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Software Integrations Services

Empower your product with diverse software integrations to save more time on development and improve its functionality

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Computools integrates pre-made software solutions, applications, and customer-centric payment systems to enhance functionality, customer experience, and boost conversion rates. We offer integration with the following services:

Software Integrations

payment system

Integrate popular payment methods to mobile apps, eCommerce websites, point-of-sale solutions, and other payment platforms to increase the conversion rate and the number of repeat purchases.

By integrating different payment methods, you take care of your customers and provide them with maximum convenience.

Computools offers quick and modern integration of the following systems:

Software Integrations

ecommerce integration

Integrate Amazon, Woocommerce, and other solutions with any marketplaces, web stores, and shipping carriers.

Establish a direct connection between popular eCommerce solutions and your shop store to save time and improve inventory management, order fulfillment, reporting, and analytics.

Software Integrations

Customer Relationship Management

Connect the Hubspot CRM system to your service, automate repetitive tasks, and streamline the data flow between different systems.

Depending on the business size, Computools will scale the HubSpot CRM platform to meet your needs and integrate required sales, marketing, and customer service tools.

Software Integrations

Support systems

Improve customer communication by integrating third-party solutions like Intercom.

Implement crucial support systems like live chat, messengers, management tools, chatbots, inbox, ticketing system, and other tools to improve customer support service and make your team more efficient.

Software Integrations

Content recognition

Quickly add sophisticated visual search and image classification based on deep learning to your applications by integrating content recognition services from Google and Amazon.

Based on your needs, Computools offers Integration of the following services:
  • Face-based user verification
  • Facial Search
  • Violent content detection
  • Image and video analysis
  • Text detection
  • Image labeling

Software Integrations

Big Data

Computools integrates a wide range of big data solutions from Amazon and Google Cloud.

These solutions can be crucial for businesses that rely on huge amounts of data and require more resources for storage and analysis.

Computools will choose and integrate the right solutions for your business goals allowing you to develop and maintain applications with stable performance, store and retrieve any amount of data from any location, and analyze it across different clouds.

Software Integrations


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The Software Integrations Services we offer might help you in achieving the following:

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