A digital company based in the USA that provides solutions enhancing user experience and brand development. Learn how Computools developed and enhanced features for an e-commerce platform.


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Medium and Large Enterprises

Problem and Solution Summary

The client faced several significant challenges in their e-commerce development project. One of the main difficulties was the limited time for processing large data volumes, coupled with a lack of testing and clear documentation. These factors significantly hindered the development and implementation of new features and the improvement of the existing framework.

Computools developers proposed a comprehensive solution, incorporating the implementation of innovative data processing methods, enhancement of functionality, and rectification of technical shortcomings. Leveraging the Python programming language and the Django framework, along with their expertise in digital transformation, the Computools team closely collaborated with the LineSale team. This successfully completed the ongoing project and initiated the development of two new websites from scratch, introducing new features and improving existing ones. Thus, the developers not only addressed the challenges faced by the client but also significantly improved their business metrics, achieving impressive growth in key areas.

About the Client

The client is a US-based digital company specialising in providing solutions to improve user experience and brand development. The company's core business is e-commerce. LineSale stands out for its approach, treating itself as a natural extension of its clients' teams. The company creates modern, high quality, fully functional websites focused on maximising brand growth and profitability.


During the collaboration, one site previously started by another team was fully developed and completed; two more sites were developed from scratch by the new team. Computools experts also implemented new functions and fixed the old ones in the client's framework. Thanks to close cooperation, LineSale enhanced its services, attracted more clients and achieved all its goals.

Several key issues we solved:
  • Assisted in developing and implementing new features.
  • Applied crucial fixes to enhance the client’s services.
  • Assisted in developing reliable solutions for mobile versions of the customer’s websites.

Business challenge


  • Limited time for processing large data volumes
  • Lack of tests
  • Tight project schedule
  • Lack of proper documentation


  • Availability of frameworks for most of the typical tasks
  • Quick response for technical requests
  • High task and decision acceptance rate
  • Existing large client base

Business challenge

Project Completion Details and Current Arrangements

The project completion involved meticulous coordination between LineSale and Computools. The arrangement included regular update meetings, transparent communication through platforms like Skype and Jira, and open access to Computools' internal task-setting system. This collaborative approach facilitated a smooth transition to the operational phase, with ongoing support and adaptability to evolving requirements.

Business challenge

Why Computools?

Computools was chosen for its proven track record in digital transformation and e-commerce development. The decision was driven by Computools' expertise in Python and Django, transparent communication methods, and a commitment to agile project management methodologies. The ability to quickly find suitable solutions within a tight schedule and a robust internal communication flow made Computools the ideal partner for LineSale to achieve its ambitious goals.

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When LineSale set out to choose a contractor for their project, they took a pragmatic and meticulous approach. Faced with the challenge of finding the right partner for their digital transformation and e-commerce goals, LineSale evaluated multiple options. Each contender was scrutinised based on criteria like technical expertise, project delivery history and adherence to efficient methodologies.

In the end, Computools stood out as the ideal choice. The decision was not just about technical capabilities but a shared vision. Computools demonstrated a quick grasp of LineSale's unique needs, a commitment to timely delivery, and a proactive problem-solving attitude. Transparent communication channels, including tools like Skype and Jira, were crucial in building a solid working relationship.

Project Description

LineSale sets the standards in the digital space. Their interface is designed to be ultra-user-friendly, with an exhaustive list of features to ensure maximum growth and profitability for the brand. It allows users to craft, modify and organise information for a fully functional and responsive system guaranteed to set any brand apart. The company also offers reliable solutions for mobile versions of the client’s website. The project aimed to expand and advance the company’s business by engaging an additional team of developers and engineers. To finish the project on the target date, LineSale entrusted the project's development to the Computools team. In a rewarding partnership with the company’s leaders, the task was completed on time, achieving the client’s goals.

The primary objective was to revolutionise existing frameworks, positioning LineSale for heightened competitiveness in the dynamic digital landscape. This collaboration resulted in the successful development and implementation of three websites. Computools addressed previous limitations, introducing new, innovative features that propelled LineSale's metrics to new heights: a remarkable increase in user throughput, a rise in average order value and a boost in overall revenue.

The goal was to set new standards in the digital space, offering advanced features and functionalities that would redefine user experiences. A detailed specification, collaboratively developed, provided a clear roadmap and understanding of project requirements.

The development process, led by Vitaliy Kononenko, involved the examination of client-provided frameworks, followed by a collaborative solution search. Web page development using Python and Django ensured robust, scalable solutions that met LineSale's goals.

Digital Platform & Technology

To build a state-of-the-art platform, we carefully chose a set of technologies with exceptional performance and security characteristics. Our chosen technologies were also highly efficient regarding the total cost of ownership and support.

Communication Framework

Work on the digital transformation project involved the creation of a transparent and convenient for all participants. In close cooperation with the customer, we chose several communication methods and defined a schedule of personal meetings and discussions on the project. In addition, providing open access to Computools’ internal system of setting tasks allowed the consumer and the company's Team Leads to manage and control the project at each stage.


