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The company provides services for shipbuilders and shipowners. Read how Computools carried out a digital transformation for a shipbuilding company.


Marine Transportation


United Kingdom

Business size:

Small Businesses

Problem and Solution Summary

The client turned to Computools with the idea of creating a management platform that would be suitable for shipowners, shipbuilders and customers. To implement the client's goals, a team of experts was assembled, and after productive negotiations, the main tasks and subtasks were determined. Also, the choice of technologies and the necessary tools for each user of the future platform were jointly determined. The project was conducted in close collaboration between the Computools team and the client's internal IT department.

About the Client

The client is a small business based in England that provides services for shipbuilders and shipowners. The company has operated for over 20 years and has a strong reputation for providing reliable and efficient services. The company's services include:
  • ship repair
  • ship maintenance
  • ship brokerage


The work on the project was carried out in several stages, which made it possible to gradually introduce the necessary changes to the work of the web platform and improve its functionality. Close collaboration with the client's internal IT department allowed us to synchronise the vision and stay on the same page until the goals were achieved.

Several key issues we solved:
  • Developed features for three types of users: shipowners, shipbuilders and customers.
  • Implemented a blockchain-based data security solution.
  • Built a flexible system for collecting and analysing statistics.

Business challenge


  • The necessity to solve small problems throughout the project
  • Implementing multiple solutions at the same time


  • A well-defined circle of users
  • A preliminary study of the potential users' needs

Business challenge

Project Completion Details and Current Arrangements

Following a successful beta testing phase with all user groups, the platform was seamlessly transitioned to full production, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations. Computools and the client remain in close partnership, with a dedicated on-site support team providing ongoing maintenance and development of new features based on user feedback and evolving industry needs.

Business challenge

Why Computools?

By choosing Computools, the client gained a reliable partner capable of delivering a cutting-edge platform that not only met their initial expectations but also exceeded them in terms of functionality, performance and long-term scalability.

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The client chose Computools for several key reasons.

Proven track record in maritime technology: Computools' successful work with other shipbuilding and maritime clients instilled confidence in their understanding of the industry's specific needs and challenges.

Expertise in blockchain and secure data solutions: The client's emphasis on data security and transparency aligned perfectly with Computools' in-house expertise in blockchain technology integration.

Agile development methodology: Computools' use of Scrum methodology promised flexible project management, allowing for iterative development and quick adaptation to changing requirements.

Strong communication and collaborative approach: The client valued Computools' open communication style and emphasis on close collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.

Project Description

Computools was engaged to create a comprehensive web-based management platform tailored for shipbuilders, shipowners and customers. The platform's primary objective is to facilitate seamless communication and data exchange between these key stakeholders, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency within the shipbuilding industry.

To achieve this, the platform incorporates distinct user interfaces and dedicated toolkits designed to address the specific needs of each user group. This ensures all parties can access the precise information and tools required to manage their respective tasks effectively.

The platform's architecture leverages a robust combination of Node.js, React and blockchain technology to deliver optimal performance, security and flexibility.

Digital Platform & Technology

To ensure the stable operation of the platform, the web development team selects state-of-the-art technologies that are most suitable for the main goals and objectives of the project.

Communication Framework

Computools pays special attention to building an effective communication system that allows timely resolution of project issues, contact with stakeholders, and exchange of information. Slack and Zube were used on this project, making it possible to send reports according to the established schedule and be constantly in touch.


The team is built specifically for each individual web development project, taking into account all the requirements, features and nuances of the tasks.


Vitaliy Kononenko

Vitaliy Kononenko
Vitaliy, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Computools, is a dedicated and enthusiastic professional in the technology industry. With over six years of experience, he has held key roles such as Full-stack Developer and Head of Technology. Vitaliy's passion for learning and staying up to date with cutting-edge technologies defines his approach to life. He is always striving to become a better developer, sharing knowledge and offering support to his peers.
Vitaliy Kononenko

Business Analyst

Nikita Abelmasov

Nikita Abelmasov
Nikita started working on commercial IT projects in 2009, focusing on web development, then switched to management and BA in 2015. He has extensive experience in requirements gathering, start-up and ongoing business solutions consulting, development preparation and organising business processes for a wide range of mixed teams. He is passionate about urban exploration, new technologies, photography and sci-fi universes.
Nikita Abelmasov

Project Manager

Oleksandr Novikov

Oleksandr Novikov
Oleksandr is an accomplished project manager with dedicated experience. Outside the professional realm, Oleksandr's insatiable appetite for knowledge drives him to continuously explore development, management and psychology, making him a well-rounded and goal-oriented individual.
Oleksandr Novikov

Business Development Manager

Sergey Bidukha

Sergey is the Customer Relationship Director at Computools USA, where he specialises in building sustainable partnerships and helping businesses in the US achieve their strategic objectives. Sergey's values are rooted in integrity, trust and a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, aiming to drive optimal outcomes for clients and the organisation.


