Crypthusiast is a social network platform designed for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to exchange multiple cryptocurrencies within minutes. See how Computools helped to build a powerful social network with market forecasting, engaging tools, and streamlined crypto management for profitable user experiences.


Capital Markets


Saudi Arabia

Business size:

Medium and Large Enterprises

Problem and Solution Summary

The client experienced challenges initiating the user acquisition process and executing an effective marketing campaign to launch a social network from scratch. Additionally, designing a system that allows users to forecast price dynamics and track the accuracy of their predictions required extensive development efforts. Integrating various tools for cryptocurrency exchange, data sources and news analysis from diverse sources further added to the complexity.
Computools' tech team worked closely with the client for social networks software development that addressed these challenges. Our experts successfully created an engaging network with tools that attracted active user participation. They also developed a signal system, enabling users to receive reliable market forecasts and monetise their predictions. A comprehensive set of tools was designed to assist users while providing functionality for companies to leverage the system.

About the Client

The client, Crypthusiast, is a company focusing on providing a platform for cryptocurrency exchange with elements of social networking. They sought to create a platform where users can exchange over 150 cryptocurrencies quickly and engage in discussions about the subject. They aimed to attract a global community of crypto-enthusiasts. With a dedicated CEO, CTO, product owner, subject matter expert and marketing team, Crypthusiast aimed to establish a thriving social network for cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide.


The outcome of the social networks software development was highly successful. Computools' team successfully developed a social network platform that attracted 10,000+ users on various devices. The platform's engaging tools and comprehensive features contributed to the achievement of 90% of the Premium Feature Yearly Plan and Subscription Plan Monthly sales targets.

Business challenge


  • Complexity of starting a social network from scratch, requiring user recruitment
  • Difficulty in testing the scaling hypothesis due to the project's goal of aggregating all utilities for the user


  • Successful development of an engaging social network platform
  • Creation of a signal system for market forecasts and monetisation of predictions
  • Comprehensive tools for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and companies leveraging the system
  • An idea that can address the needs of a large user audience
  • Existing expertise in the chosen niche
  • No direct competitors

Business challenge

Project Completion Details and Current Arrangements

The project was completed successfully, meeting the objectives set by the client.

Business challenge

Why Computools?

During the vendor selection process, the client contacted references, determined service requirements, and matched them with possible vendor capabilities by conducting deep-market research and multiple workshop sessions. After obtaining quotes with competitive bids, showing architectural preparation, the deal was contracted.

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Story in depth

Communication channels were established to ensure effective collaboration and coordination between the development team and the client. Regular meetings, updates and feedback sessions were conducted to address any project-related discussions or concerns.

Project Description

The social networks software development involved the creation of a concept focused on user analysis, specialised UX and system design. The core system was developed, incorporating key features for providing users with reliable information. Additional tools were enhanced to support cryptocurrency work, and a module for business users was developed.

Digital Platform & Technology

Communication Framework

A robust communication framework was established between Computools' tech team and the client team, ensuring effective collaboration and information exchange throughout the project. Regular meetings, progress updates and clear channels of communication were maintained.
By utilising Slack, team members were able to engage in real-time conversations, share project updates and collaborate on specific topics or channels. It promoted quick decision-making, reduced email clutter and fostered a more dynamic and interactive communication environment. On the other hand, Jira helped structure project tasks, assign responsibilities and visualise project progress through customisable boards, allowing both the Computools and client teams to have a clear overview of the project status and maintain transparency.


Computools screened the pool of engineers to complement the client's team and accelerate Crypthusiast development.

Solution Architect

Oleg Svet

Oleg Svet
Oleg began to code in middle school, obtained an MBA degree in Computer Science, worked on commercial IT projects in 2011 and worked as mobile developer, start-up, enterprise and full-stack developer. He joined Computools in 2013 as a co-founder and, firstly, CTO, then CDO. IHe’s interested in airsoft, cybernetics, fantasy and MMO computer games.
Oleg Svet

Business Analyst

Nikita Abelmasov

Nikita Abelmasov
Nikita started working on commercial IT projects in 2009, focusing on web development, then switched to management and BA in 2015. He has extensive experience in requirements gathering, start-ups and ongoing business solutions consulting, development preparations and organising business processes for a wide range of mixed teams. He’s passionate about urban exploration, new technologies, photography and sci-fi universes.
Nikita Abelmasov

UI/UX Designer

Maria Bogatyreva

Maria Bogatyreva
Maria is an accomplished UI/UX designer from Ukraine skilled in numerous design tools, such as Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Sketch, InVision and Figma. She’s proficient in a broad range of design work, including website and application design, redesigns, motion graphics and print layouts.
Maria Bogatyreva

Project Manager

Artem Karpukhin

Artem Karpukhin
Artem commenced his career in management and sales of web/software development projects more than nine years ago. He gained experience in areas including management, project management, Agile management, scrum and sales. He is keenly interested in video game development, among other areas.
Artem Karpukhin

Technical Lead

Evgeny Mokhnachev

Evgeny Mokhnachev
Evgeny is experienced in web software development, covering both backend and front-end aspects. He holds roles as an Architect of Information Systems, Java Engineer and Web Developer. Evgeny demonstrates proficiency in English and Russian and working proficiency in Polish.
Evgeny Mokhnachev

