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03. Dedicated Delivery Teams

Scale, leverage, and benefit from an on-demand workforce

Expand your development capabilities by partnering with Computools's full-cycle remote teams to ensure project stability and rapid scalability.

Dedicated Delivery Teams

Create the team

When setting up project teams, Computools takes into account the necessary technology level needed from engineers. This technology background and expertise in particular domains will benefit both your project and business. We can put together a full-fledged team with business analysts, project managers, designers, engineers with different technologies, that you'll be able to have full control over.

Dedicated Delivery Teams

Expand your team

If you need specialists to expand your current team, Computools is here to help. We have experienced specialists that can join your team at any given moment. We keep specialists on call with wide expertise in different technologies to meet your team expansion requests, regardless of technology or business domain where we have experience.

Dedicated Delivery Teams

Add new expertise

Computools's teams of experts have a high level of competence in solving problems of varying complexity. Our engineers provide additional value to your project by providing specialized services for Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Big Data development, and more. In addition, we offer domain expertise in the Retail, Healthcare, Finance, and Consumer Services industries.

Dedicated Delivery Teams


If you want to expand your current team but can't find the specialists you need from Computools's bench, we're ready and able to recruit them. With our recruiting process, a Senior Developer can de be recruited in 30 days or less. Candidates are selected by particular expertise that matches your project and requirements.

Dedicated Delivery Teams

CTO as a Service

Expand your team’s technology capabilities with the help of Computools’s CTO. Having access to a seasoned CTO allows you to get faster, higher-quality development performance in addition to confident decision making.

Computools’s Engineers and Talent Pool

Here at Computools we pay great attention to the professional development of each specialist and contribute to additional education and certification. Significant growth and the development of our engineers' skills occur in parallel with the complex projects we develop

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information? We've gathered the most frequently asked questions about our dedicated delivery teams

How long does it take for you to recruit a specialist?

It takes 30 days at most for us to hire a senior specialist. The time to recruit depends on the experience level of specialists. Recruitment of a middle-level specialist usually takes 15-20 days, while a junior one - up to 5 days.

What is your employee turnover rate?

We have fairly low turnover rate: it was 9,04% from the total number of staff in the first half of 2021.

What`s our region? How and where do we hire?

Our key criterion for choosing the region is the availability of technical universities in it. We are looking for engineers in technology countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, and business analysts in such countries as the USA, Great Britain, and Germany. After the hiring process, we upgrade their qualification with the emphasis on the expertise of our company and internal trainings.

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