Executive Management Team

Computools’s Executive Management Team translates their collective digital expertise
into splendid enterprise software solutions

Computools’s Expert Team

Computools’s team is dedicated to developing custom software design and digital solutions. At the moment, the Expert Team houses over 200 highly skilled and qualified professionals. With the steady growth of Computools, the company continues to onboard new specialists and supports internal staff training programs aimed at improving employee experience and fueling their professional growth. Computools provides a favorable working environment in which every staff member has the opportunity to perfect their skills and acquire more knowledge in their area of expertise. By maintaining employee growth and development, we enhance the quality of digital products and services delivered to our clients and help to enlarge the IT industry as a whole.


The growing demand for wide-ranged IT services indicates that training new IT specialists and engaging them in software development processes is a necessity for IT companies that strive to expand globally. Computools’s team is comprised of the best tech talents having been trained and developed within the organization. We have a dedicated team of professionals involved in talent acquisition and employee development. So far, the company has a unique development program for every technology and type of service. Growing more professionals and discovering more talents is our biggest priority and aspiration because we know that our best asset is human resources.


Since the foundation of Computools in 2013, the company has managed to onboard more than 200 staff members, skilled and experienced in different fields of software design and development. To date, Computools is able to continuously produce new cutting-edge digital solutions and supply top-level software products to businesses because our Expert Team is constantly growing along with our technical expertise. We put tremendous effort into creating suitable learning environments and offering diverse development programs to support the interests of our personnel in IT education. Our HR department is responsible for elaborating individualized professional development programs for all employees as well as supporting their initiatives in gaining similar experience at external training events. Additionally, our primary force is an all-knowledgeable and experienced top management team that contributes to employee training and development and thereby the overall growth and success of Computools.


Computools will guide your company through a digital transformation.