An MVP for a cryptocurrency project

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Our client needed an MVP for a cryptocurrency exchange. We created 4 demo projects with CopyTrader features and direct cryptocurrency exchange.


Cryptotrade, a global leader in crypto trading with over 7 million registered users, specialises in offering innovative trading and investment instruments. With a history of providing secure transactions, payments and regulations by top European authorities, Cryptotrade has become a trusted name in the financial services industry. The client’s recent venture aimed to establish a cryptocurrency software development to expand its offerings and attract a broader user base.


Cryptotrade faced the challenge of developing a robust cryptocurrency trading platform to cater to the growing demand for digital asset investments, requiring expertise in finance software development. The client lacked in-house expertise and needed a solution to offer liquidity on multiple exchanges while managing associated risks responsibly. Additionally, the project had a tight schedule and required external funding.


We leveraged blockchain technology to create a secure and empowering MVP for Cryptotrade’s cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our solution focused on two key pillars:

  • We implemented a “Follow the Trader” feature built upon a secure blockchain infrastructure. This allows users to track and replicate the investment strategies of experienced traders, fostering a collaborative environment where beginners can learn from proven success stories. The transparency inherent in blockchain transactions builds trust and confidence within the platform.
  • We developed a highly efficient mechanism for direct cryptocurrency conversion, eliminating intermediary involvement. This streamlines the trading process and ensures maximum transaction speed. By leveraging blockchain’s secure and distributed ledger technology, we guaranteed the immutability of transaction records and minimized the risk of fraud.


Computools collaborated with CRYPTOTRADE’s tech leaders to identify critical requirements, complementing them with insights into the platform’s necessary logic and features. The team proposed a simulated development environment to minimise costs, rapid prototyping, and efficient development. This approach allowed for real-time monitoring and adjustment of orders and ensured liquidity across exchanges. A detailed development plan with flexible roadmaps was created, enabling the client to introduce changes during development. The project leveraged a technology stack that included MSMQ, MSSQL, WinForms.


The client was looking for a contractor with experience in developing cryptocurrency exchanges and knowledge of blockchain technologies. They studied reviews of contractors, their portfolios, and case studies. In the process, the client requested proposals from several vendors to compare prices. Once the companies were selected, the client conducted interviews to assess their competence and approach to work. Due to our experience and comfortable communication, Computools was selected.



Cryptotrade faced a number of challenges:

Dependence on investors:

Investor support was crucial for the future success of the product, so the development progress was under constant control.

Limited internal engineering resources:

There was a shortage of qualified engineers with experience in developing a cryptocurrency trading platform.

Compressed project timeline:

A functional minimum viable product (MVP) needed to be built and deployed quickly.

Approach to solution

The client initially tried to solve the problem on their own, but eventually concluded that they needed an experienced partner.

Computools role

We visualised the client’s business processes and identified critical requirements. Next, we created a simulated environment based on the client’s requirements and cryptocurrency exchange operations, which accelerated the development.

Key decisions and outcomes

A detailed development plan with flexible roadmaps helped adapt to client-initiated changes. A comprehensive system requirements specification was based on usage precedents and exchange operation requirements.

As a result of the collaboration, Cryptotrade created a successful MVP platform, attracted investment, and gained a leadership position.


In the context of developing a cryptocurrency trading platform, design tasks encompass creating an intuitive UI for seamless user interactions and engaging trading experiences. This involves designing informative charts and dashboards for tracking cryptocurrency prices and trading data. The design also extends to branding, including logo creation and branding styles to convey professionalism and trustworthiness. Additionally, design must prioritise adaptability for various devices, ensuring responsive and user-friendly mobile and tablet experiences. The design process further involves optimising information architecture, form elements, and security awareness elements while considering thematic illustrations and user notifications. Usability testing and user feedback are crucial for refining the design for an improved user experience.

cryptotrade user persona


Creating detailed user profiles to understand the needs and preferences of potential cryptocurrency traders, ensuring the platform caters to a diverse audience.

cryptotrade site map


Developing a visual representation of the website's structure and navigation, facilitating an intuitive user experience when navigating through various sections.

cryptotrade wireframes


Designing structural blueprints and layouts for the platform's pages, outlining the placement of elements, content, and interactions.

cryptotrade user interface


Crafting an intuitive and visually appealing user interface that enables seamless interaction with the platform, enhancing user engagement and trust.



Scrum was chosen due to its emphasis on transparency, adaptability, and collaboration, which were critical for this project’s success. Its structured framework provided a well-defined set of roles, including Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Development Team, each with distinct responsibilities. This clarity in role distribution facilitated efficient decision-making and problem-solving throughout the project’s duration.

Furthermore, Scrum’s sprint-based planning allowed for iterative development and regular review and adjustment of project goals. This iterative nature of Scrum was particularly advantageous in a project of this complexity, where evolving requirements and unforeseen challenges were expected.



cryptotrade project timeline


Computools demonstrated a deep understanding of cryptocurrency development and the complexities of the financial industry. The company has a strong track record of delivering successful projects in the fintech sector, showcasing their ability to tackle challenging projects and deliver results. The team proposed an innovative approach that included a simulated development environment, which allowed for cost savings and rapid prototyping, ultimately ensuring a dynamic and efficient development process. They also hand-picked a team of experts with specific experience in cryptocurrency tool development, ensuring that the project was in capable hands.


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