CrypDrift is a comprehensive system for cryptocurrency exchange with diverse financial instruments. Learn how CrypDrift achieved seamless stock, instrument and cryptocurrency exchange, incorporating automated trade bots and expanding from B2B to B2C clients.


Capital Markets



Business size:

Medium and Large Enterprises

Problem and Solution Summary

Implementing a system that allows users to exchange stocks, fiat instruments and cryptocurrencies was necessary. The team successfully implemented a system for stocks and cryptocurrency exchange. They also developed a system that enables automated trading through trade bots, considering network latency in trading servers. Additionally, they expanded the client's offering from B2B to B2C by enhancing functionality and improving the user experience.

The process involved:
  • An analysis phase
  • Implementation of the core system
  • Enhancement of functionality
  • Project launch with ongoing support

About the Client

CrypDrift is a fintech company that needed financial software development. The client wanted a user-friendly interface allowing users to perform basic trading operations, including setting up trading bots.


Computools successfully implemented the system with key functionality for crypto price monitoring, exchanging stocks and other financial instruments. Our team built an interface that allows users to perform necessary trading operations, including setting up trading bots.

Business challenge


  • Complexity of utilising accumulated experience and functionality in B2B and B2C trading
  • Exchange between fiat equities and cryptocurrencies
  • Technical challenges in implementing the core idea


  • Client's rich trading experience
  • Strong position in the B2B segment
  • In-demand idea

Business challenge

Project Completion Details and Current Arrangements

The project fulfilled the client's objectives. Current arrangements include providing continuous support and maintenance for the platform to ensure its seamless operation and future improvements.

Business challenge

Why Computools?

During the vendor selection process, the client contacted references, determined service requirements, and matched them with possible vendor capabilities by conducting deep-market research and multiple workshop sessions. After obtaining quotes with competitive bids, showing architectural preparation, the deal was contracted.

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Story in depth

Communication channels were established to ensure effective collaboration and coordination between the development team and the client. Regular meetings, updates, and feedback sessions were conducted to facilitate financial software development and address any concerns that arose during the process.

Project Description

During the project, an analysis phase was conducted to create the system architecture and design which involved developing trading and financial operation algorithms on paper. Subsequently, the core system was implemented, including integration with crypto price market data sources and interactive brokers. The team also focused on enhancing functionality, specifically targeting user experience improvements for B2C users.

Digital Platform & Technology

Communication Framework

To facilitate effective collaboration and information exchange throughout the financial software development, a robust communication framework was established between Computools' tech team and the client team. The teams maintained regular meetings, provided progress updates and ensured the existence of clear channels of communication.
The team utilised Slack to streamline communication, enabling team members to engage in real-time conversations, share project updates and collaborate on specific topics or channels. Slack facilitated quick decision making, reduced email clutter and fostered a more dynamic and interactive environment.
Additionally, Jira played a crucial role in structuring project tasks, assigning responsibilities and visualising project progress through customisable boards. It enabled the Computools and client teams to have a clear overview of the project status and maintain transparency throughout the project lifecycle.


To accelerate CrypDrift development, Computools chose experienced team with industry expertise.

Solution Architect

Oleg Svet

Oleg Svet
Oleg began to code in middle school, obtained an MBA degree in Computer Science, worked on commercial IT projects in 2011, and worked as mobile developer, start-up, enterprise & full-stack developer. He joined Computools in 2013 as a co-founder and, firstly, CTO, then CDO. He’s interested in airsoft, cybernetics, fantasy and MMO computer games.
Oleg Svet

Business Analyst

Nikita Abelmasov

Nikita Abelmasov
Nikita started working on commercial IT projects in 2009, focusing on web development, then switched to management and BA in 2015. He has extensive experience in requirements gathering, start-ups and ongoing business solutions consulting, development preparations and organising business processes for a wide range of mixed teams. He’s passionate about urban exploration, new technologies, photography and sci-fi universes.
Nikita Abelmasov

UI/UX Designer

Maria Bogatyreva

Maria Bogatyreva
Maria demonstrates excellent results in the field of user experience, design and research. She enjoys swimming, hiking and cooking.
Maria Bogatyreva

Project Manager

Artem Karpukhin

Artem Karpukhin
Artem commenced his career in management and sales of web/software development projects more than nine years ago. He gained experience in areas including management, project management, Agile management, scrum and sales. He is keenly interested in video game development, among other areas.
Artem Karpukhin

Technical Lead

Mykhailo Bobrovskyi

Mikhail is proficient in transfer data integrations, Azure-deployed systems and error handling strategies. He is passionate about training other developers. He enjoys home studio recording, volleyball and theology.

C++ Engineer

Serhiy Komarov

With a strong multithreading and network programming background, Serhiy consistently enhances software efficiency and performance. Outside work, he plays chess, honing his strategic thinking skills.

Go Engineers

Pavlo Kvalygin

Pavlo is a skilled Go Engineer who enjoys creating efficient software solutions. His career demonstrates a commitment to learning and innovative development. Pavlo enjoys practising hobbies that enhance his problem-solving skills.

