Viktoriia Stepanova

Chief Financial Officer


“Nothing can be better than the work that brings great pleasure and gives a way to contribute to the global well-being. I strive to undertake any activity giving me a sea of positive emotions and opportunities for professional growth. Responsibility, openness, and result-orientedness are the top qualities helping me be better than I was yesterday.”

Ms. Stepanova has been the Chief Financial Officer at Computools since 2014. She heads up the finance department, determines the company’s financial policy, and ensures corporate financial stability in accordance with strategic planning

Ms. Stepanova possesses rich finance experience in managing everything related to cash flow and financial operations. Her major areas of expertise are financial forecasting and budgeting, business planning, and strategic initiatives. Along with the CEO, she takes part in the company’s investment and capital structure. Additionally, she is in charge of decision-making on all financial issues at Computools and responsible for the company’s budget-planning and fund allocation.

Ms. Stepanova is an outstanding top manager who also puts effort into employee development in the finance department. She is open to sharing her experiences and supporting her subordinates and strives to deepen their knowledge of corporate financial planning and financial management.


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