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As a Business Owner, who is involved in daily operations, you want to delegate more of the operational activity while retaining control of the high-level data. Disparate systems or spreadsheets are no longer a solution, and you have a vision of a unique IT system or a set of dashboards that will allow you to retain control of the operations while providing you with the data necessary for strategic growth planning.
As an Entrepreneur coming from an industry background, you have a vision of a technology solution that will resolve the issues that your industry has been struggling with for many years. Leadership in technology requires not only managing current challenges, but also building an outstanding team capable of executing strategic initiatives, taking the business to the next level.
As a Head of Delivery, you are looking after the portfolio of projects and services and want to make sure you can rely on availability of qualified engineers to fulfill client demand. You want to be able to bridge the gap in skills availability before it starts impacting current projects or affects your ability to take on new work.
As a Chief Technology Officer, you want to be able to scale the expertise of your agency at a short notice when it comes to signing a new client or building an MVP or a demo that will lead to a long-term cooperation with a potential client.
As a Head of IT, you have been in discussions with the business about its operational challenges and are looking for an off-the-shelf solution to address them, yet none of the shortlisted products quite fit. A comprehensive understanding of your users’ needs, however, means you are very clear of what solution the business needs to meet its unique goals.
As a Head of Talent, you want to be able to meet the talent requirements of the business by working with reliable long-term partners. You would like to engage with the partners capable of building good working relationships with your in-house talent, strengthening your delivery capabilities.


Similarly to a popular “digital natives” concept, we call ourselves “Agile natives”: the careers of our colleagues developed along with the proliferation and maturity of Agile delivery practices. This is why, from conception to execution, we assemble the team that suits your platform and product development needs. In line with the agile principles, the team composition and the skill set represented by the team is flexible to adapt to the evolving priorities of your business. Here's how we bring your vision to life:

Dedicated Delivery Teams

Solution Delivery Team

We take responsibility for the development, integration and implementation of your solution. After a thorough analysis of your options, and the business case, we jointly agree on the transformation strategy and deliver the technological and operational changes on the basis of the agreed solution.

Agile Development Squad

We assemble a team of experienced professionals covering all aspects of your platform or product development, from architects and developers to UX/UI designers and project managers. These teams work alongside your business and technology professionals, on a managed service basis, helping deliver on your innovation plans faster.

Flexible Team Extension

We offer flexible extension of your technology teams. The colleagues are all highly skilled and are “native” in Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban. They work collaboratively in line with your technical and process guidance, ensuring continuous improvement and rapid delivery.

IT Staff Augmentation

We provide on-demand placements of skilled professionals to fill specific gaps in your teams on a permanent or flexible basis.


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