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As asset management companies and investment advisers, you provide fully integrated financial advice using traditional and digital channels. This makes asset management accessible to a wider range of clients, including the retail segment.
You are actively integrating digital tools into your services, updating your IT systems to effectively handle new types of digital assets, including blockchain technology, support for cryptocurrency transactions, and data security.
You want to improve your traditional risk management models and quantitative approaches, optimise model calibration, reduce operational costs, increase computational speed, and manage risk in real-time.
You want to adjust your systems’ interactions with transactions to support the tokenization of existing asset classes and become more liquid and accessible for investment.


There are several key focus challenges in the capital markets industry, particularly in relation to the adoption of technology:

1. Mobile tools for asset management systems

The growing interest in bonds requires you to develop mobile applications that allow investors to trade bonds via their phones.

2. Emerging digital assets management

The rise of cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and digital assets is creating new asset classes for you to invest in. The availability of these new assets poses a challenge to you as financial institutions in terms of developing investment and risk management strategies.

3. Data analytics and artificial intelligence

The processing of large amounts of data, the increasing amount of unstructured data, and the need for real-time analysis require you to be able to use artificial intelligence and analytical tools to gain valuable insights and make quick decisions.

4. It infrastructure

Lack of capacity and flexibility in your IT systems can prevent you from adapting to changes in capital markets and using the latest technologies. Investments should be made in upgrading IT infrastructure to support growing computing and data processing needs.


By applying these technological solutions, we improve the quality and efficiency of our services, providing you with advanced financial instruments and helping you achieve your goals with maximum benefit:


    Access to financing:
    You can raise capital for development, investing in new projects and infrastructure. This contributes to job creation, economic growth and innovation.
    Asset liquidity:
    Investors can buy and sell assets quickly and with efficient pricing. The procedure is accompanied by lower risks and increased efficiency of capital allocation.
    Portfolio diversification:
    You will enable your clients to increase the resilience of their investment portfolio by providing tools to allocate their capital among different types of assets, such as stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate.
    Price transparency:
    You can ensure transparency of asset prices, and your investors will receive objective information and make informed investment decisions.
    Financing for development:
    With the help of capital markets, governments and businesses can raise funds for infrastructure, education, healthcare and other public needs.

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