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Executive Management Team

Computools’ Executive Management Team translates their collective digital expertise
into enterprise software solutions

Computools’ Expert Team

Computools’ team is dedicated to developing custom software solutions. At the moment, the company houses over 250 qualified professionals. Computools is growing and continues to onboard new specialists while supporting internal training to improve the employee experience. Computools provides a favorable working environment for every team member to perfect their skills and acquire more knowledge in their area of expertise.

The company invests in Centers of Excellence, creating suitable learning environments and offering diverse development programs to support internal growth. The HR department is responsible for elaborating individualized professional development programs for all employees as well as supporting their initiatives in gaining similar experience at external training events and is supported by top management – experts in their field and ready to deliver one-on-one or group training and coaching.

Computools Centers of Excellence help clients’ businesses expand. The specialists accumulate knowledge through training. The company provides the best experts on projects for each client to achieve the highest results. Our best experts from each domain (Industrial or technology-based) are from centers of excellence and together we make a new trend in a specific direction and solve the hardest client tasks and educational material for Computools’ staff. Centers of IT competencies have emerged as vital hubs of innovation, knowledge sharing, and collaboration in the rapidly evolving field of information technology.

Whether it’s a new project or an existing one, Computools has a team of experts who are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.

Computools has been servicing companies from around the world since 2013 and has acute expertise in Hospitality, Finance, Education, Logistics, Social Networks, eCommerce, and Healthcare. Over this time the company has been able to hire and grow some of the most talented experts in the mentioned focus areas, highlighting the value of the work the Centers of Excellence do.

Computools’ goal is to Unlock Tomorrow for your business using practical knowledge gained from 10 years of hands-on experience.


Sergii Tymchuk

Chief Executive Officer

The primary decision maker responsible for the company's operational development, global strategy, and overall direction and growth

Grigoriy Shadara

Сhief Operating Officer

The primary manager for establishing effective operations and managing sustainable initiatives and business optimization

Oleg Svet

Chief Delivery Officer

The primary manager responsible for digital transformation strategies and software delivery

Vitaliy Kononenko

Chief Technology Officer

The primary manager maintaining efficiency and quality control over digital products created within the company

Alina Dubynska

Chief Marketing Officer

The primary manager for marketing campaigns and initiatives that increase lead generation

Viktoriia Stepanova

Chief Financial Officer

The primary manager for financial planning, budgeting, and finance operations including risk management and forecasting

Alexey Oliynuk

Chief People Time Management Officer

The primary manager for human resources management and organization

Nikita Abelmasov

Head of Business Analysis

The primary manager for business analysis management and product requirements

Viktoriia Fefelova

Chief People Management Officer

The primary manager for people and office operations

Daria Savchenko

Chief Recruitment Officer

The primary manager responsible for the company’s recruitment strategy for all departments

Dmytro Batarin

Head of Front-End Development

The primary manager responsible for the quality and technical approach in the front-end, ensuring it’s in line with the company strategy

Denis Bohatyrov

Head of Mobile Technology

The primary manager responsible for the mobile development department

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