Grigoriy Shadara

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer


“Success comes from hard work and constant change. This is the sole condition for staying useful and valuable in this dynamic and fast-changing world. The more you are ready to change, the bigger you become.”

Mr. Shadara has been the Chief Operating Officer at Computools since 2014. His principal role consists in the implementation of business strategies and plans at an organizational level and supporting sustainable growth and development within the company.


Mr. Shadara holds two Master’s degrees in the field of ‘General Finance’ and ‘Foreign Languages and Linguistics.’ Having started his career as a project manager in 2013, he has gained profound experience and a good understanding of the IT industry and software development. He took other business roles and served as a support and business development manager, which allowed him to quickly succeed in strategic business planning, client engagement, and marketing initiatives.


Mr. Shadara’s competence enables Computools to successfully operate and grow in different markets. Along with the CEO, he determines the company’s vision and future. In particular, his contribution includes the optimization of resource allocation and the head of the business development department. Under his guidance and coordination, business development managers grow professionally and find new business opportunities. 


Mr. Shadara is undoubtedly one of the strongest top managers at Computools. His leadership style is based on participation and leading by example. As the head of the business development department, he encourages subordinates to constantly develop their skills and supports their ideas and projects regarding business development and growth.