Computools Brand History

The history of the brand ‘Computools’ is the path of success, transformation and innovation, which began in 2000.

Brand "Computools" foundation
First Steps

Computools Brand was founded on March 24, 2000, by Canadian network engineer and veteran, Roger Marion (former Bell Canada, Pratt & Whitney, Genicom, RRSSS Québec (Health Ministry) network engineer).

Computools Brand started as a network consulting firm working as Technical Sales Advisor in the Network Division at Northwest Digital. Early 2001, the company represented as acting CEO for North American operations for a French company (Perform S.A. – Aix-en-Provence) based in Washington, DC, which got acquired a few months later by BMC Software. The company then worked for BMC Software as Geo/Manager in the Networking Division with offices in Montréal, Chicago, Washington and Houston.

Period of opportunities and challenges

In 2002, the brand had the most amazing challenging opportunity to develop international channel partnerships for a network management company based in Raleigh, NC (Oculan Corp) where the team had great success in working with management team Steve Giles (CEO), Luke Rindfuss (CSO) and Darrek Porter (Marketing). It gave the opportunity to establish important business partners for the Computools almost everywhere on the planet.

The same year, Computools Brand joined efforts with Italian software company Look@LAN (founded by Carlo Medas) to develop quality networking products (such as Look@LAN Pro and Look@NetStat). In 2002, Computools Brand, under Roger Marion, founded the Lavalys Consulting Group company. Lavalys, with its EVEREST line of products, became successful overnight. Lavalys had over 250 business partners and millions of EVEREST customers all around the globe with at its peak, offices in Canada, USA, Trinidad Tobago, UK, France, Hungary, Ukraine, and Singapore.

Period of sustainable development

In 2006 Computools Brand fully entered the network management (SNMP QuickStat), high encryption (SSH Server, EDS, PRTC) and security software (Sentinel, Kali, Hathor) development business with a partnership with SSS Ukraine.

Lavalys company stopped operating in 2012.

Computools company journey
Period of Computools company formation

Computools Brand was bought by Sergii Tymchuk (actual President and CEO of Computools and Computools Global) with all ownership in 2013.

Since then was founded company Computools LLC. At the very beginning, it was only a small startup of 4 IT engineers, based in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.

Era of transformation

In 2013, Sergii took control of the software development district with the goal to bring the company to the top. A modest beginning at first, with few developers and few customers but hard-working, talented and qualified people directed by Sergii Tymchuk focused on delivering quality only solutions and services.

At the end of 2014, the company already had 17 engineers.

Era of active growth and innovations

This is a time of active growth and development of Computools. Every year the staff of professional developers, sales managers, and marketers increases; the stack of technologies and customer base also expand. But the main engine of development: the delivering of high-quality innovative solutions for customers of various kinds: start-ups and small businesses, medium-sized companies and large enterprises.

The company grew in high gear, and by the end of 2015, it had 34 engineers. In 2016, the staff of developers increased to 49, and the company opened one more office in Ukraine, this time in Kyiv. The following year, 2017, became a year of disruptive growth and development of the company: the number of engineers increased to 99, and local offices were opened in London (the UK) and Tel-Aviv (Israel).

Era of internal transformations and progressive development solutions

Striving to provide the best service to customers, Computools is constantly developing and growing experts within the company: employees undergo the necessary training and staff is complemented by a new specialist. Among the customers of Computools are large global brands, and the range of services has been significantly expanded.

The company completed the 2018 year with 137 developers. In the same year, a representative office in Wyoming (USA) was opened. In 2019, the company has 150+ engineers and a local presence in Philadelphia, San Francisco (USA) and Melbourne (Australia) in addition to already opened and successfully functioning offices in Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia (Ukraine), London (the UK), Tel-Aviv (Israel), Wyoming (USA).