A global leader in social trading with over 7 million registered users. The company specialises in offering innovative trading and investment instruments, with a recent focus on cryptocurrency trading. Discover how our team crafted an advanced cryptocurrency trading platform software from concept to reality, revolutionising the world of online investments and harnessing the benefits of blockchain technology.


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Problem and Solution Summary

Cryptotrade faced the challenge of developing a robust cryptocurrency trading platform to cater for the growing demand for digital asset investments, requiring expertise in finance software development. The client lacked in-house expertise and needed a solution to offer liquidity on multiple exchanges while managing associated risks responsibly. Additionally, the project had a tight schedule and required external funding.

Computools collaborated with CRYPTOTRADE’s tech leaders to identify critical requirements, complementing them with insights into the platform's necessary logic and features. The team proposed a simulated development environment to minimise costs, rapid prototyping and efficient development. This approach allowed for real-time monitoring and adjustment of orders and ensured liquidity across exchanges. A detailed development plan with flexible roadmaps was created, enabling the client to introduce changes during development. The project leveraged a technology stack that included MSMQ, MSSQL, WinForms.

About the Client

Cryptotrade, a global leader in crypto trading with over 7 million registered users, specialises in offering innovative trading and investment instruments. With a history of providing secure transactions, payments and regulation by top European authorities, Cryptotrade has become a trusted name in the financial services industry. The client's recent venture aimed to establish a cryptocurrency software development to expand its offerings and attract a broader user base.


The outcome of the project significantly bolstered Cryptotrade's position in the financial services industry. Cryptocurrency software development empowers investors, providing them with a secure, transparent and efficient environment for trading digital assets. This achievement represents a milestone in Cryptotrade's expansion into cryptocurrency trading, enhancing its portfolio of innovative trading and investment instruments.

Business challenge


  • Insufficient number of qualified in-house engineers
  • Investor-dependent new venture
  • Tight project schedule


  • A global fintech leader since 2007
  • Secure transactions and payment capabilities
  • Authorised and regulated by top European regulators
  • Strong management at all levels

Business challenge

Project Completion Details and Current Arrangements

The project effectively achieved all the predetermined client objectives. Well-established arrangements are in place to provide ongoing support and maintenance for the platform, ensuring its uninterrupted functionality and facilitating future enhancements.

Business challenge

Why Computools?

Computools demonstrated a deep understanding of cryptocurrency development and the complexities of the financial industry. The company has a strong track record of delivering successful projects in the fintech sector, showcasing our ability to tackle challenging projects and deliver results. We proposed an innovative approach that included a simulated development environment, which allowed for cost savings and rapid prototyping, ultimately ensuring a dynamic and efficient development process. We also hand-picked a team of experts with specific experience in cryptocurrency tool development, ensuring that the project was in capable hands.

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Story in depth

Based on the client's goals and technology preferences for finance software development, our team developed a system requirement specification encompassing functional and non-functional requirements for the cryptocurrency trading platform. Based on use cases and the operational requirements for exchange, this specification facilitated further development process planning.

  • Being able to generate a consolidated order book by aggregating data from multiple selected exchanges
  • Using the configuration service, an administrator can specify a list of exchanges for order input sources
  • Providing the administrator with the ability to designate a list of target exchanges via the configuration service
  • Having capacity to refresh the merged order book, organised by price from the most favourable to the least, by leveraging the APIs of the source exchanges (socket APIs are preferred for real-time data as they provide instantaneous information)
  • Including a configuration service parameter that defines the logic to be applied for each timer event, with a subsequent explanation of the logic's details

Project Description

Cryptotrade is the global frontrunner in social trading platforms, offering diverse instruments tailored for capital market investments. This advanced platform empowers traders to curate portfolios spanning cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities and ETFs. Boasting a user base of over 7 million traders, Cryptotrade is synonymous with innovation and trustworthiness. It holds the endorsement of European regulatory authorities, fortified by cutting-edge security protocols and collaboration with reputable banking institutions to safeguard clients' funds.