Quality Assurance Engineer

Mariia Hrekova

With over five years of experience, Mariiaexpertly monitors every phase of the software development process to secure product quality and standards. She enjoys dancing and travelling.

Story of a Team Decision

The company carefully selects employees whose skills, experience and knowledge are suited to this project. This ensures the project goals are achieved and a high-quality product is implemented effectively.


Thanks to well-established internal communication, a productive collaboration between the team members was provided. Each type of meeting, face-to-face brainstorming, video or audio conferences, helps achieve the project's main goal.

Sprint Retrospective

At the end of each sprint, we conduct team discussions and arrange feedback sessions. By exchanging opinions and emerging ideas, our developers find truly innovative solutions, improving their personal efficiency and the entire team's efficiency.

Planning Session

The developer meeting allows us to improve or strengthen the project's coding. This is a great way to plan further, share findings or discuss emerging challenges.

Sprint Demo

We showed demo versions to discuss the pros and cons of the result of the work in a short sprint.

Communication Flow

Internal communication on the project was also organised according to the principle of maximum convenience for all participants. The timely solution of challenging tasks helps to avoid potential time delays. Slack was used for communication within the team, and Zube was used as the platform for project management.

Project Management Methodology

Scrum was chosen as a methodology to accelerate and maintain productivity on the project. Continuous testing and verification of the results lead to high efficiency and operability of the application. Scrum development encourages active product owner and stakeholder involvement throughout the product development. Transparency is, therefore, much higher for key stakeholders, both in the project’s progress and in the product itself, which helps ensure that expectations are effectively managed. In Agile development, change is accepted and expected. Often, the timescale is fixed, and detailed requirements emerge and evolve as the product is developed.

Project timeline

2 months
8 months
1 month
Consulting & design phase
Engineering phase


  • Identifying high-level project goals
  • Researching and analysing the existing and ready-made solutions
  • Defining main restrictions and providing solutions for them
  • Identifying the main risks

Product DESIGN

  • Selecting basic architectural patterns and tools
  • Forming an application stack and work processes with VCS
  • Forming the main development guidelines
  • Developing a prototype in parallel with specification
  • Choosing project management methodology
  • Calculating the number of project teams
  • Configuring the technological processes and interactions between roles

Product Engineering

  • Making the initial scope based on the specification and estimate, calculating the optimal number of specialists for each role
  • Adding practitioners to the team's core
  • Conducting an intro meeting
  • Developing a road map, dividing the development process into parts
  • Implementing the first series of solutions
  • Implementing developed elements of the platform


  • Developing a testing plan
  • Testing UI and Unit
  • Applying improvements
  • Stabilising/refactoring code, increasing system stability, reducing the probability of bug emergency


As part of the Shipbuilding Management App project, the design objectives would cover a variety of aspects including:

shipbuilding management app user persona


Developing a detailed fictional character profile to deeply understand the audience

shipbuilding management app site map

Site map

Designing the website's structure for intuitive navigation and user experience

shipbuilding management app wireframes


Crafting the designs outlining key elements and functionality for user flow

shipbuilding management app user interface


Creating visually appealing and interactive digital interfaces


Once development was completed, the platform was thoroughly tested for bugs and functionality, including both manual and automated testing. After successful testing, the platform was launched into commercial operation.

The launch of the platform was conducted in several stages.

  • The first stage included the implementation of the platform with several pilot clients. This allowed us to evaluate the platform's operation in real conditions and make necessary adjustments.
  • The second stage included a full migration of all clients to the platform. This stage was carried out over several months to ensure a smooth transition and minimise possible disruptions.


Once launched, our dedicated support team is responsible for the smooth operation of the shipbuilding management application. Constant updates, proactive maintenance and real-time problem-solving ensure an optimal user experience. Listening to user feedback, we develop the app by introducing new features and enhancements.

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