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А fast, free service that helps home buyers and homeowners shop for insurance.

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Our client, Keller Covered, aimed to simplify the insurance process for homeowners and homebuyers. Computools assisted Keller Covered by developing a comprehensive web service featuring a detailed questionnaire and user-centred design. This solution allowed users to input essential information easily, receive tailored insurance quotes, and compare options.


The client is a leading and trustworthy name in the real estate industry. Committed to providing exceptional services to customers in the USA, it has long been a preferred partner for individuals navigating the complexities of real estate transactions.


The vision was to enhance the home-buying and homeownership experience by simplifying the process of obtaining insurance quotes for real estate. Recognising the complexities and bureaucracy associated with insurance, the client aspired to offer homeowners and homebuyers a groundbreaking solution.

The core idea was to develop a detailed questionnaire that allowed users to input essential information about their real estate. Subsequently, the system would generate a list of insurance quotes from reputable providers. This platform streamlines the insurance selection process and empowers users to explore, analyse, compare and, most importantly, purchase insurance policies that suit their needs.


As a result, a web service was developed and made available to residents of Germany and the United States. This service is now a valuable resource, offering a swift and user-friendly experience in the often complex world of real estate insurance.


The collaboration resulted in the successful resolution of several critical issues in the real estate and insurance domain.

Developing a comprehensive questionnaire simplified gathering of essential information, ensuring that users receive the most relevant insurance options. An intuitive and user-centric experience map breaks down the process into a few crucial steps, focusing on simplifying the purchasing journey. This approach ensures that users can seamlessly navigate the system from start to finish.

Implementing an ergonomic and intuitive UX and UI design enhances the platform’s overall usability and appeal. This design prioritises user-friendliness and ensures that users can easily explore, compare, and purchase insurance quotes for their real estate.


Our domain expertise and capabilities in delivering digital transformation solutions drove the decision to partner with Computools. Our proficiency in technology selection, development, and project management made us the ideal choice to bring the client’s vision to life.

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Homeowners often face a complicated and time-consuming process when purchasing real estate insurance. Bureaucratic hurdles and a lack of transparency can make it difficult to find the best coverage at a competitive price.

Approach to solution

When the client needed to select a contractor for the innovative real estate insurance service, it carefully considered multiple options. It chose Computools based on several key factors:

  • Computools’ extensive experience in the industry played a crucial role in the decision.
  • Computools’ proficiency in React, MobX, TypeScript, and Node.js ensured the project’s success and efficiency.
  • Computools’ past projects and reputation indicated a strong track record of delivering quality work.
  • Clear and rapid communication with the Computools team ensured confidence in a smooth and productive partnership.

Computools role

We provided overall project management, ensuring seamless coordination and integration of various components. We also focused on developing the comprehensive web service, creating the detailed questionnaire, and designing the user-centric interface.

Key decisions and outcomes

The project was completed, resulting in the development and launch of the innovative real estate insurance selection service. It is currently available to residents in Germany and the United States and has a positive trajectory of growth and user engagement.


Project architecture is crucial to building a robust, ergonomic design. The team pays special attention to developing the product's functional elements and how these elements interact.

keller covered user persona


Detailed profiles of target users.

keller covered site map


Visual representation of website structure.

keller covered wireframes


Basic visual layouts of web or app.

keller covered user interface


Design for user interaction and experience.



The Computools team chose the Scrum methodology for its projects due to its high effectiveness and ability to provide flexibility and transparency in project management. Scrum allows teams to adapt to changes in the project quickly, accommodate client preferences, and achieve results incrementally. This methodology also fosters more efficient communication within the team and with clients, contributing to the successful completion of projects.

keller covered project timeline


We are incredibly pleased with the outcome of our partnership with Computools. Their digital transformation and project management expertise was useful in bringing our vision for a simplified real estate insurance selection service to life.

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