Go Engineers

Tetiana Ilchuk

Tetiana Ilchuk
Tetiana is a talented Go Engineer with a strong background in software development and a passion for creating high-performing applications. Her commitment to precision, reliability and scalability in her work has driven her professional achievements. During her downtime, Tetiana enjoys hiking and exploring new technologies.
Tetiana Ilchuk

Node.js Engineer

Andrii Biedniak

Andrii Biedniak
Andrey is the Head of Node.js Development at Computools with more than seven years’ experience. Starting as a Node.js Developer, he quickly rose to leadership roles. His skills include Node.js, MongoDB, MySQL and JavaScript, making him a well-rounded technology leader.
Andrii Biedniak

Front End Engineers

Snezhanna Mokhnacheva

Snezhanna Mokhnacheva
Snezhanna is a Full-Stack Developer who initially started with PHP and HTML/JS/CSS, including native and jQuery/bootstrap usage. Her projects involve working with WordPress, Salesforce integration and Shopify. For the past four years, she's been working extensively with Node.js and front-end technologies like Vue.js, React.js, and TypeScript. She emphasises UX elements and enjoys creating animations for an enhanced user experience. Snezhanna relishes the versatility of backend development and is enthusiastic about data exchange integrations. Outside work, she enjoys exploring new cities, painting, photography and is currently learning to play the piano and speak Polish.
Snezhanna Mokhnacheva

Front End Engineers

Vladyslav Kukhlii

Vladyslav Kukhlii
Vladyslav is a Front-End Web Developer at Computools. Educated at the Hillel Computer School, he combines strong front-end skills with a passion for delivering high-quality web solutions, reflected in his extensive portfolio.
Vladyslav Kukhlii

Mobile Engineers

Bogdan Kush

Bogdan Kush
Bogdan is known for his strong grasp of various technologies, validated by multiple certifications, including CCNA Security, Linux Essentials and several from the Cisco Networking Academy. Based in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine, this professional's extensive technical knowledge and proactive problem-solving skills consistently drive project success.
Bogdan Kush

Mobile Engineers

Vladislav Kononenko

Vladislav Kononenko
Currently succeeding as a Flutter Coordinator at Computools, Vladislav has displayed dynamic growth within the company over the past five years. Vladislav transitioned to his current role in 2022. He has consistently displayed his competence in managing and coordinating software development projects and his strong technical acumen in front-end and mobile development.
Vladislav Kononenko

DevOps Engineer

Oleg Maloshtan

Oleh Maloshtan
Oleg is a dedicated DevOps Engineer at Computools. Oleg specialises in creating streamlined and scalable infrastructures. He is proficient in managing the intersection of development and operations. Oleg has working knowledge of English and Polish, which allows him to collaborate in diverse teams, continuously working towards improving these skills.
Oleh Maloshtan

Quality Assurance Engineers

Gleb Kovalenko

Gleb Kovalenko
Gleb has more than three years’ experience as a manual QA, proficient in web applications, mobile and desktop testing. He plays the guitar and enjoys reading.
Gleb Kovalenko

Quality Assurance Engineers

Serhii Nestiurych

Serhii Nestiurych
Serhii demonstrates a keen eye for detail and a rigorous approach to quality assurance. His expertise in systematic testing ensures that software and applications meet the standards before release.
Serhii Nestiurych

Story of a Team Decision

The team consisted of specialists carefully chosen based on their specific expertise to tackle the challenges of the case.


The efficiency of the Computools team is contingent on an established development flow and seamless communication between in-house engineers and client-side specialists. A routine of regular planning sessions and review meetings promotes successful cooperation among the distributed team members.

Sprint Retrospective

The aim is to identify successful aspects, areas for improvement and any challenges encountered during the sprint. Through open and collaborative discussions, the team learn from their experiences and make necessary adjustments to enhance future sprints.

Planning Session

In this meeting, the team, along with the product owner, collaboratively identify and prioritise user stories and tasks to be accomplished throughout the upcoming sprint. They estimate the effort required for each item and establish realistic goals within the sprint's time frame. This step ensures clear objectives and expectations for the team, fostering alignment with the project goals.

Sprint Demo

The team showcase the implemented features, functionalities or enhancements to the client or product owner, enabling stakeholders to provide feedback, ask questions and evaluate progress.

Communication Flow

The Computools engineers seamlessly collaborate to ensure the timely implementation of updates. Daily communication among team members is facilitated through various channels, such as email, Slack and Skype, enabling efficient and effective information exchange.

Project Management Methodology

The need for a flexible and iterative approach to project development drives the choice of Agile methodology. It enables quick adaptation to changes in client requirements, evolving solutions and a constantly changing environment. Agile methodology promotes continuous learning and process improvement throughout the development process.
Furthermore, Agile methodology actively involves the client in the development process. Regular demonstrations, feedback and active client participation allow for refining of requirements and ensuring the development outcomes align with their expectations.

Project timeline

project timeline


  • Defining client objectives and setting targets
  • Performing risk assessment and developing mitigation plans
  • Evaluating project strengths and weaknesses.

Product DESIGN

  • Creating a comprehensive development roadmap
  • Generating prototypes to visualise the product concept
  • Selecting the appropriate platform and technology stack
  • Forming a skilled team
  • Establishing effective internal communication channels
  • Choosing the most suitable project management methodology.

Product Engineering

  • Determining the optimal development environment
  • Organising tasks and establishing priorities
  • Designing a user-friendly interface
  • Writing clean and efficient code and configurations
  • Conducting thorough testing and bug fixing
  • Ensuring a smooth migration process.


  • Implementing integration test base and service integration
  • Initiating the integration test pipeline
  • Conducting alpha testing
  • Ensuring compliance with interfaces and core banking interfaces.


Emphasising usability and user experience, the design phase focused on creating an intuitive and visually appealing user interface for the CrypDrift Project.

User persona → Site map → Wireframes → user interface

User persona

Designing a product based on worked out user personas who are going to use a product or interact with a brand.

Site map

Site map

Logically structuring pages and their content within a domain.


Creating a prototype for a product, presenting future layout of different interface elements and their interaction: navigational systems, search forms, news feeds, and other components.

user interface

Designing product’s interface and accomplishing final steps to move a product to the development stage

Production Release

After rigorous testing, the platform was officially released into production, granting users access to its features and functionalities. Ongoing support and maintenance services are provided to ensure optimal performance and promptly address any issues that may arise during operation.

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