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As a restaurant or café owner, you want to run your establishment efficiently. You want flexibility to expand or reduce capacity according to demand. You don’t want to rely on external services. You want the quality of the food and delivery to be unaffected by staff changes. You are also looking to expand to new locations.
In the post-pandemic context, you want to be able to reduce the risk of pathogen transmission during transactions or interactions without affecting the operation of your establishments. You want to offer your guests an intuitive menu experience via smartphones or voice-activated devices.
As a hospitality business leader, you want to improve and speed up guest service, especially during peak hours or after hours, and be available 24/7. You also want to automate your staff’s work using contactless technology.


The hotel and restaurant industry faces numerous challenges that require innovative solutions. Adopting new technologies, personalising the experience and adapting to changes in customer behaviour are critical success factors in this dynamic industry.


Computools offers a wide range of solutions to help you improve the guest experience, streamline operations and increase the profitability of your hospitality business. We offer:


    Quality of service:
    Modern technology allows you to collect, analyse and use data on your guests' preferences and behaviour to create a personalised service experience. You'll be able to personalise offerings, create tailored menu or event recommendations and offer services according to specific guest requests. Automating and streamlining processes with technology can reduce waiting times, minimise the likelihood of errors and improve the overall quality of service. For example, chatbots and virtual assistants can provide 24/7 customer support, quickly responding to customer queries and resolving issues.
    Increased customer loyalty:
    The personalised service and attention to detail achieved through the use of technology strengthen your relationship with your guests. Guests who feel cared for and see that staff are attentive to their preferences tend to return, thereby increasing long-term loyalty and recommending the establishment to others.
    Increased operational efficiency:
    Biometric technology, chatbots and smart rooms help automate routine processes such as check-in, ordering services and inventory management. You'll be able to reduce service time and lower operational costs, as well as increase security and reduce the likelihood of errors.
    Efficient resource management:
    Technology helps you optimise the use of resources, including labour, energy, and food. Analytical tools and inventory management systems allow you to forecast demand more accurately and adapt supply, reducing wastage and unnecessary costs.
    Increased sales:
    Online ordering and delivery platforms and ghost kitchens allow restaurants to serve customers beyond the physical location of the establishment, expanding geographic reach and increasing turnover. Digital menus and platforms also facilitate cross-selling and improved inventory management.
    Health and safety:
    Contactless technology and biometric systems minimise the need for physical interaction, reducing the risk of spreading infections and enhancing transaction security. By doing so, you will not only protect the health of guests and staff but also build customer trust in the brand.
    Using artificial intelligence and analytical tools allows you to quickly gather customer feedback and adapt your services, menus and marketing strategies to meet changing customer needs and preferences.
    Technology allows you to manage operations more flexibly, adapt to seasonal fluctuations in demand, and scale your business without significant capital investment. Ghost kitchens and digital platforms, in particular, allow you to quickly test new concepts and menus and expand your service geographies without having to open new physical locations.
    Smart rooms and contactless services help save resources and energy, reduce waste, and contribute to the realisation of sustainability principles in hotel and restaurant operations.

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