Java Engineers

Roman Tsykalo

Roman Tsykalo
Roman is experienced in all stages of the development cycle for complex web projects. He’s interested in computer games, reading and playing football.
Roman Tsykalo

Java Engineers

Svitlana Kikvadze

Svitlana Kikvadze
A Java developer skilled in the implementation of backend components for web applications, Svitlana is committed to improving her skills in known technologies and eager to learn new ones. She’s experienced in Java 8+, Spring Framework, REST API, SQL, NoSQL, JPA, Hibernate, Apache Kafka, AWS S3, GraphQL, JUnit, Git, Docker, OOP, Design Patterns and web languages like HTML, CSS, JS. She’s fluent in Ukrainian and proficient in English.
Svitlana Kikvadze

Front-end Engineers

Oleh Denisenko

Oleh Denisenko
Oleh is a versatile Front-end/React Native Developer at Computools, with experience spanning both front-end and backend development. Primarily, Oleh's tasks have revolved around server-side applications, involving database designing, request optimisation, and API design using Restify.js and Express.js. He also has valuable front-end experience, utilising technologies such as React, Redux, and SASS. Currently, he is focusing on honing his skills in React Native.
Oleh Denisenko

Front-end Engineers

Viacheslav Baklanov

Viacheslav Baklanov
Viacheslav is an adept Front-end Engineer known for crafting intuitive and responsive user interfaces. Viacheslav consistently delivers high-quality, user-friendly applications by utilising modern front-end technologies and practices.
Viacheslav Baklanov

DevOps Engineer

Oleh Maloshtan

Oleh Maloshtan
A dedicated DevOps Engineer at Computools, Oleh specialises in creating streamlined and scalable infrastructures. He is proficient in managing the intersection of development and operations. Oleh has working knowledge of English and Polish which allows him to collaborate in diverse teams, continuously working towards improving these skills.
Oleh Maloshtan

Quality Assurance Engineer

Glib Kovalenko

Gleb Kovalenko
Glib has over three years’ experience as a manual QA. Glib has demonstrated proficiency in testing websites, mobile and desktop applications. He deeply understands client-server applications and excels at writing and maintaining relevant documentation. His dedication to ensuring product quality and standards sets him apart.
Gleb Kovalenko

Story of a Team Decision

The team consisted of specialists carefully chosen based on their specific expertise to tackle the challenges of the case. A strong team that had the experience of working together.


The efficiency of the Computools team is contingent on an established development flow and seamless communication between in-house engineers and client-side specialists. A routine of regular planning sessions and review meetings promotes successful cooperation among the distributed team members.

Sprint Retrospective

The Sprint Retrospective is a dedicated meeting held at the end of each sprint where the team reflects on the recently completed work. The purpose is to identify what went well, what could be improved, and any challenges or obstacles faced during the sprint. The team discusses these points openly and collaboratively to learn from their experiences and make adjustments for future sprints.

Planning Session

The Planning Session is a meeting that takes place at the beginning of each sprint. The team, including the product owner, identify and prioritise the user stories and tasks to be completed during the upcoming sprint. They estimate the effort required for each item and determine how many can be realistically achieved within the sprint's time frame. This step helps set clear objectives and expectations for the team and ensures alignment with the project goals.

Sprint Demo

The Sprint Demo, also known as the Sprint Review, showcases the completed work at the end of the sprint. The team present the features, functionalities or improvements they have implemented during the sprint to the stakeholders, including the client or product owner. It allows the stakeholders to provide feedback, ask questions and evaluate progress.

Communication Flow

The Computools engineers collaborated seamlessly to ensure the timely implementation of the updated mobile application. Email, Slack, and Skype facilitated daily communication among team members.

Project Management Methodology

Agile methodology was used for project management services, which is a flexible and iterative approach to project management. Key aspects of Agile were incorporated to ensure efficient planning, execution and adaptation throughout the project lifecycle.

Project timeline

time line crypthusiast


  • Establishing client objectives and targets
  • Conducting risk assessment and mitigation planning
  • Identifying project strengths and weaknesses

Product DESIGN

  • Developing a comprehensive development roadmap
  • Creating prototypes to visualise the product concept
  • Selecting the appropriate platform and technology stack
  • Assigning skilled team members
  • Establishing effective internal communication channels
  • Choosing the most suitable project management methodology

Product Engineering

  • Determining the optimal development environment
  • Organising tasks and setting priorities
  • Designing a user-friendly interface
  • Writing clean and efficient code and configurations
  • Conducting thorough testing and bug fixing
  • Ensuring a smooth migration process


  • Implementing the integration test base and service integration
  • Launching the integration test pipeline
  • Conducting alpha testing
  • Ensuring compliance with interfaces and core banking interfaces


The design phase involved creating an intuitive and visually appealing user interface for the Crypthusiast Social Network, focusing on usability and user experience.

User persona → Site map → Wireframes → User interface
user persona

User persona

Designing a product based on worked out user personas who are going to use a product or interact with a brand.

site map

Site map

Logically structuring pages and their content within a domain.



Creating a prototype for a product, presenting future layout of different interface elements and their interaction: navigational systems, search forms, news feeds, and other components.

user interface

User interface

Designing product’s interface and accomplishing final steps to move a product to the development stage

Production Release

Once the platform was thoroughly tested, it was released into production, making it available to users. Ongoing support and maintenance are provided to ensure optimal performance and address any issues that may arise.

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