to the client's plans. It enables client companies to fully harness the power of communities and engage users for different business needs.

Social networks are often used for marketing, advertising, customer service, etc. They can also be used for internal communications within an organization. In addition, social networks can be launched to attract attention, as a bonus to the product, create a community around it; monetize it; gather a user base, etc. However, what matters most in a social network is how well it guesses the audience's desires and how it expands and attracts users.

Social Networks Software Development

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