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Business Intelligence Services

Systematize your business. Take control of your business. Make it transparent and predict its growth

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Computools will create оr update your business intelligence system to get more operational success:


The key goal of our methodology is the growth of the most important business metric – profit. Therefore, all business analysis and further actions are focused on business growth through systematisation.

Business Intelligence Services

01. Determine key success factors (ksf)

Computools will help you and your TOP management team better determine and understand your business’s foremost goals. Based on these key points, we’ll create key success factors for your business. This process is the first step to the systematisation of your business activities on a TOP management level.

Knowing and measuring the right KSF allows you to achieve your desired result quicker: Revenue, EBITDAR, ROI, etc. By analyzing your current capabilities and business goals through KSF, you’ll uncover all bottlenecks in your business, making it easier to create the most suitable solution and strategic roadmap for business growth.

The next step after determining KSF is the automation of data collection in real time.

Business Intelligence Services

02. Automate Data Collection

Manually collecting large amounts of data can lead to errors and inaccuracies. Automated data collection helps reduce the risk of human error and saves time. Get insight into what's going on in your business in real time and use the information to make more informed decisions.

Computools implements comprehensive automated data collection and processing systems to streamline data input, eliminate manual processes, and increase turnaround time.

The automated data collection system that Computools would make for you is tailored to your business model and organizational infrastructure, bringing more value to you no matter what industry you’re in, be it retail, customer service, finance, healthcare, or manufacturing.

Business Intelligence Services

03. visualize business data

User experience (UX) in Data Visualisation is one of the most important things after determining KSF and automating Data Collection. Great UX with your Business Data will help you understand what’s happening organizationally in one click. Analyze data to make better decisions.

Computools creates and deploys powerful tools for organizing large amounts of data into easy-to-understand reports.

Business Intelligence Services

04. create data warnings

A Data Warnings System will give you the possibility to feel relaxed as the system will be trained to respond to changes in a variety of datasets, alerting you and your team immediately.

Computools will create a powerful analytical tool that helps proactively respond to changes in business data by showing warnings and sending notifications.

Business Intelligence Services

05. forecast the future

AI-based data analytics can help you analyze data, guide business decisions, and minimize financial losses in a convenient way.

It’s most valuable in situations where difficult decisions need to be made, or when there’s a need for predictive functionality or an accurate assessment of various alternatives.

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