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Project Management Services

Set your project up with an optimized project management flow, and adapt it to your business needs

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Computools will build a personalized project management methodology for your project to reduce the risk of costly mistakes and increase time to market.

Project Management Services

01. Project review

Computools’s experts start off by analyzing the specifics of your project to define the foremost goals and optimal strategies for its realization. This stage often includes questions about goals and objectives, resources and capabilities, existing roles and responsibilities, monitoring and control of the project.

Based on our research and interviews with your teams, we access the state of your project, and then present the main pain points that can deviate it from its course.

Computools will:
  • Choose a suitable methodology based on the project’s goals.
  • Establish a competent team.
  • Configure processes and workflows.
  • Choose the right architecture based on metrics like scalability, security, support, and community.

Project Management Services

02. Project management methodology

We will guide you through project management methodologies such as Agile and Kanban giving you a clear understanding of how to cater them to your project.

Based on the project`s size, a suitable management methodology will be chosen to achieve your business goals faster and ensure that the processes and tools are adapted accordingly.

Project Management Services

03. Setting up team composition

As technological processes are configured, we align them with your team members` responsibilities.

We assess the competencies and culture of your team and plan out a complete breakdown of tasks.

If needed, we consult your team about best practices in project management to ensure consistency and coherence in the development process.

Project Management Services


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Setting up a strategic project management flow is paramount and results in the following:
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