Oleg Svet

Co-Founder and Chief Delivery Officer


“Technology is an incredible chance to make the world a better place. My mission is to make it accessible to people in a natural and simple way and help them realize that technology will always be subservient to humans and never a threat.”

Mr. Svet has been the Chief Delivery Officer at Computools since 2013. He is the key person responsible for digital transformation and the delivery of software solutions. Mr. Svet heads up all development departments and coordinates complex software projects created at Computools. 


Prior to his current role, Mr. Svet received a Master’s Degree in the field of ‘Software of Systems’, gained diverse hands-on experience in software design, and completed a number of successful software projects. He’s taken different business roles, such as project manager, team lead, and solutions architect. His digital expertise is pivotal in IT consulting services and customer-centric transformation strategies. Mr. Svet possesses extensive domain knowledge in Healthcare, Finance, Retail, and Consumer Services, and excels at setting up agile processes that prove to increase operational efficiency. He is also the main advisor in assessing a client company’s IT infrastructure that requires optimization and improvement.


Along with software delivery responsibilities, Mr. Svet decides on the need to adopt technological changes at Computools and manages relevant innovative transitions needed to ensure high digital progress within the organization. He is devoted to his service at Computools and takes interest in distributing IT knowledge nationwide. In particular, he puts effort into supporting IT professional development and was among the principal members of the jury at the Ukrainian IT Awards in 2019.

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