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An Australian financial company offering an online platform for investment and portfolio management. Learn how the Computools team developed and implemented an online investment management and risk management platform.


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Problem and Solution Summary

The FDA operator faced challenges in developing and implementing numerous statistical methods, creating algorithms for processing a large volume of financial data and enhancing the speed of calculations. The need for a sophisticated online platform for investment and portfolio management necessitated a solution that could efficiently handle complex financial data, provide diverse investment opportunities and ensure a seamless user experience for risk analysis and income calculations.

Computools addressed the client's challenges by developing a financial instrument for capital investment in deposits and securities. The team created a robust and scalable platform by leveraging technologies such as C#, ASP.NET MVC, and MSSQL. The application allows investors to buy stocks from local Australian companies and large global entities, providing a comprehensive suite of features for risk diversification, income calculation and market data analysis. The result was a user-friendly web application that significantly accelerated the speed of development, met high-quality standards and substantially increased the client's customer base and profit growth.

About the Client

An Australian financial operator specialising in providing a variety of managed accounts, portfolio management and administrative services to financial planners, advisers and other AFS-licensed companies and their clients.


Close cooperation with the customer during the project made it possible to understand the requirements more fully. The chosen methodology significantly accelerated the speed of developing a web application and allowed us to complete all the tasks at a high level of quality.

In the first months after the introduction of the new application and services, the customer noted a rapid expansion of their customer base and high-profit growth. Subsequently, maintenance and support were offered to provide web applications with necessary updates.

Business challenge


  • The need to develop and implement many statistical methods
  • The need to create algorithms for processing a large amount of information
  • The need to increase the speed of calculations


  • The online platform for investing in the fastest and most convenient way
  • Ample investment opportunities
  • The opportunity to buy stocks for risk minimisation, for calculating the income of the share holdings
  • The opportunity to invest online from anywhere in the world

Business challenge

Project completion details and current arrangements

The arrangement process involved close cooperation between Computools and the client to ensure a thorough understanding of project requirements. The chosen agile methodology, Scrum, significantly expedited the web application's development, allowing for high-quality delivery of all project tasks. Regular communication through Skype conferences and emails facilitated quick decision-making, and the use of Trello enhanced project management efficiency.

Post-implementation and support were offered to the FDA Operator, ensuring the web application's continued relevance and effectiveness. The arrangement between the client and Computools extended to a collaborative effort, with ongoing communication channels established to address the client's evolving needs or updates.

Business challenge

Why Computools?

Computools was chosen as the technology partner for the FDA operator due to its expertise in digital transformation services, specifically within the investment banking and brokerage industry. The company demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the client's challenges, offering a tailored solution that leveraged advanced technologies.

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The client conducted a selection process to choose the right technology partner. Faced with the need for a robust online investment and portfolio management platform, the client looked for a contractor with a proven track record in digital transformation services, specifically within the investment banking and brokerage sector.

The client initiated the selection process by identifying several potential vendors and thoroughly analysing their expertise, technological capabilities and past project successes. They considered factors such as the vendor's experience in developing financial applications, proficiency in relevant technologies and ability to deliver innovative solutions aligned with the client's business goals. Computools stood out as the preferred choice.

Project Description

The project encompassed diverse financial instruments, including stocks from local and global companies and profitable deposit programmes offered by banks. This online platform enables users worldwide to engage in investment activities, providing them with the capability to purchase financial instruments while calculating associated incomes and risks.

The web application is a comprehensive tool for investors, offering the opportunity to buy stocks for risk minimisation, assess incomes related to chosen shareholdings, and track market data over past periods.

Upon completion of the project, the postconditions indicated that the client now possesses a comprehensive array of investment instruments. The application equips them with the ability to calculate risks and incomes, facilitating a streamlined process for gaining profit, with ease of operation.

Digital Platform & Technology

Digital platforms and project technologies are determined by the tasks that need to be performed and the functions that should be in the finished product. Large-scale projects require an integrated approach and many solutions. We are always ready to satisfy all requirements.

Communication Framework

To communicate with the client, we always build a convenient communication system that considers the features of cooperation and is suitable for all participants. For this project, Skype was chosen as a means of communication for conferences, discussions and quick decision-making. Email was used to exchange information.


A team is formed individually for each project. A team of experts was assembled to complete this project successfully. Each specialist has the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to ensure the high quality of the work performed. Throughout the project, the productivity and effectiveness of the entire team are constantly maintained.

Business Analyst

Nikita Abelmasov

Nikita Abelmasov
Nikita started working on commercial IT projects in 2009, focusing on web development, then switched to management and BA in 2015. He has extensive experience in requirements gathering, start-up and ongoing business solutions consulting, development preparation and organising business processes for a wide range of mixed teams. He is passionate about urban exploration, new technologies, photography and sci-fi universes.
Nikita Abelmasov

Team Lead

Vitaliy Kononenko

Vitaliy Kononenko
Vitaliy, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Computools, is a dedicated and enthusiastic professional in the technology industry. With over six years of experience, he has held key roles such as Full-stack Developer and Head of Technology. Vitaliy's passion for learning and staying up to date with cutting-edge technologies defines his approach to life. He is always striving to become a better developer, sharing knowledge and offering support to his peers.
Vitaliy Kononenko

Project Manager

Andrey Melnichenko

Andrey started working in IT in 2003, focusing on C and C++ development, switching to Java in 2007. He is recognised for his extensive expertise in application servers, software development life cycle and database architecture. He enjoys pop music as well as political and Java ecosystem podcasts.

