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Software Architecture Services

Plan and develop reliable software solutions by creating robust architecture at the initial stages

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Computools' Architects use ready-made components that can be integrated into your product, best practices, accelerators, and experience in custom architecture to create architecture that meets your product's goals.

Software Architecture Services

01. Software architecture planning

Computools’ technology specialists consult and help companies plan and develop optimal software architecture to meet future product's goals.

Our expertise spans creating a development approach and key development stack based on business goals and technology solutions.

As a stage of software architecture development, Computools’ team analyzes ready-made solutions on the market, chooses cost-effective yet optimal architectural patterns, creates a development approach, and defines a vital development stack based on business goals and product type. As a result, this allows work to be done with maximum efficiency at scale quicker.

Computools’ services have helped many companies minimize errors, improve the quality of their products, set clear functional and non-functional requirements, eliminate potential difficulties during and after development, ensure product scalability, build qualified teams, and implement clean code approaches.

Software Architecture Services

02. Development process consulting and assistance

As part of Computools’ consultation services, our tech team can assist you at any application development phase, structure your development approach, and share our domain knowledge.

To build a precise development stack, Computools considers such steps as the reliability of tools and solutions, goals and costs of the required infrastructure, speed/quality ratio, restrictions, and product capabilities.

Computools’ consulting services and assistance in development will help you:
  • Define a technological stack and conclude specification for a product that elaborates all user stories
  • Calculate the optimal number of specialists based on the set requirements
  • Set optimal development phase and framework management
  • Audit current project, team, and development capabilities
  • Conduct code review; identify potential bugs and security issues with the help of end-to-end, manual, and automatic testing
  • Plan future product capabilities



Software Architecture Services


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