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A digital transformation for a shipbuilding company using blockchain technology

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Our client needed a comprehensive solution to streamline their shipbuilding management processes. We assisted in developing a tailored management platform and implemented features for three distinct user groups, integrated blockchain-based data security measures, and built a flexible system for data analysis. Our client experienced a substantial increase in throughput, productivity, and revenue.


The client is a small business based in England that provides services for shipbuilders and shipowners. The company has operated for over 20 years and has a strong reputation for providing reliable and efficient services. These include ship repair, maintenance, and brokerage.


Different solutions had to be integrated simultaneously to improve different aspects of the client’s business, which posed a challenge in terms of coordination and resource allocation. Despite the challenges, the client had a clear understanding of the range of users. A clear understanding of user needs enabled the development of an integrated management platform that would significantly improve the performance of shipbuilders, shipowners and customers.


The work on the project was carried out in several stages, which made it possible to gradually introduce the necessary changes to the work of the web platform and improve its functionality. Close collaboration with the client’s internal IT department allowed us to synchronise the vision and stay on the same page until the goals were achieved. Our engineers developed features for three types of users: shipowners, shipbuilders and customers. They implemented a blockchain-based data security solution and built a flexible system for collecting and analysing statistics.


The implementation of the Shipbuilding Management App not only delivered tangible improvements in productivity, revenue, and cost reduction but also conferred the client with strategic advantages that bolstered their long-term competitiveness and market standing within the industry.


The client chose Computools for several key reasons. Computools’ successful work with other shipbuilding and maritime clients instilled confidence in their understanding of the industry’s specific needs and challenges. The client’s emphasis on data security and transparency aligned perfectly with Computools’ in-house expertise in blockchain technology integration. Computools’ use of Scrum methodology promised flexible project management, allowing for iterative development and quick adaptation to changing requirements. The client valued Computools’ open communication style and emphasis on close collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.



Prior to implementing the Shipbuilding Management App, the client was facing the challenge of managing complex processes and communication channels in shipbuilding and ship services. With multiple stakeholders involved including shipbuilders, ship owners and customers, the client was struggling to optimise operations and ensure effective communication. This challenge interfered with productivity, led to inefficiencies and limited the client’s ability to capitalise on market opportunities.

Approach to solution

In search of a solution, the client set about carefully analysing and exploring various options to solve operational problems. They considered using off-the-shelf software. However, this option did not meet their specific requirements and industry nuances. Ultimately, the client chose Computools for several key reasons. Computools’ specialisation in blockchain technology and data protection solutions coincided with the client’s focus on data security and transparency.

Computools role

We provided comprehensive consultancy and strategic guidance throughout the project lifecycle. This involved understanding the client’s business objectives, analysing industry trends, and proposing tailored solutions. Our engineers leveraged their technical expertise to design and develop the Shipbuilding Management App. Key components focused on included user interface design, backend development utilizing Node.js, frontend development using React, and blockchain integration for data security.

Key decisions and outcomes

Our team identified inefficiencies in existing processes and proposed solutions to streamline operations and enhance productivity. The engineers customised the platform, ensuring optimal functionality for each user group. They analysed user behaviour and feedback to iteratively improve the platform’s features and usability iteratively, resulting in increased user satisfaction and engagement.


As part of the Shipbuilding Management App project, the design objectives would cover a variety of aspects including:

shipbuilding management app user persona


Developing a detailed fictional character profile to understand the audience deeply

shipbuilding management app site map


Designing the website's structure for intuitive navigation and user experience

shipbuilding management app wireframes


Crafting the designs outlining key elements and functionality for user flow

shipbuilding management app user interface


Creating visually appealing and interactive digital interfaces



Scrum was chosen as a methodology to accelerate and maintain productivity on the project. Continuous testing and verification of the results lead to high efficiency and operability of the application. Scrum development encourages active product owner and stakeholder involvement throughout the product development. Transparency is, therefore, much higher for key stakeholders, both in the project’s progress and in the product itself, which helps ensure that expectations are effectively managed. In Agile development, change is accepted and expected. Often, the timescale is fixed, and detailed requirements emerge and evolve as the product is developed.



shipbuilding management app project timeline


We are incredibly impressed with the Shipbuilding Management App that Computools developed for us. The platform has streamlined our communication and data exchange with shipowners and customers, leading to significant improvements in efficiency and productivity.

Computools' team was a pleasure to work with. They were professional, responsive, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. We highly recommend Computools to any business looking for a reliable and experienced development partner.


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