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With extensive experience in the healthcare website development, Computools successfully coped with the tasks and contributed to the implementation of the client's business goals. The finished product allowed the client to increase profits, expand the customer base, and increase the loyalty of the existing ones. Thanks to the successful collaboration, a cost-effective healthcare solution has been developed.

Several key options we solved:

  • The ability to enter patient data and make an appointment in a few clicks.
  • Implemented a structured listing system for optimized data visualization.
  • Implemented calendar for the day, week, months for all doctors.

Throughput, Users
Average Order
Increasing Productivity
Increasing Revenue
Reducing Costs
Business Process Automation


Optimizing the work of hospital staff and digitizing internal processes allows healthcare professionals to focus on urgent and other ongoing tasks that require their attention. The client turned to Computools with the idea of ​​creating an application for hospital staff that helps them control appointments and store patients’ personal information. The implementation of the concept required specialists in healthcare website design.

During the discussion of the project, Computools's team found out the main functions of the future application that need to be embedded in. The developed website is for internal use in hospitals for secretaries, medicine students, and therapists. A user can input information about patients, make appointments. The website has a calendar for the day, week, months for all doctors, different lists such as a list of patients, appointments, attachments, insurance.

The client often provided incomplete documentation out of time

Good idea that can be used on a national level

Uncovered yet, but a rapidly growing business sector of such services over Norway

Communication Framework

Business Analyst
Project Manager
Team Lead
Medicare Assistance

To communicate with the client, we always build a convenient communication system that takes into account the features of cooperation and is suitable for all participants. To make the work on providing website development services productive, Microsoft Teams was chosen as a way of communication for conferences, discussions, and quick decision-making. To exchange information, an email was used.

Business Process Mapping


Work on a project always starts with setting goals and objectives. The main expectations and visions for the finished product are identified too. Next, we begin data collection and analysis. The target audience, its needs are revealed. Competitors are also carefully studied, existing solutions are determined, and their analysis is carried out. At this stage, the main possible barriers and risks are defined and solutions for them is selected.


This phase includes building a high-level architecture, writing a project specification, and creating an interactive prototype. Prototyping allows to study the functions of the finished pages, discuss their convenience, add new ones or remove unnecessary ones. Moreover, a clickable prototype of web pages contains elements of future design.


Development begins with building a team. We conduct a careful selection of the necessary specialists, based on their skills and experience in such projects. After the formation of the team, an intro meeting is held and tasks are distributed. Depending on the chosen methodology, the deadlines for completing tasks, checks, and testing are set. Upon completion of the project, a full application test is carried out, updates are added, and the necessary edits are made.

Digital Platform & Technology

The stack of necessary technologies was conditioned by the technical features of the project. Since we worked on a multitasking platform, it took deep knowledge and experience of work with several programming languages ​​at once.

Business Analyst
Project Manager
Team Lead
Medicare Assistance

PHP is a server-side scripting language. It creates dynamic pages with customized features. Since PHP does not use a lot of a system's resources in order to run, it operates much faster than other scripting languages. Hosting PHP is also very easy, and a lot of hosts provide support for PHP. Also, PHP is extendible. A large number of databases are supported.

Yii 2.0 Framework

Yii offers quite a few tools to automate many of the repetitive tasks in projects. This allows developers to focus their time and attention on core business requirements and business logic. Caching is a very effective way to improve the performance of a web application. It helps in reducing the response time and improves the speed and performance of the web application. Yii allows easy integration of a cache application component. Yii offers a number of security mechanisms such as XSS, Cross Site Scripting, and also CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) prevention.


MySQL is a free-to-use, open-source database that facilitates the effective management of databases by connecting them to the software. MySQL is globally renowned for being the most secure and reliable database management system used in popular web applications. It offers unmatched scalability to facilitate the management of deeply embedded apps using a smaller footprint, even in massive warehouses that stack terabytes of data. On-demand flexibility is the star feature of MySQL.


It is a JavaScript library that aids in standardizing and simplifying interactions between HTML elements and JavaScript code. jQuery was used because of its simplicity and ease of use. One of the characteristic benefits of using jQuery is the fact that it deals with many cross-browser issues and bugs. jQuery makes use of powerful, clean, and simple syntax that makes it easier to pick the DOM elements on the webpage that developers want to change with JavaScript and enable to chain effects and actions together for valid code.


Bootstrap is an open-source Javascript framework. Bootstrap is a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions.


