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Working side-by-side with the client’s IT department, Computools team implemented critical upgrades to the outdated online banking mobile application and implemented three VISA API-integrated microservices. As a result of efficient collaboration, the goals and objectives were achieved, the client is completely satisfied with the finished mobile application, which opens up new opportunities for its consumers.

Several key options we solved:

  • Provide users with ultimate transaction control, security hold, and parental control options.
  • Implement transaction validation when the account holder is abroad.
  • Implement service that allows users to create, preview, edit, and stop transactions.

+ 108%
Throughput, Users
Average Order
Increasing Productivity
+ 79%
Increasing Revenue
- 46%
Reducing Costs
Business Process Automation


Caribbean Bank is the largest regional bank across the Dutch and English speaking Caribbean. It offers a full range of financial services in Retail, Corporate, and Investment Banking, as well as Wealth Management and Credit Financing. With millions of private and business customers across 17 Caribbean countries, Caribbean Bank puts client at the center of business processes to ensure satisfying experience and become the first choice of financial services provider in the region.

To fulfill the corporate vision and increase the development pace, the client turned to Computools team for a rehaul of an outdated online banking mobile application. Upon analyzing the client’s requirements, Computools selected experienced software engineers to assist the in-house IT department with updating the mobile app features, developing new microservices and integrating them with VISA API.

Insufficient time for internal IT department scaling

Unavailability of sufficiently experienced in-house engineers

Demanding development schedule

Market leader with strong demand across the Caribbean

Full range of financial services tailored to regional markets

Customer-centric business processes for increased satisfaction rate

Culture of corporate social responsibility and contributions to important local causes

Business Process Mapping


Business Process Mapping was performed by the client. CIBC FirstCaribbean Tech leaders decided on the updated mobile app feature set. Computools team received a detailed system requirements specification based on use cases by private and business customers. The client provided our software engineers with a list of features to be implemented in the course of the Backend development.


After internal business process modelling, the client selected Computools outstaffing team to complement the in-house IT department. New microservices were devised to update the online banking application according to the user requirements elicitation results while maintaining secure regional and international transactions and account management.


Computools team designed a step-by-step development plan to ensure the implementation of all critical features and microservices for the online banking application. The client performed the large-scale architecture planning, while our team devised the backend structure. The roadmap established by joint efforts of the in-house and outstaffing specialists ensured the timely implementation of the project.

Digital Platform & Technology

Business Analyst
Project Manager
Team Lead
Team Lead
Project Coordinator

Computools experts selected Java to update the client's mobile app. This object-oriented programming language ensures security necessary for a financial application. Platform independent multithreaded coding, high performance, and a mature ecosystem with multiple libraries and frameworks made Java a logical choice to meet the client’s requirements.


Microservice architecture enabled continuous and independent delivery and deployment of separate blocks of a single complex application. Tight block bounds supported technological variety and allowed Computools experts to implement the most efficient stack for each of the application’s features.


JAX-RS is a JSR standard that enabled Computools team to develop a RESTful web service that can be deployed by any Java application server. This approach was used for routing definition and to eliminate service class limitations.

Microsoft SQL Server

Computools software engineers employed Microsoft SQL Server to maintain the server’s stable performance and ensure data recoverability and availability. This relational database management system is easily scalable, high performance, secure, and low maintenance which meets the requirements of the client’s application.

System architecture


To complement the client’s in-house team, Computools screened the pool of software engineers. The most experienced developers with Backend Java and Microservices architecture expertise were chosen to accelerate the mobile app development.

Business Analyst
Nikita Abelmasov
Team Lead
Oleg Svet
Project Manager
Andrey Melnichenko
Software Engineer
Igor Ryadinsky
Software Engineer
Mikhail Bobrovsky
Quality Assurance Engineer
Gleb Kovalenko


The efficiency of the Computools team is contingent on an established development flow and seamless communication between in-house engineers and the client-side specialists. A routine of regular planning sessions and review meetings promotes successful cooperation among the distributed team members.

Sprint Retrospective
Retrospectives rounded up every sprint. Development team members analyzed the strongest and weakest aspects of their processes. Each session was concluded by a plan of operational improvements to be implemented in the course of the following sprint.
Planning Session
Beside initial planning meeting, the Computools team assembled at the beginning of sprints to discuss the features to be implemented, decompose large tasks, assess and assign them to individual developers. Regular planning sessions enabled the team to keep to the development schedule and deliver the product within the deadline set by the client.
Sprint Demo
To ensure cohesive development efforts, Team Lead finalized every sprint with a review and demo session. The whole team could assess the implemented features and the overall progress of the project as well as identify future sprint priorities.

Internal Communication Flow

Computools engineers complemented an international development team that ensured timely implementation of the updated mobile application. Team members used Email, Slack, and Skype for daily communication. The client introduced technical requirements through Confluence, while Jira was the chosen task tracking tool that ensured each assignment was completed on time.

Project Management Methodology

To manage a globally distributed international team, the Scrum agile framework was implemented. Sprint-based project management methodology with daily scrums allowed the team to follow the development plan and stay flexible in the face of unexpected roadblocks. Client-side Scrum Master provided access to Jira and used it to distribute the roles, manage resources, and track the tasks. This cohesive approach enabled the team to successfully address the challenges of the project.


1 week
2 weeks
8 months
First Sight
  • Client's business processes analysis
  • Identifying strengths & weaknesses
  • Setting goals with the client
  • Deriving Specification, Tasks & Deadlines
  • Business process modelling
  • Technology selection
Project Management Flow
  • Expertise-based talent evaluation and team forming
  • Internal Communication Flow establishment
  • Project Management Methodology
Development Flow
  • Methodology Implementation
System Implementation
  • System requirements’ analysis
  • Role Assignment Tasks Assignment
Software Development
  • Code Creating & Refactoring
  • Testing & Fixing
  • Verification of safety requirements
  • System Launch
  • Deploy & Support


Sprint-planning sessions and daily scrums ensured continuous delivery through transparent task distribution and assignment. For every Jira task, Computools engineers created a new Git branch. Dev branches received pull requests upon new developments’ push. After Team Lead performed code review, the branch was merged and tested by QA engineers. Jenkins continuous integration tool helped complete the build process.


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