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As a company leader, you want to align all technology investments with your core business objectives. You seek a trusted advisor who understands the language of business and technology. You are looking to work with a technology partner that focuses on business outcomes and can speak plain language explaining complex technical concepts.
Your challenge is to choose the best technology solutions that fit your organisation’s specific needs and budget, avoiding unnecessary cost and complexity. Technology advisory can help you acquire and practically apply relevant knowledge.


We understand your business needs and can offer a range of services to help overcome your bottlenecks with technology solutions. As part of our technology advisory service:

Technology Advisory

Competency Development

Computools competency development allows our clients to gain access to expertise without an in-house team. You can benefit from key industry experts you need to develop and operate your projects efficiently and with minimal risk. We ensure that every engineer, designer and other specialists who work with you are highly qualified.

Technology Advisory

Technology Estate Audit

A thorough assessment of your existing IT infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement, potential risks, and optimisation opportunities. You acquire actionable insights into your technology landscape and make informed decisions for future investments.

Technology Advisory

Software Reengineering Services

Our experts can modernise your applications, extending their lifespan, improving functionality, and ensuring interoperability.

Technology Advisory

CTO as a Service

You gain access to seasoned technology leadership without the overhead of a full-time hire. Our experienced CTO and the team of experts work alongside your team as a service, providing strategic guidance and technical expertise to achieve your goals.

Technology Advisory

Modernisation Roadmap

We develop a roadmap to modernise your legacy systems, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective transition to a future-proof technology environment.


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Whether we’re designing customer experiences, dealing with our clients or managing our teams, we lead with empathy. Technology is for everyone, not just the geeks. That’s why we focus on using clear, intelligible language, treating every stakeholder with respect and providing support at all stages of development. By starting with a shared understanding of what makes us all human, we’re able to create the favorable conditions necessary to develop our best-in-class solutions.