Pioneering the social trading revolution, Cryptotrade acts as a unifying force among traders, facilitating discussions on strategies and providing access to the unparalleled CopyTrader™ technology, enabling users to replicate the success of top-performing portfolios.

To secure investment for Cryptotrade's latest venture – a cryptocurrency trading platform – the company's leadership placed their faith in the hands of the Computools team. This talented group of software engineers, renowned for their expertise, collaborated tirelessly to ensure the project's punctual completion, subsequently garnering successful capital infusion.

Digital Platform & Technology

Communication Framework

Slack and Jira were key communication and project management tools used during the project. Slack facilitated real-time discussions, streamlined decision-making and promoted collaboration among team members. Jira helped organise tasks, assign responsibilities and visualise project progress. These tools ensured transparency, efficient information flow and a collaborative atmosphere, contributing to the project's success.


Computools hand-picked experts with cryptocurrency tools development experience to accelerate the client's project development.

Solution Architect

Mykhailo Bobrovskyi

Mykhailo Bobrovskyi
Mikhail, a seasoned technology professional, is known for his leadership and expertise. Outside work, he's a passionate photographer, capturing the beauty of landscapes and city life through his lens.
Mykhailo Bobrovskyi

Business Analyst

Nikita Abelmasov

Nikita Abelmasov
Nikita started working on commercial IT projects in 2009, focusing on web development, then switched to management and BA in 2015. He has extensive experience in requirements gathering, start-up and ongoing business solutions consulting, development preparation and organising business processes for a wide range of mixed teams. He is passionate about urban exploration, new technologies, photography and sci-fi universes.
Nikita Abelmasov

UI/UX Designer

Valerii Panchenko

Valeriy Panchenko
Valerii demonstrates excellent results in the field of user experience, design and research. He enjoys swimming, hiking and cooking.
Valeriy Panchenko

Project Manager

Artem Karpukhin

Artem Karpukhin
Artem commenced his career in management and sales of web/software development projects more than nine years ago. He gained experience in areas including management, project management, Agile management, scrum and sales. He is keenly interested in video game development, among other areas.
Artem Karpukhin

Technical Lead

Vitaliy Kononenko

Vitaliy Kononenko
Vitaliy, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Computools, is a dedicated and enthusiastic professional in the technology industry. With over six years of experience, he has held key roles such as Full-stack Developer and Head of Technology. Vitaliy's passion for learning and staying up to date with cutting-edge technologies defines his approach to life. He is always striving to become a better developer, sharing knowledge and offering support to his peers.
Vitaliy Kononenko

Node.js Engineer

Andrii Bidniak

Andrii is the Head of Node.js Development at Computools with more than seven years of experience. Starting as a Node.js Developer, he quickly rose to leadership roles. His skills include Node.js, MongoDB, MySQL, and JavaScript, making him a well-rounded technology leader.

React Engineer

Bohdan Kushch

Bogdan Kush
Bohdan is known for a strong grasp of various technologies validated by multiple certifications, including CCNA Security, Linux Essentials, and several from the Cisco Networking Academy. Based in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine, this professional's extensive technical knowledge and proactive problem-solving skills consistently drive project success.
Bogdan Kush

DevOps Engineer

Oleh Maloshtan

Oleh Maloshtan
Oleh is a versatile Front-end/React Native Developer at Computools, with experience spanning both front-end and backend development. Primarily, Oleh's tasks have revolved around server-side applications, involving database designing, request optimisation and API design using Restify.js and Express.js. He also has valuable front-end experience, utilising technologies such as React, Redux, and SASS. Currently, he is focusing on honing his skills in React Native.
Oleh Maloshtan

Quality Assurance Engineer

Mariia Hrekova

With over 5 years of experience, Mariia expertly monitors every phase of the software development process to secure product quality and standards. She enjoys dancing and travelling.

