Alina Dubynska

Chief Marketing Officer


“Before buying a brand’s services, clients want to know their identity first. The impression you make is always more important than the product itself at the early stages of interaction. My mission is to show them that our image is fully in line with our value.”

Ms. Dubynska has been the Chief Marketing Officer at Computools since 2017. Her versatile knowledge and understanding of the global market is the driving force behind the sustainable growth of Computools’s brand.


Prior to taking the CMO position, Ms. Dubynska started as a marketing coordinator whose area of responsibility was distribution channel management and advertising initiatives. Today, her primary responsibilities involve shaping the organization’s message and image and coming up with modern marketing strategies for effective customer acquisition and engagement. Ms. Dubynska plans and organizes marketing functions and operations, coordinates promotional activities, and creates a network of marketing communications that allow the company to continuously grow on a global scale. Along with the CEO, she is actively engaged in developing a feasible annual plan for expanding Computools’s international relationships and cooperation. 


Ms. Dubynska heads up the Marketing Department and encourages marketing specialists to achieve KPI targets. She acts as a mentor to the marketing team, assisting each team member in professional development and supporting their initiatives and efforts. She creates educational programs and training activities that stimulate the development of professional skills and expertise.