Business Development Manager

Artem Babura

Artem Babura
Artem specialises in automating business processes, implementing cutting-edge management systems and optimising digital operation models. His mission is to drive prosperity for clients by offering end-to-end solutions in innovative software development, allowing businesses to focus on their core objectives.
Artem Babura

computools engineers

Quality Assurance Engineer

Mariia Bobrova

Mariia Boborova
Mariia Boborova is a dedicated Quality Assurance Engineer with a keen eye for detail and a passion for ensuring software excellence. Beyond her rigorous testing and quality assurance expertise, Mariia finds solace in art and spends her free time painting captivating landscapes.
Mariia Boborova

Story of a Team Decision

The team's composition was carefully crafted to leverage the collective experience of its members in the finance and investment technology domain. Their prior exposure to similar projects gave them insights into industry-specific challenges, enabling a more efficient and targeted development process for the FDA operator’s application.


The key to successful work on the project is the constant maintenance of the effectiveness and productivity of all team members. To do this, we hold various meetings and practise brainstorming and other methods of creating innovative solutions and troubleshooting.

Sprint Retrospective

A component of the Scrum methodology, serving as a dedicated time for the team to reflect on the completed sprint. During this session, the team, including the business analyst, engineers and quality assurance engineer, come together to review what went well, what could be improved and what actions can be taken to enhance future sprints. It encourages open communication, identifies areas for optimisation and fosters a continuous improvement mindset within the project team.

Planning Session

A phase at the beginning of each sprint involves the entire team. This collaborative effort is focused on defining the goals and scope of the upcoming sprint. Tasks are distributed among team members, and estimations are made based on the team's capacity.

Sprint Demo

The demo involves the participation of the business analyst, engineers, and quality assurance engineer, highlighting the achieved deliverables and demonstrating the functionality of the developed features. This transparent presentation fosters effective communication between the development team and stakeholders, providing an opportunity for feedback and adjustments.

Communication Flow

Effective communication is paramount throughout the project, and the chosen communication flow involves utilising tools such as Skype and email.

Project Management Methodology

The optimal methodology Scrum was chosen. It addresses complexity in work by making information transparent so that people can inspect and adapt based on current conditions rather than predicted conditions. Transparency of common terms and standards is required in Scrum development to ensure that what is being delivered is what was expected. Frequent inspection ensures progress and detects variances early on so that adjustments can be made quickly.

Project timeline

3 months
12 months
3 months
Consulting & design phase
Engineering phase


  • Defining project goals
  • Identifying high-level project goals
  • Conducting analysis and exploration
  • Researching and analysing existing and ready-made solutions
  • Defining main restrictions and providing solutions for them
  • Identifying the main risks

Product DESIGN

  • Developing high-level architecture
  • Selecting basic architectural patterns and tools
  • Forming an application stack and work processes with version control systems (VCS)
  • Creating the main development guidelines
  • Developing interactive prototypes and specifications
  • Choosing the project management methodology

Product Engineering

Building the team
  • Defining the initial scope based on the specification and estimate
  • Calculating the optimal number of specialists for each role
  • Adding technicians to the team's core
  • Conducting an introductory meeting
  • Distributing tasks among team members
  • Executing and completing tasks
  • Introducing necessary functions into new pages and applying edits to existing ones
  • Refining and implementing final page design
  • Developing a testing plan
  • Performing UI and unit testing
  • Applying improvements
  • Stabilising/refactoring code
  • Increasing system stability
  • Reducing the probability of bug emergencies
  • Providing continuous maintenance and support


  • Launching ready-made services in stages
  • Conducting additional tests and checks after each stage
  • Transferring to the customer's servers in stages
  • Performing tests to confirm the performance of developed pages and services
  • Providing educational materials or tutorials if needed
  • Ensuring a smooth transition and functionality on the client's side


This project involved designers who already had a rich experience in the field of financial development

fda operator user persona


Crafting detailed profiles of target users for personalised design and functionality

fda operator site map


Outlining website structure in a visual representation for optimal navigation and user experience

fda operator wireframes


Illustrating layout and structure in skeleton blueprints, guiding the development of the interface

fda operator user interface


Designing a seamless and intuitive visual experience for users' interactions

Production Release

After successful internal testing, the application was released in stages, adhering to the agreed-upon plan. Each stage underwent additional tests and checks, guaranteeing the reliability and performance of the deployed services. The transfer to the client's servers was conducted methodically, with mutual agreement on all actions. Educational materials were unnecessary due to the platform's intuitive design, allowing users worldwide to access online investment opportunities. The phased launch contributed to a smooth transition and resulted in the application's positive reception in the market. The client noted a rapid customer base expansion and significant profit growth in the initial months after introducing the new application and services.

Ongoing Support

Post-completion, Computools continues to provide comprehensive support to the FDA operator. Regular team discussions and feedback sessions are conducted to address any emerging needs or concerns. The team remains accessible for queries or urgent issues through established communication channels, including Skype and email. Trello is actively used for ongoing project management, allowing the Project Manager to monitor tasks, implement updates and ensure the continued efficiency of the developed pages and services. This commitment to ongoing support ensures that the FDA operator receives a cutting-edge solution and benefits from a reliable, responsive and collaborative partnership beyond the project's completion.

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