Artem Babura

Head of Innovation


“Technology is the gateway to leadership. If you want to revolutionize your industry, you should start with leveraging technology. It can be your golden ticket to global success.”

Mr. Babura is responsible for developing the company’s innovation strategy and building out effective approaches to improving Computools’s competetive edge. He’s in charge of cultivating an innovative mindset within the organization.

Before becoming the head of innovation, Mr. Babura acquired extensive experience in sales and marketing management. His prior role as business development manager had him primarily engaged in establishing new market opportunities, promoting long-term partnerships, and growing the client base. Over time, Mr. Babura expanded his expertise by getting involved in strategic business planning and improving Computools’s digital operational model. 

His current sphere of influence encompasses the business side of innovation and technology, namely conducting IT market research, determining commercialization routes, assessing the potential of technology, and stimulating progress through digital products designed by Computools. 

Mr. Babura is a key figure in the development of innovative processes and culture.

Additionally, he works closely with the CEO on the innovation portfolio and roadmap, providing clear guidance on real-world applications and new growth opportunities.


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