Story of a Team Decision

The team's strong working relationship from previous projects influenced their decision-making.


Computools relies on a defined development process and collaboration between in-house and client-side experts. Regular planning and review meetings promote teamwork, leading to exceptional outcomes.

Sprint Retrospective

A post-sprint session identifies successes, areas for improvement and challenges. This transparent dialogue enhances learning and future sprint effectiveness.

Planning Session

The team, including the product owner, prioritises tasks and sets realistic goals for the next sprint, aligning with project objectives.

Sprint Demo

New features are presented to clients, allowing feedback and progress assessment.

Communication Flow

Engineers at Computools maintain continuous communication via email, Slack and Skype for timely updates and efficient information exchange.

Project Management Methodology

Scrum was chosen due to its emphasis on transparency, adaptability and collaboration, which were critical for this project's success. Its structured framework provided a well-defined set of roles, including Scrum Master, Product Owner and Development Team, each with distinct responsibilities. This clarity in role distribution facilitated efficient decision-making and problem-solving throughout the project's duration.

Furthermore, Scrum's sprint-based planning allowed for iterative development and regular review and adjustment of project goals. This iterative nature of Scrum was particularly advantageous in a project of this complexity, where evolving requirements and unforeseen challenges were expected.

Project timeline

6 months
9 months
3 weeks
Consulting & Design Phase
Engineering Phase


  • Setting client objectives and targets
  • Conducting risk assessment and mitigation planning
  • Identifying project strengths and weaknesses

Product DESIGN

  • Creating a comprehensive roadmap
  • Building prototypes to visualise the product concept
  • Selecting the platform and technology stack
  • Assigning skilled team members
  • Establishing effective internal communication channels
  • Choosing the project management methodology

Product Engineering

  • Determining the optimal development environment
  • Organising tasks and priorities
  • Designing a user-friendly interface
  • Writing efficient code and configurations
  • Conducting thorough testing and bug fixing
  • Ensuring a smooth migration process


  • Implementing integration test base and service integration
  • Initiating the integration test pipeline
  • Conducting alpha testing
  • Ensuring compliance with interfaces and core banking interfaces


In the context of developing a cryptocurrency trading platform, design tasks encompass creating an intuitive UI for seamless user interactions and engaging trading experiences. This involves designing informative charts and dashboards for tracking cryptocurrency prices and trading data. The design also extends to branding, including logo creation and branding styles to convey professionalism and trustworthiness. Additionally, design must prioritise adaptability for various devices, ensuring responsive and user-friendly mobile and tablet experiences. The design process further involves optimising information architecture, form elements and security awareness elements while considering thematic illustrations and user notifications. Usability testing and user feedback are crucial for refining the design for an improved user experience.

User persona → Site map → Wireframes → user interface
cryptotrade user persona

User persona

Creating detailed user profiles to understand the needs and preferences of potential cryptocurrency traders, ensuring the platform caters to a diverse audience.

cryptotrade site map

Site map

Developing a visual representation of the website's structure and navigation, facilitating an intuitive user experience when navigating through various sections.

cryptotrade wireframes


Designing structural blueprints and layouts for the platform's pages, outlining the placement of elements, content and interactions.

cryptotrade user interface

user interface

Crafting an intuitive and visually appealing user interface that enables seamless interaction with the platform, enhancing user engagement and trust.


Production Release

The Computools team executed a meticulous product release process, starting with thorough testing and debugging. This was followed by installing and configuring the product on the client's infrastructure. After handing over the product and providing training to the client's team, they established continuous monitoring, technical support, and incident response procedures to ensure its reliability and up-to-date performance.


Ongoing Support

Beyond the product release, Computools maintains its dependable operation through regular maintenance, monitoring, and optimisation. The client has access to technical support for addressing enquiries and enhancement requests. Client feedback is valuable for continuous product improvement, including regular updates containing bug fixes and new features to align with evolving business requirements.

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