AngularJS is an open-source framework that addresses the challenges of web development processes, it is a framework for web apps. It is also one of the most powerful front-end frameworks. Angular framework allows the use of HTML as the template language and enables the extension of HTML’s syntax to express the application’s components in a concise and clear manner.

System architecture


The project specification allows to avoid errors on the project and captures the actions that must be performed during the development process. The basic algorithm of actions was created at the healthcare app design stage.

Goal - make an appointment for a patient.
Precondition Select the therapist or therapists.
See the calendar of the therapist.

Main Flow Select a time slot of the therapist.
Select a patient.
Fill in details.
Select the payment method.

Postconditions The appointment is created.
See an appointment in the therapist’s calendar.


To perform the tasks of this project, we carried out a rigorous selection among our employees. The team was made up of professionals and engineers whose skills are best suited for all tasks. We try to provide our customers with high-quality service, so a talented and experienced Project Manager always accompanies the development team.

Business Analyst
Nikita Abelmasov
Project Manager
Viktoriia Ruban
Team Lead
Evgeniy Martynov
Liliia Abramenko
Alexey Kolomoets
Andrey Petrenko
Quality Assurance Engineer
Gleb Kovalenko


The development process at Computools is creative and innovative. Even with the use of ready-made or well-known solutions, the creation of the website for therapists may require additional ideas and their implementation.

Dev meetings
Developer's meetings serve two purposes at once. Firstly, it is the interaction of team members, which allows it to rally and work more harmoniously. Secondly, it helps to detect errors in the code, find a solution, or share experiences with other developers.
Team Brainstorming
The brainstorming sessions help Computools’s engineers to find a really innovative solution. The company uses the latest technology for brainstorming, sharing experiences and ideas. Thanks to this, teams are so useful and efficient.
After finishing a large part of the work, we conduct team discussions and arrange feedback sessions. Thanks to exchanging opinions and emerging ideas, Computools’s developers find genuinely innovative solutions, improving their personal efficiency and the efficiency of the entire team.

Internal Communication Flow

Internal communication on the project of website design and development is built in two directions. The project manager chooses a convenient system for distributing and monitoring tasks, as well as messengers and communication methods for video and audio conferences, solving urgent and current issues. For this project, Azure and Skype were chosen as the main methods of communication and project management.

Project Management Methodology

Since the work on the project was carried out in a short time, the Kanban methodology was chosen. This saves time on developing websites for hospital management and improves the efficiency of the entire team.

Kanban gives the flexibility to build sustainable competitive advantage and empower the team to accomplish more and faster. Every project has a backlog of tasks to get through, and a series of processes states that a task must pass through before it is delivered. Using the Kanban board, everyone can instantly see how tasks are moving through the process. The simplicity of its visual presentation enables PM to easily spot bottlenecks while they are forming.

The most obvious benefit of using Kanban is improved flow efficiency that happens shortly after the method is implemented into the project. Visualizing your process will highlight areas of inefficiency very quickly. The next Kanban benefit, which is increased productivity. Kanban benefits team productivity by shifting the focus from starting work to finishing work.


1 week
2 weeks
12 months
Defining goals
  • Identifying high-level project goals
Analysis & Exploration
  • Researching and analyzing the existing and ready-made solutions
  • Defining main restrictions and providing solutions for them
  • Identifying the main risks
High-Level Architecture
  • Selecting basic architectural patterns and tools
  • Forming an application stack, work processes with VCS
  • Forming the main development guidelines
Interactive prototypes & Specification
  • Development of a prototype in parallel with specification
  • Choosing Project Management Methodology
Build Development Process
  • Calculating the number of project teams
  • Configuring the technological processes and interactions between roles
Build The Team
  • Making the initial scope based on the specification and estimate, calculating the optimal number of specialists for each role
  • Adding executors to the team's core
  • Conducting an intro meeting
  • Development of a road map, dividing the development process into parts
  • Implementation of the first series of solutions
  • Implementation of developed elements of the platform
Testing & Stabilization
  • Developing a testing plan
  • UI & Unit testing
  • Applying improvements
  • Code stabilization/refactoring, increasing system stability, reducing the probability of bug emergency


The development of the web application solution was carried out in parts in accordance with the chosen methodology. At each stage, checks were carried out on our side. Testing took place in several stages: internal Computool's tests by developers and PM. After applying the edits, additional testing and refinement of the code were carried out.


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