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А fast, free service that helps home buyers and homeowners shop for insurance





Business size:

Medium Business


During close cooperation with the customer's in-house IT-department, innovative digital solutions were developed and implemented. Thanks to this, all the goals and objectives of the project were achieved. As a result of collaboration, a web service that is available to homeowners and homebuyers in the US and Germany was created. This service allows to select and study real estate insurance quotes from reliable providers. According to the Product Owner, since the launch, there has been a stable dynamic growth of the product and the expansion of the client base of the customer.

Several key options we solved:
  • Developed a detailed questionnaire for choosing insurance quotas for real estate.
  • Developed and implemented a convenient user experience map, consisted of a few important steps including purchasing.
  • Created ergonomic and intuitive UX/UI design.



  • Sometimes communication may take up to 3-4h per day.
  • Weak security against DDoS attacks.


  • The world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count (leader).
  • Dynamic product growth.
  • Quota search is as simple and intuitive as possible.
  • Well-described documentation.
  • Quick communication with team members.
  • Decent processes.


Keller Williams Realty Inc. is a reliable partner and a real estate expert, that offers unique service for customers. The company applied to Computools with a new idea of ​​ innovative service for homeowners and homebuyers. The main idea was to create a convenient and intuitive service for choosing insurance quotas for real estate, based on a detailed questionnaire. As a result of the discussion, the main goals of the project and the desired end result were clarified. The company has developed the basic functionality of the service. The user indicates the necessary details of the real estate and receives a list of quotes with which he can explore and analyze, compare, and, most importantly, purchase. At the moment, the service is available for residents of Germany and the United States.

Digital Platform & Technology

Computools carefully chooses the necessary technologies and platforms for developing each application. The stack is determined by the necessary functionality and further maintenance of the application.

Communication Framework

Comfortable communication on the project makes the work productive, efficient and effective. To make joint decisions, solve problems and discuss ideas, Slack was chosen as the most convenient messenger for all project participants. This allowed us to quickly resolve emerging issues, propose solutions and constantly be in touch with the entire development team and customer.


A project specification is created in parallel with an interactive prototype. As a rule, it includes the necessary documentation and a phased algorithm for working on the development. The specification is divided into stages and substages for more convenient use in the process.

Goal - Create a platform that allows homeowners to purchase easy-to-get insurance intended for the very house the user describes and without redundant bureaucracy.

  1. Open marketing site and enter your address.
  2. Call Keller Williams agency and get an email from an agent to go to the site.
Main Flow
  1. Go through the questionnaire and select data about you and your house.
  2. If you called an agent he\she chose options and you go through the questionnaire to check if everything is correct.
  3. Choose the quote from the list.
  4. Compare plans before you buy.
  5. Buy insurance or schedule a call.
  1. Purchase is complete.
  2. Enter email of your lender to send a copy of new home insurance policy.


Building a team is a crucial stage in the development of a new application. Computools carefully selects employees to work on the project. We take into account the skills and knowledge of the necessary technologies, experience, and level of expertise in working on similar projects. The team is supplemented by the necessary specialists, depending on the tasks and needs of the project.


The development process at Computools is creative and innovative. Even with the use of ready-made or well-known solutions, the execution of tasks may require additional ideas and their implementation.

Dev meetings

Well-coordinated collaboration at all stages of the coding and testing process increases the pace of the development. This works especially well when our software engineers cooperate closely with their client counterparts.


The brainstorming sessions help our engineers to find a really innovative solution. Our company uses the latest technology for brainstorming, sharing experiences and ideas. Thanks to this, our teams are so effective and efficient.

Feedback Session

At the end of each sprint, we conduct team discussions and arrange feedback sessions. By exchanging opinions and emerging ideas, our developers find truly innovative solutions, improving their personal efficiency and the efficiency of the entire team.

Internal Communication Flow

The internal communication system allows the team to keep in touch, solve pressing issues and tasks in real-time. For this purpose, Skype was used, which significantly accelerated decision-making. Project management was carried out through a Jira, where the project manager distributed tasks between the executors and monitored their status and execution. Such a system allows the team to work closely together, while maintaining efficiency and productivity throughout the project.

Project Management Methodology

Scrum professes a team approach, short iterations and continuous improvement in the process. These principles are implemented through a set of special roles, rules, processes and tools, thanks to which teams produce products twice as fast. Scrum is based on a team or group - a well-coordinated team of professionals. Scrum teams are autonomous, the participants decide how to complete the task. They are multifunctional - the knowledge and skills of team members are enough to solve the problem.

Project timeline



Defining goals
  • Identifying high-level project goals
Analysis & Exploration
  • Researching and analyzing the existing and ready-made solutions
  • Defining main restrictions and providing solutions for them
  • Identifying the main risks

Product DESIGN

High-Level Architecture
  • Selecting basic architectural patterns and tools
  • Forming an application stack, work processes with VCS
  • Forming the main development guidelines
Interactive Prototypes & Specification
  • Development of an interactive prototype
Build Development Process
  • Calculating the number of project teams
  • Configuring the technological processes and interactions between roles.

Product Engineering

Build The Team
  • Making the initial scope based on the specification and estimate, calculating the optimal number of specialists for each role
  • Choosing and adding executors to the team
  • Conducting meeting
  • Performing distributed tasks
  • Implementation of the necessary functionality
  • Page design applying
Testing & Stabilization
  • Developing a testing plan
  • UI & Unit testing
  • Applying improvements
  • Code stabilization/refactoring, increasing system stability, reducing the probability of bug emergency


Project architecture is crucial to building a robust, ergonomic design. The team pays special attention to the development of the product's functional elements and the ways these elements interact.

On Client’s Side



The desktop and mobile versions were launched almost simultaneously. After carrying out all the necessary tests and approving all the edits, the finished pages were launched. Previously, preparatory work and settings for a successful launch were carried out.



The code was transferred from the internal servers to the customer’s servers in accordance with the agreed terms and rules. At each stage, additional checks of the stability and performance of the code were made. The final check after the transfer confirmed that everything was successful.



To work with the finished product did not require additional training of customer personnel. Computools team suggested creating tutorials or guides if necessary.

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