The composition of this particular team was a strategic grouping of seasoned professionals with a collective wealth of experience in crafting solutions within the same industry.

Team Lead

Vitaliy Kononenko

Vitaliy Kononenko
Vitaliy, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Computools, is a dedicated and enthusiastic professional in the technology industry. With over six years of experience, he has held key roles such as Full-stack Developer and Head of Technology. Vitaliy's passion for learning and staying up to date with cutting-edge technologies defines his approach to life. He is always striving to become a better developer, sharing knowledge and offering support to his peers.
Vitaliy Kononenko

Business Analyst

Kate Vodolazkina

Kate is a business analyst at Computools with many years of experience in the field. She is passionate about working with clients to understand their needs and develop solutions that meet them. Kate has a strong understanding of business processes and is skilled at identifying and analysing requirements. She is also an effective communicator and can bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders. Outside work, Kate enjoys reading, spending time with her family and travelling.

Project Manager

Andrey Melnichenko

Andrey started working in IT in 2003, focusing on C and C++ development, switching to Java in 2007. He is recognised for extensive expertise in application servers, software development life cycle and database architecture. He enjoys pop music, as well as political and Java ecosystem podcasts.

Quality Assurance Engineer

Mariia Hrekova

With over 5 years of experience, Mariia expertly monitors every phase of the software development process to secure product quality and standards. She enjoys dancing and travelling.

Computools’ Engineering Team

Story of a Team Decision

The decision to form this team was rooted in recognising the importance of domain expertise. Team members had successfully navigated challenges in previous projects related to digital transformation services and e-commerce development, making them well-versed in the nuances and demands of the field.


Close communication is one of the most important things for a successful collaboration with the client. The Team Lead built a convenient, transparent and clear communication system that allowed all the project participants to be in touch with each other and stay up to date.

Sprint Retrospective

In an engaging reflection session, the team reviews the sprint, identifies what went well and areas for improvement, and fosters continuous enhancement in project efficiency.

Planning Session

A strategic gathering to outline tasks, set priorities, and allocate resources, ensuring a cohesive roadmap for the upcoming sprint.

Sprint Demo

This showcases the work accomplished to stakeholders, providing a transparent overview of the sprint's achievements and progress toward project goals.

Communication Flow

For internal communication, the developers used Skype and Trello. Thanks to well-organised communication, the project was completed on time.

Project Management Methodology

As we had a tight project schedule, the Computools Team Lead decided on Agile and Scrum as management methodologies. Each of them brought some benefits and advantages to the project. Agile assists teams in responding to the unpredictability of constructing software. It uses incremental, iterative work sequences that are commonly known as sprints. The Scrum model suggests that projects progress via a series of sprints. Scrum methodology advocates a planning meeting at the start of the sprint, where the team members decide how many items they can commit to and then create a sprint backlog – a list of the tasks to perform during the sprint. During an agile Scrum sprint, the team takes a small set of features from an idea to a coded and tested functionality. In close collaboration with the client’s team of developers, this methodology allowed each team member to take care of their own part of the work and stay in touch with each other.

Project timeline

3 months
12 months
1 week
Consulting & design phase
Engineering phase


  • Defining scope and goals with the client
  • Analysing client's business processes
  • Specifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Setting goals and objectives collaboratively

Product DESIGN

  • Planning project development
  • Deriving specifications, tasks and deadlines
  • Beginning the creation of web pages based on Django
  • Forming a project team
  • Establishing internal communication flow
  • Selecting project management methodology

Product Engineering

  • Implementing web page functionality
  • Slicing web pages by front-end developers
  • Filling pages with information from the backend
  • Writing additional API functions
  • Connecting pages to the administrative panel


  • Conducting pilot testing
  • Monitoring and evaluating user feedback
  • Fine-tuning and making necessary adjustments
  • Deploying and releasing fully to the market
  • Tracking and analysing key performance indicators
  • Ensuring a smooth transition to the operational phase


The company's designers had already worked together on similar products, so they approached the process with a deep understanding of the issues at hand.



Crafted profiles embodying LineSale's target audience characteristics and preferences


Visual representation outlining the hierarchical structure and navigation of LineSale's website


Blueprints illustrating the skeletal framework of LineSale's web pages before visual design


Graphical layout translating LineSale's brand into an interactive, user-friendly online experience


The Computools team ensured a smooth rollout, overseeing all aspects from testing to pilot launch and feedback from end-users. Impressive results were achieved in the first week of the release, with outstanding metrics in product utilisation. New features implemented in collaboration with LineSale led to a 112% increase in user throughput, and the average order value grew by 57%. The 63% reduction in checkout time and a 67% increase in revenue were noticeable outcomes of a successful release.


Computools continues to provide comprehensive support to LineSale after the completion of the project. This includes regular updates, adaptation to changing market needs and technological requirements. The development and engineering team maintain close collaboration with the LineSale team. This involves updates based on user feedback and regular meetings to discuss additional needs.

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