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As a leader in an enterprise business you are familiar with a highly structured, matrix environment. A colleague may belong to one or several projects. At the same time, they are a part of the functional office or a competency center. The competency centres take care of the professional development by enhancing existing skills and developing the skills that will be needed to meet the organisational needs of tomorrow.

This brings some challenges, for example:

  • Which skills should we invest in?
  • How to achieve the right mix between training, re-training and hiring people with the necessary skills?
  • How can we put the new skills into practice?

In essence, the systemic and scalable development of an organisation requires the balance between the key components, such as strategy, human capital, processes and ongoing initiatives or projects, as illustrated in the infographic:

competency development infographics



In our opinion, a partnership where each party is invested in the future success, is the best way to tackle uncertain, ambiguous challenges. Our definition of successful partnership is when you receive tangible benefits and reduce your risks:

The partnership benefits:

  • Your team has access to the expertise of competency centres development, so you can avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.
  • Your partner takes the effort of market screening and recruiting off your team, you control the qualification levels and training requirements.
  • Your partner takes care of the onboarding process while you facilitate access to key individuals and internal onboarding resources.
  • Your partner takes care of the continuous professional development of the team members, while you review the expectations and modify, as necessary.

Partnership as a risk reduction:

  • You can try the approach as a limited, focused pilot, and expand when you see value.
  • You can tailor the training requirements as the business needs change, or if market dictates new requirements.
  • You can change the size of competency centers, with a reasonable notice, depending on the pipeline of your projects.
  • You can, with a reasonable notice, close the competency centre or transition the expertise in-house.


We offer a partnership where you can build your competency centres while taking less risk compared to developing expertise entirely within your organisation. Our service includes:

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